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Startup Profile – FillAnyPDF.com

Brian Wiblin is the founder of FillAnyPDF.com, an online tool that allows form-filling and form sharing, as well as digital signatures. With FillAnyPDF.com, Wiblin is a graduate of the Tech Wildcatters boot camp, at 12-week program that provides office space, mentoring, some seed money, and help with refining their product and business strategies.

FillAnyPDF.com grew right out of Wiblin’s consulting business. He saw the need for a solution like his in a market where he believes other products are too complex. His focus is on making things simpler compared to every other product, which Wiblin says are way too difficult for many people to use.

His biggest challenge at the moment is to build a team to help promote his product. Currently he’s running the operations himself and is looking for help with his business development efforts.

So, how is business these days? Despite the current market, Wiblin is not too concerned with today’s “less than robust” economy. He sees a window of opportunity now, and is not looking back.