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Launch DFW recently served as a partner and supporter for the inaugural Blueprint Summit, a full day business conference that brought together an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, creatives, digital influencers and tech enthusiasts. The event was hosted by Cosign Magazine,

Background reading: Bad Advisors: The Problem with Localism Ask the Users Navigating Referrals in a Connected Startup Ecosystem A noticeable theme over the past 2-3 years is the “cross pollination” of startup ecosystems. By that I mean that the traditional zero-sum

As Launch DFW continues on our mission to inspire and empower startups in a big way this year, we'll be introducing you to an eclectic mix of tech/biz voices, locally and beyond, that will share their thoughts, experiences and advice

We all have biases.  Mostly unconscious, without a doubt, but we all have them. But what about those conscious often incorrect thoughts & perceptions about people that are different from us? The Office of Diversity and Outreach at the University of California,

One of the most trying -- yet important -- parts of growing a company is forming your team. Contributing writer Alison Battiste walked us through some of the logistics behind establishing your company and who you might partner with in her article earlier this

“Great talent often doesn’t look and act like you.” (Eric Shmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg, How Google Works, 2014)  Imagine sitting around the table with three of your closest confidants. You’re starting a business together. Who’s at the table? For most of us, the