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Shortly after the not guilty verdict was returned in the Trayvon Martin case, recovering politico and public health professional Kevin Dedner, sick with sadness, fury, and grief, turned to his circle of friends and family members to check in on

A self-described “average guy” from Fort Worth, Cam Sadler’s love of technology and teaching has led him down his own unique path of entrepreneurship. He was in high school when he launched his first business, a blog where he reported

Most startups know that sometimes the great idea you start out with in the beginning of building a business isn’t quite the same one that you end with. Iteration is the name of the game, which often times results in

Up close and personal with the startups that call North Texas home. Featured Startup: ROBOAMP Founder: Roberto Inetti Neighborhood: Rockwall, TX What was the inspiration to start ROBOAMP?  I'm a software engineer. I love to solve problems, design systems, etc. So for me, every time

Coworking provides entrepreneurs, permalancers, and creatives with a fresh environment to work independently and constructively on their projects. HeadSpace is the latest coworking space to pop up and offers an inspiring location for creatives to clear their heads and buckle

Founders come from everywhere and all walks of life, and the companies they create are often the results of their circumstances and experiences. Pie in the Sky is a perfect reflection of Sung Kim's experiences in the startup community. Kim, a

Newcomers to the Dallas Startup Community will find a bevy of resources to start and grow businesses. At last count, there were 22 coworking spaces, 7 accelerators, and 11 coffee shops downtown alone (that aren’t Starbucks). Yes, coffee is a

TED is a wealth of knowledge, information, insight, and inspiration for one’s professional life. Their website currently boasts nearly 300 talks on business—not including business-related topics like marketing, leadership, and design. In startupland it can be easy to focus primarily on

Everyone needs a break and evenings, weekends, even holidays may not automatically mean you get that break. How many of us ended up doing work on Labor Day? Technology has made it such that whether you're a creative freelancer, working in

“Great talent often doesn’t look and act like you.” (Eric Shmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, How Google Works, 2014)  Imagine sitting around the table with three of your closest confidants. You’re starting a business together. Who’s at the table? For most of us, the