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As part of a commitment to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth community, CalcuQuote is sponsoring an after-school program, operated by Dallas-based STEM education company Tech Edventures, at Weatherford Elementary School in Plano, Texas. The program will introduce students to principles of

Recently, Swych announced in a press release that they will be presenting their popular mobile app, and a sneak peek of their new GiftBot platform at FinovateFall 2016 in September. Swych was co-founded by entrepreneurs Deepak Jain, and Robert Sabella. They presented

Going out with friends, or on a date, comes with some unique challenges if alcohol is going to be involved. There are limited options for ensuring no laws are broken and everyone arrives home safely.  With services like Uber and

Oneride  is a ride sharing option that has flown entirely under the radar since it's inception in 2014, and offers more features and functionality than its top competitors.  This Plano-based company is headed by two Dallas natives, Anthony Brusdeilins and

FieldAware, a company that provides mobile solutions and tools for field service organizations, announced that they've raised $24 million in funding. "WestSummit’s new co-managed fund, Summit Bridge Capital, led the round with support from Silicon Valley Bank and existing investors OpenView

Despite lower-than-average temperatures here in North Texas this summer, it's still pretty miserable out. This Kickstarter project aims to make things fun again. The Bunch O Balloons campaign has been wildly successful, raising over 8000% of its actual goal. That's because it's

iFind, from WeTag Inc - a Plano-based startup, may just be the lost item dongle to end all lost item dongles. I mean, it doesn't have any any batteries, so how cool is that?! First, you pair up an iFind tag w/

The AT&T Foundry Innovation Center in Plano opened on Thursday to show off their new test center and enterprise-level labs, where mobile developers can take advantage of the LTE network set up there. AT&T CTO John Donovan spoke at the

Give us the 30-second elevator pitch of your company Commercial web sites, such as Photobucket, which accept user generated content, employ or outsource employees to visually inspect uploaded content to ensure it falls within acceptable usage guidelines. Image Vision Labs (IVL)