ContainerizeThis 2016 Conference: Friday September 30 to Saturday, October 1, 2016
ContainterizeThis 2016 aims to bring a software technology conference to the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas that is free to all attendees. With all the major technology companies having some presence in this area, coupled with an active technology startup community, there’s more than enough interest to support a technology conference like ContainterizeThis.

Conference content will be drawn from the three hottest segments of computing – software containers/containerization, devops and big data. So expected attendees will include developers, devops, system administrators, data analyst, data scientists, solution architects and C-level executives.

Please use the following hashtags when twitting about the conference! #containerizethis, #containers, #devops, #bigdata Read more here. On Twitter at @ContainerizeT

The Bridge Alliance
We believe that innovation is greatest when not kept in a vacuum. The startup ecosystem and academia research needs to be exposed to the greatest asset that North Texas claims, our corporate businesses. With over 20 Fortune 500 companies in North Texas and over 50 Fortune 500 companies in Texas, the Bridge Alliance brings Open Innovation as-a Service for innovation and invention. Read more here.

Hack DFW
HackDFW is the design-thinking hackathon of Dallas, and the world’s largest student hackathon. With over 2,000 attendees in 2016, next year looks to be bigger than ever. It is a place where you can be part of the nebulous, wondrous, awe-inspiring, frustrating-yet-glorious process of creating. A place where ideas aren’t limited by fear or doubt, just 24 hours. Read more here