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For most people who live inside a gated community, you are very familiar with the infamous remote or "clicker you receive when you move in. They are easy to lose, easy to break, but you have to have it if

In a time when our lives appear to be consumed by all things digital and social media, Denton startup Upventur is on track to shift the status quo with a pretty cool announcement today -  the completion of its acquisition and

Rank One Sport, a Dallas-based software company and leader in sports team management applications for K-12 athletic directors, certified athletic trainers (ATCs) and coaches, has announced the launch of Rank One Health, an app designed to help standardize student-athlete injury

Three years ago, Ruben Izmailyan was in a very different place in life. He had just moved to Dallas with his wife for her job, and the day after they landed in town he began class at a local coding

When it comes to taking action in the wake of recent school shootings across the country, UT Dallas student and Founder/President Ashlesha Nesarikar is putting her money where her mouth is. One of two recent winners of Richardson’s recent U.S.

Fanpage, a Dallas-based startup, whose app allows users to create fanpages and connect with others based on compatibility, has raised $3 million in cash and media promotion and partnered with radio heavyweights Townsquare and iHeartMedia. After months of user testing and is a free application available through both Google Play for Android and iTunes for Apple devices and gives users the power to solicit the help required in case of an arrest situation. Whether the user needs to contact a

In October 2016, AsepsisLife announced that their first product, vImmune was one of 15 applications selected to join FbStart. vImmune has been taking significant strides to become a global product that will help track immunization for healthcare professional and families

If you've ever worked in an office building, you've probably noticed and felt the separation between your company and other companies. Office buildings can house anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of employees. But how many of us have worked

Local developer, Blake Harris, has introduced an app that allows anyone to run their own ad agency from the convenience of their phone.  The game, Advertising Agency, is a fun simulation game that creates the experience of being an ad

Soccer is well-loved around the world, and the team behind F.C. Link is looking to help managers and coaches work better by offering a free team management app designed specifically for the sport.  Designed by former players and coaches who

Mark Cuban, Dallas' favorite investor, has made another huge investment, this time in a company from outside of the Dallas ecosystem.  Paul Sawers writes that Apptopia raised $2.7 million from Cuban, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary's Sound Ventures' project, 500

If you're a soccer fan, then you'll already be waiting for Major League Soccer's 2016 MLS Cup that will take place on Saturday, December 10th. What you might not know about is a branch of the MLS called MLS Works, which is

Epic Orchestra. Hopefully you have some hours to put aside today, because you have an orchestra to lead. Epic Orchestra was developed by Nick Culbertson at NōD Coworking in North Dallas. The app is a swipe-based rhythm game, where you're conducting an orchestra.

In today's society, social media is a powerhouse and includes a vast majority of apps to post and view news and social posts. While some post on only a few apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, or Instagram, others utilize all

Every neighborhood has that one location that seems to house a new restaurant every six months. It could have great service and a delectable menu, but for one reason or another no one can seem to make it work. If

At last week's Dallas New Tech, Cristiano Oliviera, the CEO of, presented. Oliviera opened by explaining that his company solves the problem that is the #1 cause of distress for 75% of adults in America: money. For the millions of adults living

The Frisco-based company Touch Titans just launched their new app that uses the iPhone camera to gamify fitness. Gamification applies game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Typically, it incorporates the user's desire to achieve success, in order

PediaQ, the leader in on-demand nursing triage and pediatric house calls, is pleased to announce another successful round of funding with $4.5 million raised for its application platform. Along with the increase in funding PediaQ is also announcing the

This month, a new social app has hit the iMessage app store that will take a picture of a friend’s reaction to weird or funny clips and send it back to the creator. AwSnap! was created by Dallas-locals Ryan

William Cervin presented at Dallas New Tech this month on Tantrum Street, a startup he founded with the goal of becoming the world's first personalized item-level transaction data marketplace. He explained that we are in an era of convergence, with the whole world essentially following each

Ruben Izmailyan presented at Dallas New Tech this month on Budgit. Budgit is a new personal finance service that helps user organize their finances and savings better, by getting information directly from the bank instead of from the internet. Ruben is the founder of

There was once a time when kids would go around their neighborhoods and offer to mow lawns for a few bucks. In recent years, these opportunities have dwindled, or altogether disappeared. Scott Bennett, founder and CEO of Skratch, saw a

At this past week's Dallas New Tech, a monthly showcase event for new companies and technologies, Cole Oliver presented over his company, CHDR financial (pronounced "cheddar"). He explained their three fundamentals: The CHDR app Saving with friends The savings radar As the founder and

GeekWire, a national technology news site recently posted an article about a Dallas-based startup called Starliink, that launched their exciting new iOS app on Thursday. The app allows users to speak with celebrities, athletes, and favorite influencers - for a price. The app

This is not a joke: What does a former truffle chef turned coleslaw master, a LinkedIn for patients coupled with a algorithm, and a “Medium” for video have in common? You might wonder if you missed a headline in

The Intuit Development team just announced on their blog which teams would be competing for $100,000 at the QuickBooks Connect 2016 event in San Jose, California. On October 24th, ten different teams will be competing on stage at Intuit's Small

Remember back in the day when you sat in school, ate at the mom-and-pop shop in town (whatever mom-and-pop shop opened that year), and made friends at school with the same people who lived nearby? Remember the days… Those days aren’t

Recently, Swych announced in a press release that they will be presenting their popular mobile app, and a sneak peek of their new GiftBot platform at FinovateFall 2016 in September. Swych was co-founded by entrepreneurs Deepak Jain, and Robert Sabella. They presented

