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Thank you to everyone who joined us for the final Dallas New Tech of 2017! Special thanks to event partners Tech In Motion, Workbridge Associates, Vela Wood, Dallas B.R.A.I.N and the Dallas Public Library. Founder Fave Matt Alexander joins us the

Dallas New Tech is one of DFW’s longest running monthly showcase events for new and exciting companies and technologies. The format is ever evolving. Last summer, we launched (pun intended) a cool, new event segment at Dallas New Tech designed to shine

Roshan Vani began his Dallas New Tech talk with a simple story. He saw a problem with the way industrial construction project data was managed, and he and his team had a solution: a real-time, all-in-one system that would analyze

At the Dallas New Tech talk, the organizers of Dallas Startup Week came together to provide the audience with an inside look at what to expect this coming April 3 – 7. This will be the third year for the

Jen Voecks opens her stunning Dallas New Tech talk with a story about a bride’s struggle to plan her wedding. She highlights three main problems with wedding planning from cost to vendor reliability and states that wedding planning shouldn’t ruin

Lyft and Uber have carved out a new market in the on-demand space with cost-effective ride share apps. To take advantage of this new space, startup companies look for ways to provide unique services. At Dallas New Tech talk, Craig

At January’s Dallas New Tech pitch, Skip Howard, founder of Spacee, began his talk by stating, “This isn’t going to be your typical pitch deck. All our clients are telling us to work on amazing things and all our really

When a group of friends decides to get lunch together, the inevitable debate of “where to eat,” happens. Everyone has a preference that makes it difficult to agree on a location to eat. BrokenBox, designed by Josh Stramiello, aims to

At the beginning of his pitch for Dallas New Tech, TJ Person tells the story of his family’s 14 hour Christmas trip and the fun they had in Orland. “We stayed at this really cool hotel," said Person, CEO of Openkey. "It

At Dallas New Tech January, Jerry King pitched his company Bonfire that brands itself as a simple RV reservation management tool. King initially launched a site called RV Spotfinder that was similar to in where avid RVers could search

RideConnect is a downloadable app for Android and iOS devices that professional drivers, students, universities, events, and others can use as their ride-sharing platform. Santosh Krishnan is the founder and CEO of RideConnect, and presented at Dallas New Tech this past week. Krishnan

ReferLocals is attempting to breach the gap between local businesses and their customers. The new Dallas start-up, founded by Mahesh Kashyap, has recently launched their iOS app and website for both the online consumer and business professional. Marketed as an

At Dallas New Tech, Jerry King presented on the company he founded called Primal Sensors. Primal Sensors is a construction operations platform that provides clients with the current location of their job site resources. The idea of a proactive location awareness platform came

Early last month, David Cherrie, cofounder at Workplace Arcade, stopped in to Dallas New Tech to talk about his company and why he is working to change how people think about employee engagement.  Workplace Arcade guarantees retailers an uptick in sales,

Dr. Sunit Sebastian took to the Dallas New Tech stage to talk about HealPal, created in order to empower cancer patients in a way never before possible.  Dr. Sebastian is a cancer radiologist, and has experience in the clinical, educational,

Matt Holland is the CEO and co-founder of KnKtd (pronounced connected) Behavioral Health. He presented at BigDNT and explained that there is a problem that most of us don't ever talk about, but is increasing every year. "88 million people in the

Sunny Nadolsky is the CEO and founder of MediBookr and presented at Dallas New Tech last week. MediBookr is an online marketplace for medical imaging such as CT scans and MRIs for both patients and medical imaging centers. On the patient side, they are

At last week's Dallas New Tech, Cristiano Oliviera, the CEO of, presented. Oliviera opened by explaining that his company solves the problem that is the #1 cause of distress for 75% of adults in America: money. For the millions of adults living

Alyssa Mercer is the co-founder and CPO of Floor Show VR. She recently presented at Dallas New Tech about how Floor Show VR wishes to solve the problem of a lack of mental visualization. "Floor Show VR is a virtual reality based and home

