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From the Streets to Fitness Company CEO

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By Marlene Den Bleyker In 2004, Ade Hazley spent his Christmas selling drugs. Looking around at his situation, it dawned on him that he had a pocket full of money, and two options ahead, die or dream. Hazley, said, “I chose to be positive.” Driving straight to Target his dream evolved as he stood in the organizational section and bought supplies to begin his new life as a fitness trainer….

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Will it fit? Size Up Furniture Before Moving it In

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by Marlene Den Bleyker If you have ever moved into a new apartment or condo only to realize the challenges of fitting your furniture into the space, Roomored is here to help. The company creates interactive 3D models of interior spaces currently serving the multi-family rental and condo communities. Farrukuh Malik, founder of the company said that the company vision is to bring this concept to the home buyer in…


From Ignite DFW III: The Magic of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Interdependence

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by Taryn O’Brien Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro can expose the darkest places of the human heart, according to Amber Curry Gracia, Founder and Principal of Cinco Strategy Group. She grew up with an uncompromising sense of independence and learned to be quite ambitious. “I liked to climb everything,” she explained. “Grit, determination, and uncompromising independence—these are the values I hold dear.” Gracia met her husband, Rene, who accepted Amber’s “own brand…

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Dallas New Tech February Post-Show Recap

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Dallas New Tech (DNT) is a monthly showcase of emerging startups across the DFW metroplex. If you aren’t familiar with the format, startups get five minutes—and five minutes only, to pitch their company. That pitch is followed by a five minute Q&A from the audience. DNT is also a great time to hear about other events and news taking place throughout the community. One of the things that should be…


Building forms for today’s web experience

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By Marlene Den Bleyker In today’s web environment, creating a form requires a frontend and backend developer. “Web 3.0 is here, and APIs are the connective tissue across the Internet,” according to Form.io, LLC CEO Gary Wetzel. To overcome this issue, Form.io offers an API platform for interactive web forms for developers. Wetzel said this is the number one choice for peer-to-peer services, so the company develops forms that work…


Helping people sell their services with Beecose

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By Teryn O’Brien “How many of you have moved out of state or to a new city at least once?” asked Edmundo Torquemada, founder of Beecose (Kellerworx, LLC, dba Beecose). Moving to a new place is always difficult, because simple things are unknown. And getting to know a city and one’s neighbors can be hard. So what can make it easier? Community. Beecose’s goal is to empower normal, everyday people…


One-stop shopping, scheduling and paying for home services

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By Marlene Den Bleyker Maintaining your home can be time consuming and expensive. Additionally, finding service providers and managing them also brings a new set of issues. Pallavi Raj, cofounder of HomeBlis, Inc., laid out the challenges by pointing out that the average homeowner needs four to six service providers with an average cost of $500 to $700 per month. Raj also stressed the amount of time needed each month…


Heavy lifting without the hernia: There’s an app for that

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By Marlene Den Bleyker Heavy lifting without the hernia: There’s an app for that If you have ever gone to one of those big box stores and bought something only to realize it’s not fitting in your car, PICKUP, LLC is for you. Think of it as the UBER of home delivery. “We are an app-powered service company that helps customers get bulky items from point A to point B…


Turning date-night into a no-brainer

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By Teryn O’Brien Imagine this scenario: You come home on a Friday night, and your significant other asks, “What are we going to do tonight?” It’s the dreaded question couples ask across the country, joked Nick Vrana, founder of Take Us Out (TUO). “That question is awful.” TUO is an app aimed at solving the dilemma couples face of not being able to think of anything to do for date…


3 TED Talks You Need to Hear

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TED is a wealth of knowledge, information, insight, and inspiration for one’s professional life. Their website currently boasts nearly 300 talks on business—not including business-related topics like marketing, leadership, and design. In startupland it can be easy to focus primarily on funding and product development. But what about all of the other things that make a business successful like your team and how you manage or motivate them? At what…