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Go to any startup event and you are sure to overhear talk about "scaling". How do companies build a scalable business model, workforce, or idea? Many entrepreneurs often avoid such heavy topics until it becomes impossible to ignore the inevitable.

Outside of binge-watching Law & Order, it's safe to say many of us are not well-versed in legal jargon. You may be someone who knows the difference between a defendant and a plaintiff, but what about the difference between an NDA

Remember when the podcast Serial was all the rage? Well I think this week's podcast pick gives Serial a run for its money. Up and Vanished follows amateur filmmaker, Payne Lindsey, on his journey to reinvestigate a 12-year-old missing persons cold case that is

In this episode, Kevin and Aaron review Season 4, Episode 30: Terms of Service and discuss how CEOs should handle the spotlight, navigating relationships with ex co-founders, and terms of service and policy agreements. Read More

In this episode, Kevin and Aaron discuss when you can change company ownership, the important of product v. growth, board composition, and more. Read More

Three Things is a podcast hosted by Vela Wood startup attorneys Kevin Vela and Aaron Terwey. They interview leaders in the startup and small business communities (founders, employees, investors, etc.) about three pieces of advice they would give to someone

Kevin stopped by Collide Village, an accelerator based in McKinney, Texas, to talk to its current startup class about term sheets, valuation, convertible notes, and equity. If you’re a startup looking to raise capital, here is some of the basic

We recently published a blog which discussed alternative lending sources for small businesses. Daniel De Valdenebro of LiftFund’s Dallas office ( stopped by recently to tell us more about LiftFund (

In this episode Kevin and Ray discuss the do’s and don’ts of terminating employees. A must listen for any small business owner or startup.

You know all of those provisions at the end of contracts and agreements under Miscellaneous? Do you ever wonder what they mean? Kevin and Ray discuss Choice of Law, Venue, and Attorney’s Fees in this Podcast.

Dorie Pickle of Austin-based digital agency Creative Pickle stopped by to chat with Kevin for a bit about running her own business.

Matt Alexander of Need stopped by and chatted with Kevin about his experience launching a curated fashion startup.

Some contracts “automatically renew” unless you affirmatively reject the renewal period. In this week’s Podcast, Kevin and Ray discuss this litigation trap, and how to avoid it. Your feedback is welcome –

In this podcast Kevin and Ray discuss some common pitfalls when classifying workers as independent contractors.