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Most startups know that sometimes the great idea you start out with in the beginning of building a business isn’t quite the same one that you end with. Iteration is the name of the game, which often times results in

DriveAds is changing the world of outdoor advertising. By turning personal vehicles into mobile billboards, DriveAds ensures those on the road see the ad at every mile, and provide a potential source of extra income for the everyday driver.  This Dallas-based

Paul Roncal is the Marketing Manager for XClaim Mobile, a Dallas startup that focuses on helping large companies extend the life of their digital ads by 25 times. Paul spoke last week at Dallas New Tech. He was standing in for Founder and CEO Brian Maupin, who was

As we sit down to coffee at Oak Lawn Avenue’s newest addition in the Design District, Ascension Coffee, I can’t help but study Peter’s unique style of hair and dress.  His bleach blonde hair drapes off to the right side