William Cervin presented at Dallas New Tech this month on Tantrum Street, a startup he founded with the goal of becoming the world's first personalized item-level transaction data marketplace. He explained that we are in an era of convergence, with the whole world essentially following each

Ruben Izmailyan presented at Dallas New Tech this month on Budgit. Budgit is a new personal finance service that helps user organize their finances and savings better, by getting information directly from the bank instead of from the internet. Ruben is the founder of

Joshua Kidd presented on behalf of the Arlington-based company he founded, Infusion Payment Technologies. The six-year-old FinTech (financial technology) Firm processes payments and offers mobile solutions. They service manufacturers, distributors, retailers, healthcare companies, and multi-location franchises both in the DFW area and nationally. Kidd

Following Cole Oliver's presentation on CHDR financial at Dallas New Tech, Craig Fuller, presented about the Dallas-based company, Transvix. Transvix is one of the largest private technology investors in North America, where Fuller serves as the CEO. Fuller explained that Transvix is building a futures exchange and derivatives market.

At this past week's Dallas New Tech, a monthly showcase event for new companies and technologies, Cole Oliver presented over his company, CHDR financial (pronounced "cheddar"). He explained their three fundamentals: The CHDR app Saving with friends The savings radar As the founder and

Jesse Lee the co-founder and CEO of M2M Circuits, spoke at Dallas new tech on Tuesday. Lee was originally in Cyber Security, but co-founded M2M Circuits to focus on bringing 4g to the IoT. He was first inspired to get into

Justin White, the co-Founder of Selery Fulfillment graced us with his pitch this Tuesday evening at Dallas New Tech. Selery was the first to level up to the final tier in the Tech Wildcatter’s Gauntlet. Selery is a fulfillment service specializing

The founder of vImmune (who we have featured before), Ashutosh Prasad, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday Evening. Looking to be the world’s best immunization management tool available, it launched in June of 2016. While most medical apps are

Allen Selis, the founder of Tech EdVentures, enthusiastically pitched his education company on Tuesday evening at Dallas New Tech. Founded 2 years ago, Tech EdVentures brings robotics, engineering, and coding classes to children. Classes start as young as pre-k, for robotics,

Zach Weismann co-founder of Cancer-Q, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday the 6th. Weismann aims to simplify the research process of those going through cancer and their loved ones. For those diagnosed with cancer, the internet can have a wealth

Merrick Porcheddu is the CEO of Create Gate, launched in Dallas in May of this year. Porcheddu came to pitch at Dallas New Tech, hosted by the J Erik Jonsson Central Library, Tuesday evening. First to pitch, Porcheddu set the

Have you ever searched for food delivery, and only returned results for pizza chains, or the occasional Chinese takeout? Do you suffer from a pizza overload? Just wish you could get anything delivered to your home that isn’t a pizza

Wing Ware is a Dallas start up that is improving the safety and reliability of aircraft fueling equipment, by revolutionizing the maintenance records for the equipment. DNT heard from Kent Dial, the President and Founder of Wing Ware. Wing Ware

Have you ever had to negotiate for a salary? You probably have, and most of us find it to be a less than pleasant experience. After you walk out the door, you may find your mind swirling with questions like

Gaurab Chakrabarti, CEO and Co-Founder of Solugen, wants to make hydrogen peroxide as ubiquitous as tap water for its clients. It may not be obvious how abundant the uses for H2O2 are, but it is used heavily in both the

No more pain in the grass! Dallas based start-up Robin gives you the ability to put your lawn on “auto-pilot”. Co-founder Justin Crandall of Robin, spoke Tuesday night at Dallas New Tech, explaining his on-demand landscaping service that greatly simplifies

There are few people who can pop-up out of the audience, create a product on-the-fly, and then deliver a succinct 30-second pitch to a crowd of hecklers. Josh Stramiello, who you may remember from Dallas New Tech (April 2016) with

