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Last summer, we launched #LaunchCEO (pun intended), a new event segment designed to shine a light on North Texas CEO’s taking bold ideas and creative innovation to the next level at our monthly Dallas New Tech events. For our June #BigDNT event, we invited Marshall

Penny Kim recently shared her story about how she was scammed by a Silicon Valley startup, so that others might learn from her experience. Her story began in May when she applied for a Marketing Director position with a startup in the

Robert Brevelle is the Managing Director and COO at Tech WildCatters. Tech WildCatters is a company that invests their money, time, and resources into startups. They launched an accelerator in 2009 entitled, "The Gauntlet," which is a five-stage process of the

Mark Cuban is the well-loved Dallas billionaire that millions of Americans welcome into their homes every Friday evening on the TV show Shark Tank, a show dedicated to offering funding to startups looking for capital. In a March 2014 blog,

Recently Sam Altman posted a great article on his blog about Silicon Valley: Why Silicon Valley Works. This isn't an argument against the article - Silicon Valley DOES work. As he points out, Silicon Valley makes it possible for startups --

Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF), a leading venue in high-tech industry field gathering multi-tech and business professionals, selected Dallas-based PassbeeMedia as one of ten finalists in the upcoming SVIEF Startup Contest on September 27. PassbeeMedia is a DFW