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Jackpot Rising is slowly emerging from years of development, and if things go according to plan (oh, and they are), they’ll be the first to leverage a massive opportunity in the gaming industry. William Webb watched the whirlwind of legal activity

In today's society, social media is a powerhouse and includes a vast majority of apps to post and view news and social posts. While some post on only a few apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Instagram, others utilize all

Tapbots is the Flower Mound, Texas organization that is behind Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for macOS, the award-winning Twitter client that is a top Apple App Store download.  Unlike apps that are designed to be utilized across platforms, Tweetbot is designed

Recently at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), CEO Tim Cook presented where the company is headed and announced two new apps - the HealthKit and HomeKit. (The entire video is on YouTube, in case you missed it.) Most tech entrepreneurs,

Steve Wozniak, Silicon Valley hero and computing industry champion, will be in Texas this August. Wozniak founded Apple Computer Inc. with Steve Jobs in 1976, and his Apple II computer helped to launch the personal computer industry. He has also been engaged in

In what seems to be a once in a millennium occurrence, the LAUNCH DFW newsroom has just been tipped off to a merger between Apple and Google*.  Earlier this morning, at 6:34 a.m. CST, a call came in from Silicon

iChair is the creation of Vindi Sedey, who saw a market for an advanced stand + case for Apple devices. The iChair design was inspired by the passion that Apple consumers have for their devices, keeping simplicity and functionality in

Have an app that you want to publish in the Apple App Store that has the same name as another [trademarked] app? Go ahead, Apple approves. At least that appears to be the situation today with a new app called Shop