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It has to do with Ethereum, of course. But before we discuss Ethereum, let's talk about the victory for DFW based Project Oaken. If you've ever thought about how today's toll system works (you haven't?), you'd quickly realize that it's essentially

The Innovation By Design Awards spotlight the best of the best in areas such as apps, branded environments, health, products, social good, websites, and platforms.  They reviewed more than 1,700 designs, and there were 15 winners and 231 finalists identified.

Sprinkl, the Dallas-based SXSW finalist is excited to announce that they raised $1.3 million in cash and credit from investor Ian Woodward-Smith.  This IoT company uses cloud connectivity to improve water conservation when controlling your yard sprinkler system. The irrigation and

Vinli has been making great waves since it's launch, and only continues to grow and expand its market presence. The company that brings WiFi to cars with a simple plug-in device, caught the attention of some big car companies. TechCrunch's article explains,

Jesse Lee the co-founder and CEO of M2M Circuits, spoke at Dallas new tech on Tuesday. Lee was originally in Cyber Security, but co-founded M2M Circuits to focus on bringing 4g to the IoT. He was first inspired to get into

One of the frustrating things about driving your car is the fact that you're not connected between your car and smart devices. Vinli, a local Dallas startup, wanted to change that. This innovative company decided to bridge the gap.  Vinli

One of the many presentations available to attendees during Dallas Startup Week was one that focused on the current state of developing for the Internet of Things (IoT). Hosted by Adrian Fernandez, microcontroller development experience manager at Texas Instruments, the segment addressed

Staying ahead of the game in an ever-changing technological landscape takes concerted effort and intentional collaboration. Dallas’ business community, though it is unique, is no different than any other in recognizing this need. The method in which the business community is

Dallas is getting ready for its second annual startup week, with this year’s event expected to draw some 6,000 attendees, almost twice as many as last year’s edition. Taking place from April 12-16 in downtown Dallas, we’re looking forward to

If you're involved in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, you'd do well to check out the fantastic resource being built over at, which is based in Dallas. Connect2Me, as the service is officially called, can be thought of as

Local developers are set to get a big boost with the initial rollout in Dallas of the world's first Machine to Machine (M2M) network that's exclusive to IoT/M2M connectivity. Once fully operational, San Diego-based Ingenu's “Machine Network” will become the largest

Touch Titans is a Dallas-based mobile UX, design and development firm that works with industry leaders from AT&T and CNN to National Geographic and Red Bull. A fun weekend project by Touch Titans was to create a voice- and Arduino-controlled

Drones are an exciting new technology that have entirely changed how we gather information and data. They are exceptionally useful tools for gaining real-time data, and thanks to companies like DroneData, it is possible to gain useful information through high-tech data analytics and aerial mapping. Dallas