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Startup Profiles: EDUsquared Helps Navigate Planning for College

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Going off to college should be an exciting although admittedly anxiety-driven time in a young adult’s life. Applications must be filled out, transcripts requested and dorm room decorated to suit your personality. Among the college to-do list should be figuring out what major to study and how you and your parents are going to fund your education. With so many avenues that families of college students have to navigate, it…

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Startup Profile: GF-17

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As everyone knows, there are only 24 hours in a day and no one gets more or less based on their status. With so much that goes on in each day, it’s hard to carve out time to do what you really want to do, not what you’re obligated to do. Small housekeeping duties take up minutes or hours that can be used to exercise or take up something new….


New Startup, Project Halcyon Addresses Key Needs for Growing Startups

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Around the United States at any given time, thousands of companies are raising capital; some of those funds fuel growth and expansion and while other resources are earmarked for acquisitions and mergers. New sources of funding certainly can jumpstart next level growth, but nearly every single organization faces the same human capital challenges: how to identify and keep top performers, how to attract and grow new hires into the next…


Startup Profile: Coregami, High Performance Formal Wear for World Class Musicians

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Performance wear meets the symphony. This might seem like an unlikely pair, but as Kevin Yu realized, it was a pairing that made formal wear more comfortable. His idea of “performal,” formal meets performance wear, is allowing musicians of the finest symphonies to perform without breaking a sweat. Coregami, founded by Yu, businessman and musician, is an online retailer of high-performance formal wear based in Dallas and is currently the…


Startup Profile: EZ FORMS

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Paperwork is an integral part of running a business; from invoices, agendas and other forms of important documents, it is hard to keep up with everything, especially when you are away from the office. EZ FORMS, created by Kurt Pimentel and Rob Backus, allows employees to create, edit, execute and share forms and checklists; communicate in real time to employees and clients via push notifications and email and offers cloud…

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Startup Profile: Bloom Cyber Defense

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The digital world is becoming ever more vast and complex. Tons of important personal and professional data can be shared with a friend or coworker in just a few minutes. That information can also be shared—unintentionally, with online hackers and thieves. Daniel Bloom of Fort Worth, founder of Bloom Cyber Defense, believes his company can save its clients from this problem by not just selling security, but the peace of…

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Startup Profile: Crowded Village, a customizable quiz app for children

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The development of a child is greatly important to a parent, especially a new parent living in today’s society of mobile technology and apps. Information that was only available at a learning facility or library 20 years ago, is widely available and can be accessed anywhere. Finding and utilizing this information in the development of your child’s education should be easy but as Chintan Sutaria and Saundarya (Saundi) Shah, makers…

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Startup Profile: VenueCenter helps you find the perfect spot for your event

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A new year means new events and whether you’re a “Type A” planner who leaves no room for error or you’re more prone to go with the flow, you want to make sure that everything goes well in the end. Finding a venue that suits your needs while managing other event logistics such as photography and catering is enough to keep you busy and maybe even up at night. The team…

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Startup Profile: Rapid i2i

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*Disclaimer: Rapid 121 is part of the Collide Village Accelerator. This profile originally appeared on the Collide Village blog. We live in the age of “Data.” We are able to count, quantify, and track nearly everything. The flip side of this is that there is so much data that one could feel lost, trying to look for the needle in the proverbial haystack. What makes this data usable is Insight. While a…


VizSense: Spreading viral videos of your cat has never been easier

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Many nights when I’m at home and unwinding after work, I’ll sit out on my balcony, pull out my phone, and watch some of my favorite gaming YouTubers (usually a guy named after an ocean-bound banana and another sharing David Anders’ character’s last name from Alias). As a matter of fact, I enjoy watching their videos so much that I’ve started recording my own gaming sessions in hopes of one…