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After considerable thought and discussion, we have made the decision to cancel tonight’s Community Roundtable event. We received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and ticket sales indicated that fact, but we also received considerable pressure to not host

Women are chipping away at securing more funding and penetrating the ranks of leadership, but we still face numerous challenges getting ahead.  While men and women enter the workforce at pretty equal rates, women hold only 21% of C-level positions

Sponsored by Egan Nelson LLP Executive succession, particularly involving the Founder CEO, can be a tense time in the history of a startup.  But not always. In fact, in my experience working with VC-backed startups across Texas and elsewhere, there are many

it's not everyday that you get an opportunity to chat with someone who's built and sold a company for billions. Yes, billions with a "B". But when you chat with Lance Crosby, you quickly discover that regardless of the big

Genre: Business/Motivational  Guy Raz is the award-winning host, co-creator, and editorial director of NPR’s TED Radio Hour. TED Radio Hour is a hugely popular podcast that covers a variety of topics and stories about people from all walks of life. According

This guest post is courtesy of Kevin Stevens. Product Strategy Manager at Choose Energy, a Kleiner Perkins-backed company in the DFW region. Enjoy. --- This past week, our CRO John Tough provoked a conversation over email about our success at Choose Energy

If you're in the Alto 211 building downtown, you might be lucky enough to run into Molly Cain. And despite her height (she still has me beat), you'll pick up on her determination and energy, probably right away. It's infectious, actually,