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Depending on the industry or company you work for, getting a MBA  can be extremely helpful. But when you're launching a company, going back to school is often the last thing on a founder's "to-do" list because of the lack

A self-described “average guy” from Fort Worth, Cam Sadler’s love of technology and teaching has led him down his own unique path of entrepreneurship. He was in high school when he launched his first business, a blog where he reported

Research findings from the first year of the Dynamic Learning Project, a national program led by Digital Promise and supported by Google, suggest that instructional technology coaching is a promising approach to improve education equity and close the digital divide,

ODEM, creator of the world's first On-Demand Education Marketplace, is joining forces with the Institute and leveraging blockchain technology to provide displaced populations with digitized educational records. Collaboration with the IBO will use cutting-edge cryptographic technology and ODEM systems

The University of Texas at Dallas recently announced that it has achieved the critical benchmark criteria required to qualify for funding from the National Research University Fund (NRUF), an exclusive source of research support available to the state's "emerging research

Paul Quinn College, a private, faith-based, four-year, liberal arts-inspired college located in southern Dallas, continues the expansion of its "urban college model" by partnering with iDesign, an instructional design firm that will build an initial set of courses to be

As part of a commitment to the greater Dallas/Fort Worth community, CalcuQuote is sponsoring an after-school program, operated by Dallas-based STEM education company Tech Edventures, at Weatherford Elementary School in Plano, Texas. The program will introduce students to principles of

Tech EdVentures, now beginning its fourth year as a resource for young kids to learn engineering and coding skills, just hit a new milestone in the form of a three year agreement with Shelton School in North Dallas to develop

LIFT students Damon Richardson (foreground), and Jesus Santos (center) tested beta versions of the game last spring, providing valuable feedback to Corey Clark, SMU Guildhall Deputy Director for Research (left) and Lisa Hembry, LIFT CEO/president, (right). “Our adult learners face

Boddy Thakkar is one of the youngest speakers at the latest Ignite DFW talks. At only 17 years old, Thakkar identifies as an entrepreneur who has worked with many startup companies. He has put on events from Zimbabwe to Korea,

This post is a little unorthodox. It comes from the DFW Startup Community Slack. It’s a shining example of why the Slack exists, and the value of the community that’s been established. There are over 1,000 people in the Slack

Linux Academy, a Fort Worth-based company, just launched a Community Edition that will now be available for free. Previously, only members were allowed to access the online training academy. Now, those that sign up can access all the features in order to get

Melanin Origins, founded by Louie T. McClain The Second, is a new publishing company that seeks to become the largest Afrocentric book provider in the United States. Their mission is to provide educational material that will inspire children to

Linux Academy is announcing a partnership with Microsoft's Visual Studio Dev Essentials to connect the first 25,000 Visual Studio Dev Essentials members to also receive Azure training as part of a three-month, all-access membership with Linux Academy.  Meanwhile, the next 25,000 program members

Fort Worth-based Linux Academy is the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community. Offering users a high-quality, in-depth training program at prices that nearly everyone can afford, Linux Academy ensures that no one is ever left out of improving

RoboKind, the world leader in social robotics, together with the Autism Society of America, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, announced today their new Robots4Autism School Grant Program. This program will give schools the opportunity to adopt a research-based curriculum to aid

Southern Methodist University's  (SMU) Cox's School of Business is pleased to announce that they will gain the first U.S. Academic Institute for Educating Consumer Engagement Leaders thanks to a $10 million gift from Diane and Hal Brierley.  The Brierley's gift

RoboKind, a world-renowned company that designs and builds robots to foster social interaction and support STEM, has addressed an issue with robotics head on. Their newest robot is named Jett, and has been designed to have African-American likeness. RoboKind created Jett

Allen Selis, the founder of Tech EdVentures, enthusiastically pitched his education company on Tuesday evening at Dallas New Tech. Founded 2 years ago, Tech EdVentures brings robotics, engineering, and coding classes to children. Classes start as young as pre-k, for robotics,

General Assembly, a global educational institution, announced last week that they plan to grow the number of their physical campuses by over 60% this year. This will increase their campus count from 15 to 25, and one of which is in Dallas. They also

Linux Academy is Fort Worth based online training academy, teaching cloud and engineering technical skills to companies worldwide. Engineers from companies like AWS, Rackspace, Media Temple, and MailChimp receive training from Linux Academy's full-featured training library of long and in-depth courses. Whether you're wanting to

EXOS Aerospace announced last month that they are committing to education. The company is working with partners to create school programs for grades K-12. These programs are using suborbital flight as part of a Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) curriculum. EXOS is

The Dallas Independent School District introduced the Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship Academy (IDEA) at an April 2015 school board meeting as their first Choice School.  The school opened to ninth graders for the 2015-2016 school year, and is excited to welcome

There is no doubt that the future of our society is going to be very tech-heavy, and science and technology are vital factors in our global innovation economy.  While the need and desire, for individuals with computer science and computer

Going off to college should be an exciting although admittedly anxiety-driven time in a young adult’s life. Applications must be filled out, transcripts requested and dorm room decorated to suit your personality. Among the college to-do list should be figuring out

The development of a child is greatly important to a parent, especially a new parent living in today’s society of mobile technology and apps. Information that was only available at a learning facility or library 20 years ago, is widely

Tech EdVentures launched one year ago with a big vision: teaching engineering, robotics and computer coding to children. If yesterday's one year anniversary celebration at NoD Coworking is any indication, then the future is looking bright for this North Dallas startup. Dr.

There are a number of new technologies that have emerged in education in the last few years -- from sharing artwork with classmates to Google's new Google Classroom, which helps teachers "create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and

The need for educating today's students in technology is growing, and we're lucky to have people like CTO of Modern Message, Daniel Miller around who see that need and find ways to accommodate it. Miller's son started playing Minecraft several years ago, and eventually

Tech Wildcatters' Scribe Sense is saving grading time for teachers and broadening the possibilities for automatically graded test questions. Director Paul Abumov, once a teacher's assistant, decided to make a change in grading technology after hours of work grading tests himself.

Created by local Fort Worth high school educator and jack of all trades, Quentin Donnellan, lessonwell is a really cool local ed-tech startup that's transforming how teachers distribute their lessons online.  Check it out, share with your teacher/professor friends, and comment