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Early last month, David Cherrie, cofounder at Workplace Arcade, stopped in to Dallas New Tech to talk about his company and why he is working to change how people think about employee engagement.  Workplace Arcade guarantees retailers an uptick in sales,

PediaQ, the leader in on-demand nursing triage and pediatric house calls, is pleased to announce another successful round of funding with $4.5 million raised for its application platform. Along with the increase in funding PediaQ is also announcing the

Tech.Co introduced their Top 50 Startups that are competing at Innovate! and Celebrate 2016 that is taking place in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose from September 20-22.  There are four teams that made it from Texas, and all are

PediaQ is the on demand pediatric urgent care service that bills itself as the Pediatric House Call. They are changing the face of pediatric medicine by making it more accessible for all.  In June it was announced that PediaQ had

Austin once was the city that was synonymous with Texas start up, but the city has been chipping away at that designation, creating more opportunity for Dallas to step in as the preeminent Texas city.  This week Uber and Lyft entirely shut down their

At our Holiday Dallas New Tech, we had the pleasure of seeing Tiffany Ricks present on the Gurrate app. Gurrate is a mobile app for travelers to sell empty seats in their car share, ride share or taxi, "like, but for travelers

Austin-based delivery app startup, Favor, announced their launch in Dallas earlier this week. "We launched last summer in Austin, and things have been moving super fast -- we have over 400 runners now that serve the Austin area, and are so