Walking into the doctors office can, at times, feel like being quizzed on your vital signs, or personal history, or in the case of rehab, your personal habits. It can feel like your doctor, nurse, and technician are not listening

Billions of gallons of water are used daily for irrigation. The average homeowner will use 20,000 gallons of water on their lawn per month. 50% of which is water wasted due to system errors and inefficiencies… to put this in

What do you get when a pro-circuit Tennis players meets a Psychology degree, meets a litigation support company, meets a classic “there’s got to be another way” problem? Allow us to introduce Scott Eddins, CEO of Inception Lighting.   In risking his

There are few skills that add value to your career like learning a language, but it’s often easier said than done with expensive on-line platforms that force you to learn on your own… in a silo. But, what if *you*

Join us May 3 at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library for Dallas New Tech (#BigDNT).  Here you will find opportunity to share in discovering some of the newest, freshest tech in DFW with our start-up and established business communities. If

Jeff Hroncheck, founder of BlueCar, introduced his service as a dispatcher application for your smartphone during the Dallas New Tech event on April 12. Not to be confused with a central dispatcher like Uber, BlueCar uses a User Directed Dispatch

During the Dallas New Tech event on April 12, Brody Holohan, cofounder of Verifomics, explained how the company analyzes your DNA and offers personalized methods, centered on your specific background, to improve your health. “The central motivating idea is based

During the Dallas New Tech event on April 12, Todd McGee, CEO of Cataboom, introduced a behavioral marketing engagement platform that uses Pavlov’s behavioral conditioning theory to instantly and consistently reward a good behavior and change behavior over time through gamification. McGee

When BEVscore founder Joshua Stramiello was in law school, he experienced the loss of a family friend -- a realtor who went to meet a client and never returned. This was the motivation behind his new product BEVscore, an app Anyone who has ever had a home improvement project knows that going from a phone call to a contractor to a quote to a final price can be fraught with unpleasant surprises. From wildly different price quotes to hidden costs, Stock brokers have long debated the ingredients that go into lucrative stock picks. Some have maintained that only careful study and prudence provide long-term success, while others have argued that sheer luck is behind many investors' fortunes. This seems like

Please join us April 12 at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in wonderful Downtown Dallas for Dallas New Tech! Also known as #BigDNT, this is our opportunity to share some of the greatest tech in the Dallas/Fort Work area

Russ Russell, founder and CEO of NotebookU, Inc., joined the Dallas New Tech presenters on March 1 to showcase his company’s solution for college students. He began his presentation by saying, “As college students ourselves, we recognize the need for

Andrew Zusman, VP of product for Skyrise, Inc., featured his product at Dallas New Tech on March 1 as an engagement tool for the occupants of commercial buildings. Appealing to property managers, Skyrise is a communication and concierge platform for commercial

Jay Ali, founder of Smerts, told the audience at Dallas New Tech on March 1 that his company’s mission is to empower people with timely and relevant information. The company calls itself “The Kayak of Alerts,” one and done. Users have

Raj Daniels, founder and CEO of OpenTime, LLC, began his presentation at Dallas New Tech on March 1 with some dancing and audience participation. Daniels, who operates a time management system, didn’t waste any time. “The only reason we are

NoiseAware Cofounder David Krauss hit the stage at Dallas New Tech on March 1 to offer a solution to rental property owners who lose money due to noisy renters. He began his journey on this project when, as an Airbnb, Inc. by Teryn O’Brien Because of the rise of big data and contemporary analytics, a marketer’s time is being consumed more and more with getting reports for their campaigns. The big problem is that data scientists don’t scale well—all you can do Marlene Den Bleyker Showman is an interactive signage company that puts the power of advertising in the hands of the company. According to Tucker McCormack, chief operating officer of the company, the service’s digital sign feature is easy to use and by Marlene Den Bleyker Theatre Profile is designed to keep theater lovers in the loop, as to where the action is happening. According to Gordon Kelly, founder and chief executive officer of Theatre Profile, the theater industry is segmented and in by Marlene Den Bleyker If you have ever moved into a new apartment or condo only to realize the challenges of fitting your furniture into the space, Roomored is here to help. The company creates interactive 3D models of interior spaces

