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Of all product development aspects, what is most crucial to achieving success? The answer to this question probably varies, but to many in the tech industry - the user experience should never be ignored. This mantra is the basis for

Depending on the industry or company you work for, getting a MBA  can be extremely helpful. But when you're launching a company, going back to school is often the last thing on a founder's "to-do" list because of the lack

The hustle. The grind. Whatever you call it, it is a lot of work to win at life. And we all want to win, don't we? Maybe you want to start a business, to climb the ladder, or to do

Follow your passion - it's becoming a dreaded and overwhelming statement for many of us. How does one follow this so-called "passion" when it's not so easy to find? Maybe you're lucky and knew from childhood what your passion was

If you're at all involved in Dallas's tech community, you know it's booming. But unfortunately our city does not always get the national recognition it deserves. Many Dallas entrepreneurs and companies are trying to change this. Doug Platts, Vice President

Back in 2012, theSkimm began as a free, daily email newsletter produced from the comfort of co-founders Danielle Weisberg's & Carly Zakin's couch. Now, over 6 million people utilize theSkimm as their daily news source. "Skimm'd From the Couch" is the latest development from theSkimm bringing

While there are so many compelling podcasts out there for you to check out, I am excited to share one that is produced locally, "Amituckeredout".  This new[ish] podcast stands out among its counterparts because of the unique message Ami Thakkar and

Do you find yourself always asking "why?" and questioning the things you hear? I definitely do, especially when I am bombarded with articles about the latest studies regarding my health, my diet and basically every facet of my life. What

I think we can all agree that in society we are conditioned to respond positively when people ask how we are doing. But sometimes we aren't "doing well, thanks!" Sometimes [or even most of the time] we aren't doing so

Ever wonder how companies like Bumble and Airbnb got started? I'm bringing back some of Guy Raz's best with his popular NPR podcast series "How I Built This with Guy Raz". This series first aired back in September 2016 and

Raise Your Hand. Say Yes., hosted by Tiffany Han, features "the creative adventures of [extra]ordinary people”. Each Tuesday, the energetic host invites subject matter experts onto her show to speak the honest truth about the struggles and concerns we face

Genre: Business/Motivational  Guy Raz is the award-winning host, co-creator, and editorial director of NPR’s TED Radio Hour. TED Radio Hour is a hugely popular podcast that covers a variety of topics and stories about people from all walks of life. According

Podcast Pick Of The Week: Second Shot with Chad Prather & Heath Oakes Category: Motivational, Business Chad Prather rose to internet Fandom as the man who’s “Unapologetically Southern.” Heath Oakes is a published author who “failed his way to success.” Together they

Check out the audio version of the show on iTunes here and Stitcher here. Matt Johnner is back on the show with a new company, Bank Labs, designing innovative, web-based mobile apps specifically to power a competitive advantage for community banks.  Matt shares

Check out the audio version of the show on iTunes here and Stitcher here. Joe Scott is on the show today.  With his site and product, Cankerboy, he’s improving people’s lives and helping them live pain free, by solving an incredibly common problem

Check out the audio version of the show on iTunes here and Stitcher here. Zach Redington is on the show today.  His story is pretty typical:  the old "Criminal Defense attorney who just wants to be comfortable so he starts his own lounge

We recently published a blog which discussed alternative lending sources for small businesses. Daniel De Valdenebro of LiftFund’s Dallas office ( stopped by recently to tell us more about LiftFund (