Sprinkl, the Dallas-based SXSW finalist is excited to announce that they raised $1.3 million in cash and credit from investor Ian Woodward-Smith.  This IoT company uses cloud connectivity to improve water conservation when controlling your yard sprinkler system. The irrigation and

Tapbots is the Flower Mound, Texas organization that is behind Tweetbot for iOS and Tweetbot for macOS, the award-winning Twitter client that is a top Apple App Store download.  Unlike apps that are designed to be utilized across platforms, Tweetbot is designed

ValueBet is a new company that seeks to help users make consistent value bets helping to ensure long-term betting success.  ValueBet and its app are not actual gambling websites, no bets are placed through them. They do not accept any type of

The founder of vImmune (who we have featured before), Ashutosh Prasad, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday Evening. Looking to be the world’s best immunization management tool available, it launched in June of 2016. While most medical apps are

Zach Weismann co-founder of Cancer-Q, pitched at Dallas New Tech on Tuesday the 6th. Weismann aims to simplify the research process of those going through cancer and their loved ones. For those diagnosed with cancer, the internet can have a wealth

Merrick Porcheddu is the CEO of Create Gate, launched in Dallas in May of this year. Porcheddu came to pitch at Dallas New Tech, hosted by the J Erik Jonsson Central Library, Tuesday evening. First to pitch, Porcheddu set the

TangoTab's mission is simple - every time you eat, they eat. Anyone with a smart phone can download their app for free, and search for a restaurant. Once one has been chosen, simply click "Count Me In" on the app when you arrive, and

We see what you did there, 1 Million Cups Organizers… Mobile. Definition: (1) Able to move or be moved freely or easily. (2) Of or relating to cellular phones, handheld computers, and similar technology. (Thank you, Google.) The community experienced

PediaQ is the on demand pediatric urgent care service that bills itself as the Pediatric House Call. They are changing the face of pediatric medicine by making it more accessible for all.  In June it was announced that PediaQ had

Fax machines and paperwork seem like such a relic for so many people these days thanks to the internet, tablets and  mobile phones. But, when it comes to health records however, things have largely been less than transformed. It's no

Mroads is the brainchild of Prakash Nallagatla, Rahul Kukreti, and Manohar Kesireddy. They came together to create Paññã, the worlds first A.I. platform or hiring technical employees.  Graduates from the University of Texas at Dallas' graduate school, the trio recognized the pain

Paul Roncal is the Marketing Manager for XClaim Mobile, a Dallas startup that focuses on helping large companies extend the life of their digital ads by 25 times. Paul spoke last week at Dallas New Tech. He was standing in for Founder and CEO Brian Maupin, who was

Xclaim is led by Brian Maupin, who serves as CEO, and Joshua Ellinger, who serves as CTO. Xclaim delivers one-click integration of location-based advertising and push notifications into existing ad campaigns. Their solution is able to reach both prospects and customers

Pecan Lodge, where the BBQ pit burns 24 hours a day. This Wednesday, the Pecan Lodge will be on UberEats' menu. UberEats is an on-demand delivery service, offering a list of lunch items available from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. through their Instant Delivery Menu. The

Roberto Inetti is a Dallas-based professional photographer turned developer. Inetti is introducing Statimgram, a program that allows the scheduling of Instagram photos.  The idea of Statimgram came while Inetti was working on another project of his,, an online community for

Given the many ways technology has influenced our consciousness, we tend to have shorter attention spans and higher expectations of entertainment. Tech normally keeps up pretty well, but the change has affected how effective advertiser's campaigns are. In short, brands have to do

An attack from the skies, a paralyzed population, massive robots attacking Dallas, Chicago, and San Francisco; Department of Defense drones zooming over and between buildings to fight robots and neutralize a mothership! Along the way, secrets are revealed about the

PediaQ is hoping to change the face of pediatric medicine, by offering on-demand urgent care to parents through a mobile app platform. With insurance companies embracing the services provided by PediaQ, parents only pay their Urgent Care co-pay plus an additional $25

Artificial intelligence is coming, and in Dallas, her name is Ashley would like to help you set your appointments.  Ashley is your personal scheduling assistant, and she makes it possible for you to never have to schedule meetings again. All

The Discovery Channel is rolling out a brand new feature for Shark Week. The network’s annual ratings extravaganza, which returns on Sunday, June 26, will be complemented by an immersive augmented reality experience. What goes through your mind when you

REVETCH is the Dallas-based seed fund and venture accelerator that has just announced their 2016 Cohort. The founders of REVTECH have made it their goal to make Dallas the center of the universe, when it comes to retail technology innovation. Through a

The development of a child is greatly important to a parent, especially a new parent living in today’s society of mobile technology and apps. Information that was only available at a learning facility or library 20 years ago, is widely

Former Dallas New Tech presenter and Craigslist alternative 5Miles has raised $30 million from Dallas and Chinese investors. The news comes on the heels of $330 million in recent exits, solidifying the strength of the Dallas-Fort Worth startup economy. "The app

Dallas, TX (January 4th, 2016)​­—Vinli, Inc., a connected car platform, today announced the beginning of the end of the fragmentation between competing connected home and connected car systems. Built on the Vinli platform, Vinli Home Connect brings compatible connected home

The tech scene has a momentum behind it here in the North Texas area, and we're excited to see the variety of services and products that are out there. New to the scene is Blownaway -- a mobile app that acts