Dallas New Tech (DNT) is a monthly showcase of emerging startups across the DFW metroplex. If you aren't familiar with the format, startups get five minutes—and five minutes only, to pitch their company. That pitch is followed by a five

Please join us on Tuesday, February 2, at the Downtown Dallas Public Library for the latest edition of Dallas New Tech! Also known as #BigDNT, this is our opportunity to share some of the greatest tech in the Dallas-Fort Worth

By Marlene Den Bleyker In today’s web environment, creating a form requires a frontend and backend developer. “Web 3.0 is here, and APIs are the connective tissue across the Internet,” according to, LLC CEO Gary Wetzel. To overcome this issue, By Teryn O’Brien “How many of you have moved out of state or to a new city at least once?” asked Edmundo Torquemada, founder of Beecose (Kellerworx, LLC, dba Beecose). Moving to a new place is always difficult, because simple things are By Marlene Den Bleyker Maintaining your home can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, finding service providers and managing them also brings a new set of issues. Pallavi Raj, cofounder of HomeBlis, Inc., laid out the challenges by pointing out that the By Marlene Den Bleyker Heavy lifting without the hernia: There’s an app for that If you have ever gone to one of those big box stores and bought something only to realize it’s not fitting in your car, PICKUP, LLC is for By Teryn O’Brien Imagine this scenario: You come home on a Friday night, and your significant other asks, “What are we going to do tonight?” It’s the dreaded question couples ask across the country, joked Nick Vrana, founder of Take Us

Last night was the final Dallas New Tech of 2015. It's been an incredible year and we can't wait to see everyone again for DNT on Tuesday, January 5th. In the meantime, check out the recap from last night and

Please join us November 3rd, at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in wonderful Downtown Dallas for Dallas New Tech! Also known as #BigDNT, this is our opportunity to share some of the greatest tech in the Dallas/Fort Work area

Last night we took over the Downtown Public Library again for this month's installment of Dallas New Tech. We heard from six startups from myriad industries including health tech, crowdfunding, tourism, and home security. The presenting startups were: Kwest Obaa Kickbox SensorSphere NachoBirthday MD Portal We'll be back

Join Launch DFW on Tuesday, October 6th for Dallas New Tech! You know the drill: once a month we put together a showcase event for new and exciting companies and technologies. After some time to mix and mingle, a small group of startups will present

Last night marked the return of Dallas New Tech after a brief summer hiatus—and the first DNT hosted by Launch DFW’s new leader, Michael Sitarzewski. The event took place at the Dallas Public Library’s Central branch downtown. Yes, we drank

If you’re coming to downtown Dallas, these are the best options for getting here: Walk. If you’re already Downtown, or are coming from Uptown, The Cedars, Deep Ellum, or any of the 15 districts that make up Downtown Dallas, walking is the

While summer doesn't officially begin until the 21st, we all know that the summer season here in DFW is well underway.  As such, Launch will be taking a summer break from Dallas New Tech for July and August (that means no DNT

A huge thank you to all those who came out Tuesday night for Dallas New Tech. We are so grateful to our supporters and sponsors. And now

We get excited when our readers reach out to us to ask how they can get plugged into the community. Some of you reach out about job opportunities and networking. Then, there are those of you who are big community

So just in case that headline didn't provide enough information for you, I repeat: May's Edition of Dallas New Tech will take place on Tuesday, May 12. Apparently people like to throw events on Cinco de Mayo, who knew? Unfortunately,

We can't thank our community enough for their attendance and participation in April's Dallas New Tech, our monthly showcase event. Our next Dallas New Tech event is May 5th at Trinity Groves — you can get your tickets by clicking here.  Now,

We hope you were able to make it out to last night's Dallas New Tech. We packed the 8th floor gallery at Alto 211, hosted by Fort Work, and were so excited to see all of the new faces there. You'll

