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Podcast Pick Of The Week: Second Shot with Chad Prather & Heath Oakes Category: Motivational, Business Chad Prather rose to internet Fandom as the man who’s “Unapologetically Southern.” Heath Oakes is a published author who “failed his way to success.” Together they

Below is a blog post submitted by James Loomstein, Managing Partner, Rogue Marketing Startup life is always a roller-coaster ride. Even when the planets align, execution is flawless, and customer acquisition is through the roof, you’ll likely feel you’re perched atop an

Mobile live streaming app, Meerkat was the darling of SXSWi. Boy, what a difference a few weeks make. With the release of Periscope, individuals and brands alike are still figuring out best practices. Take a peek at either platform and

Starting a company means a beginning. It’s a “Once upon a time…” that you desperately hope will turn into a “…happily ever after.” You go into the story with an idea and whatever money, talents and reputation you personally have. Eventually,