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Having only released the beta for video in the summer of 2017, active LinkedIn users have witnessed firsthand the platform's massive rebrand and new features. Top LinkedIn influencer Goldie Chan, known for her bright green hair and Disney themed videos,

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes., hosted by Tiffany Han, features "the creative adventures of [extra]ordinary people”. Each Tuesday, the energetic host invites subject matter experts onto her show to speak the honest truth about the struggles and concerns we face

Podcast Pick Of The Week: Second Shot with Chad Prather & Heath Oakes Category: Motivational, Business Chad Prather rose to internet Fandom as the man who’s “Unapologetically Southern.” Heath Oakes is a published author who “failed his way to success.” Together they

Who is Share Rocket? The company was founded by Chris Kraft in 2013, and was officially launched at NAB (an annual conference for the media industry) in the late spring of 2014. They’ve since been heads down, building the tech

In today's society, social media is a powerhouse and includes a vast majority of apps to post and view news and social posts. While some post on only a few apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Instagram, others utilize all

Milk Snob is a well-loved multi-functional cover designed by a mom, for moms, that is taking the Internet by storm.  The soft, breathable fabric serves as a car seat cover and nursing cover, in fun and funky prints, offering a

“New uses for old things.” That was the theme of 1 Million Cups on Wednesday, August 10th. It’s here that we need to define “old.” How “old” is old? Engineering technology has been around for quite some time, but teaching

Roberto Inetti is a Dallas-based professional photographer turned developer. Inetti is introducing Statimgram, a program that allows the scheduling of Instagram photos.  The idea of Statimgram came while Inetti was working on another project of his,, an online community for

"You already know what to do. Why not get paid for it?" Or so goes klink's tagline, emblazoned across their site. With a current account full of investor cash and the impressive social following to match, klink's Dallas-based intrepid poobahs have surely lived

Given the many ways technology has influenced our consciousness, we tend to have shorter attention spans and higher expectations of entertainment. Tech normally keeps up pretty well, but the change has affected how effective advertiser's campaigns are. In short, brands have to do

Last week, Pew Research posted the findings from their social media platform survey that they fielded back in September of 2014. It's not entirely surprising that there's been an increase of some kind across the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter,

I get to talk to some really great startups, y'all. We have so many generous, creative and seriously intelligent entrepreneurs in our community, and you work hard. Entrepreneurs also work a lot. And when you're trying to accomplish everything under the sun, it's

Now that ALL OF US are online now, it's becoming crucial to maintain your online presence -- to know what information you're putting out there and just how private that information is. First impressions - especially online impressions - can