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LIFT students Damon Richardson (foreground), and Jesus Santos (center) tested beta versions of the game last spring, providing valuable feedback to Corey Clark, SMU Guildhall Deputy Director for Research (left) and Lisa Hembry, LIFT CEO/president, (right). “Our adult learners face

The opening video at Apple’s WWDC2017 Developer Conference last week introduced a chaotic, apocalyptic world where apps no longer existed. In the Apple Apocalypse, access to our beloved apps suddenly vanishes, we revert back to using physical maps for navigation, video

By this fall, DFW won't need to worry about having cash at the valet. Silvr, a single-party mobile payments provider, enables "consumers to make payments from their phones, for items traditionally only accessible by cash." And as Bart Lomont, cofounder and CEO of

"Your friend with a car" is available in Fort Worth! Ride-share service (with the notable pink mustache), Lyft, recently announced that it will serve folks in the Ft. Worth community. The coverage map indicates that if you're anywhere in the DFW

CoFoundersLab, an entrepreneurial matchmaking site recently launched a mobile app to enhance meet-up interaction. The CoFoundersLab platform utilizes a variety of algorithms to match your startup needs with local entrepreneurs who possess complementary skills. With a messaging feature and social profiles,

"Actions speak louder than words" is the name of the game with the new dating app: Charade Date. Complete with a messaging feature and the ability to swap 8 seconds of video, Charade Date is an interactive mobile dating game. By

Launching next Monday, Uber will introduce its more affordable ride sharing option called Uber X. Convenient, considering Lyft just launched not too long ago. As a launch bonus, Uber partnered up with over 40 different establishments around Dallas to provide discounts on

Gestures, a simplified interface app for mobile cameras, eliminates the use of  buttons and alternatively implements touch screen motions. Previously a photographer, Cofounder Sung Kim set out to change the static camera interface for quick access. Frustrated by the overload of

Recently launched Story App is redefining the capturing process of sharing pictures and sound.  The team at Adam and Luna beg the question 'As humans, what do we all share in common?' The answer to them is simply 'stories'. More precisely? Struggle. Based

Tantrum Street unveils three new products that could revolutionize mobile transactions for both business owners and consumers. Skip Wallet, a cloud based mobile app that allows users to create a digital wallet, eliminates the fumble for payment in check out of

Available in app stores as of this week, Dallas startup Bitzy fills a social media niche. With the growing immediacy of social media culture, Bitzy offers time sensitive sharing. You decide how long your post stays in your friends' live feeds. Following

Dallas start-up illuminates the future of Blue-tooth driven lighting technology. With 44 days left to go in its Kickstarter campaign, and over $37,000 raised for its $25,000 goal, Ilumi is nearing a launch date. Continuing on a journey born from Alcatel-Lucent's