We hope you've had time to recuperate from 2014 -- get ready to start this year off right! Next week we have several events for the community planned, and we hope you're able to join us! DALLAS NEW TECH Dallas New Tech will be

No doubt, the last Dallas New Tech was an absolute blast -- you can  check out pictures from the event on our Facebook page. Thanks again to Joseph Brewster for capturing the evening so well! We're looking forward to everything that's in

Last night's Dallas New Tech was completely brilliant, you guys, and it's all because of YOU. Our Holiday Dallas New Tech hosted 200 North Texas startup enthusiasts at Lofty Spaces (where the first Dallas New Tech was held), and boy, did

We hope you've registered for next week's Dallas New Tech! It's a holiday affair, and LAUNCH DFW is celebrating with an Ugly Sweater contest, a great group of presenters, and through giving back to those less fortunate. Next week, when you

If you haven't registered for Dallas New Tech tickets yet -- well, you should. It's going to be a huge event, and we're more than giddy about the evening that we have set up for our North Texas startup family. But

Hopefully you were able to make it out to last month's Dallas New Tech, where we celebrated ONE YEAR of showcasing the amazing talent in our North Texas community. And for December, we're having a special #BigDNT to celebrate the holidays!

Hey there, LAUNCH DFW fans! We're SUPER stoked about next week's Dallas New Tech and really can't contain the excitement, so we figured a selfie contest was in order.  In the next week, we'll be picking the most creative selfie posted on

We're celebrating ONE YEAR of Dallas New Tech at City Hall on November 4th, and we'd love to spend that evening with YOU. You can still get Early Bird ticket pricing until TOMORROW -- get those tickets here. We're going to have

One year ago, Michael Sitarzewski brought the concept of the New Tech event to LAUNCH DFW. Dallas' own "Shark Tank" has grown since then, from about 80 attendees to nearly 300 startup enthusiasts -- but still keeping the same program structure. Every first Tuesday,

We are just plain GIDDY about the upcoming Dallas New Tech coming up in just three weeks -- not only do we have some amazing presenters for you this month (as always), but we'll be at a new venue! Join us

Last night's Dallas New Tech was yet another opportunity for the North Texas community to connect and learn about the hottest new technologies emerging from local startups and entrepreneurs. A huge THANK YOU goes out to our sponsors and supporters,

Last month's Dallas New Tech was a massive success -- we sold out the event with around 150 in attendance, and heard from some awesome presenters. We hope you'll be able to join us on September 2, because this one

Was it just me? Did this week just fly by? Maybe it's just that there are so many fantastic things going on, I often forget which day it is. FIRST, a huge shout out to everyone who showed up last night

GOLLY, what a week. There are some pretty great things going on here at LAUNCH DFW and in the North Texas area. ICYMI: We announced the presenters for the August Dallas New Tech, and are really excited to hear from all of them.

We are SO EXCITED about the upcoming Dallas New Tech after our two month hiatus. We have an amazing team of people working to make the event bigger and better than ever, and the presenters this time around are pretty impressive. To give

We know everyone's been hustling this summer and staying busy. Well, start planning now, because we're kicking off the next Dallas New Tech at the DEC on August 5th! We're expecting record attendance this time, along with some seriously awesome presenters! We're

Are y'all ready for tomorrow's Dallas New Tech? We sure hope so, because it's promising to be pretty awesome, thanks to our presenters and sponsors. You can still RSVP here, and remember - IT'S FREE! Here are the companies that we'll be

Hopefully y'all are as excited as we are for tomorrow's Dallas New Tech! We already have over 120 attendees so this will be the biggest BigDNT yet! If you don't have your ticket yet, be sure to register ASAP! Here are this

In case you haven't noticed, we're on a bit of a FREE spree here at LAUNCH DFW. Last week, we made all job postings 100% free (go post one!). In case you haven't already noticed, we've also made tickets to April