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Hunters around the state of Texas are acutely aware of just how big the state is, and the desire to experience hunts on more than a single ranch.  Texas Hunt Club looks to change how hunters enjoy their sport by connecting private

The Digital Transformation. That’s what historians are going to call the first few decades of the 21st century, when data analytics and automation usher in a new paradigm of communication and change the nature of transactional business. Software tells bankers

“Your last name no longer has to be Hunt or Perot to invest in oil,” says Crudefunders CEO David Taylor. “Now, anyone with $1,000 to invest can buy equity in oil and gas.” Crudefunders is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows

Elon Musk tweeted yesterday that he's looking to build out test tracks for his Hyperloop project, potentially in the great state of Texas. He unveiled the plans for Hyperloop back in August of 2013, after the California high-speed rail was approved. "

In Texas, crowdfunding has been taken to a new level. Recently, the Texas State Securities Board passed a ruling to allow any resident, regardless of net worth, to invest up to $5,000 in companies via equity crowdfunding. Before the ruling, only

Texas is now one of 13 states where small businesses are allowed to solicit funds in exchange for equity. This news is huge for startups trying to bootstrap their businesses or find other sources for capital -- and more proof that

Immigrants drive innovation in America. Iconic companies like Google, Dropbox, & eBay were started by foreign born entrepreneurs. It’s easy to see how America benefits from immigrant ingenuity since 42% of Forbes’ Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants. However, misconceptions about

According to a survey conducted by of over 650 CEOs nationwide, Texas grabs the #1 spot as the best place for business. Somehow, I don't think anyone in Texas is surprised. Here is what the CEOs had to say: “No personal