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Sponsored by Egan Nelson LLP One unfortunate, and somewhat unique, aspect of startup ecosystems is that they have a large power/experience imbalance between parties doing business with each other. On the one hand, you have seasoned, well-connected investors who close multiple

Today is going to be an exciting day in Dallas. Uber and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center are cohosting UberPITCH, the chance for riders to pitch their ideas for a startup to venture capitalists. This event is similar to others that

"That which is simple can still be hard." You should only take other people’s money to maximize opportunity. If taking $1M can get you to $1B market, go get it! But if you are hoping to find $50,000 before you quit your

LiveOak Venture Partners, an early-stage VC firm based in Austin, is looking to get more involved with Dallas startups. In a story by Danielle Abril of the Dallas Business Journal, LiveOak co-founder Venu Shampant said that last year they did 5 deals,

PureDiscovery, a Dallas-based startup focused on semantic discovery and what they call "post-search" software, has secured $9M of a $10M Series C financing according to a press release today. The investment was led by Medina Capital, a high-growth equity investment firm

Koupon Media, the Dallas company that's revolutionizing coupons, just closed their $4.5M Series B funding led by local VC firm Trailblazer Capital. Venture Beat broke the story with an exclusive. The company has now raised more than $6 million to date and

via press release: Dallas, Texas - Rethink Books, a mobile and social digital reading company based in Dallas, TX, has secured a $2.0M Series A financing led by Ambassador Technologies of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The funds will be used to continue

According to a Dallas Morning News Article, VC funding decreased by approximately $230 million in North Texas, while venture capital investments rose both nationwide and in Texas during 2010. Based on comments by John Jaggers of Dallas-based Sevin Rosen Funds, this drop is

Mobestream Media, the company behind the highly successful mobile app Key Ring, has raised $1.75 million according to an SEC Form D filing uncovered by launchDFW and confirmed by founder Chris Fagan in an interview this morning. Key Ring is an