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Dallas Startup Week

Jason Bunnell had the opportunity to check out Dallas Start Up Week's Game Day.  Part of the Video Game track, Game Day offered the opportunity for participants to check out games and gaming technology that is being demoed.  Of the many

In the beginning, there were startups. Then there were startups that sprang up to help other people with ideas build better startups. By the way, many people think the word, "startup" describes only IT businesses, but actually, a startup can be

The internet and social media in particular have made going where eyeballs are, AKA advertising, accessible to many people without big marketing budgets. And that's a good thing, but the pay-per-click Facebook advertiser faces the same old problems as huge corporate Startup entrepreneurs often find themselves up to their knees in tricky decisions about how to give their idea legs and make it a reality. Luckily, there is a North Star to follow that will make all those questions a lot easier to Virtual reality is one of those areas that has always inspired fantasies of the fantastic things technology might enable us to do. Perhaps one day, literally any experience could be lived out through advancements in technology. While the actual technology available has

Dallas Startup Week included an impressive presentation that addressed the financial side of operations, as shared by Gary Wetzel, CEO and cofounder of, which focuses on engineering serverless data management workflow. In his section of the event, Wetzel outlined things to aim for, as

Among the presentations during Dallas Startup Week, one that took place was a seminar that focused on how to build solid client foundations. The presentation was given by Fred Felcher, co-owner of the Marcole Design Group, a software development consulting firm. Felcher provided

The first segment on Thursday during the Dallas Startup Week event was a breakfast session in the monthly Pulse series of presentations, with featured speaker Homero Rivas, MD, MBA, director of Innovative Surgery and assistant professor of Surgery at Stanford

One of the many presentations available to attendees during Dallas Startup Week was one that focused on the current state of developing for the Internet of Things (IoT). Hosted by Adrian Fernandez, microcontroller development experience manager at Texas Instruments, the segment addressed

During Dallas Startup Week, Brandon E.B. Ward, creative director for Precocity, LLC, shared a presentation on how to make good selections when hiring user experience (UX) designers. Among the topics covered were what sorts of questions to ask, what sorts of Dallas Startup Week held a panel discussion about Life After Series A for healthcare startups. A Series A is considered a company's first significant round of venture capital financing. Dr. Jonathan Clarke, CEO of Mend, moderated the panel that included Paul Herchman, Blogging is about content, but the new trend is video. At Dallas Startup Week, a panel of YouTube/Vloggers in the fashion and entertainment industries came together to discuss the trend for fashion video and getting their brand message out. The panel What if you could replace a wall of text with a simple diagram that takes five seconds to understand? Or turn a massive and confusing dataset into a neat visual representation of past, current and future trends? Stephen P. Anderson, Anyone who knows a gamer can tell you that their itch to play on a daily basis, sometimes for hours on end, borders on a legitimate addiction. Now diverse businesses and organizations looking to increase customer engagement are trying to give their The interactive voice-recognition systems most of us are used to are potentially convenient for tasks like paying bills on the go or getting an operator on the line. But most are nothing to write home about, and some even find

A session of House of Genius formed one of the many presentations during Dallas Startup Week, bringing together innovators from diverse business areas. The format of House of Genius is an invitational discussion group intended to address problems from established startups

Among the various presentations that took place during Dallas Startup Week, the Secrets of Health System Innovation panel offered information from a range of contributing speakers of diverse medical backgrounds. The list of panelists included Shawn Lovelady, Sr., director of strategic development

During a Dallas Startup Week event, Ryan Roberts gave a presentation on Common Seed and Venture Capital Deal Terms that intended to help sort through raising capital, with a particular focus on what that situation is like in Dallas. A self-described During Dallas Startup Week 2016, panel moderator Laura Miller, head of small business of Chase Commerce Solutions at JPMorgan Chase, began by saying that the goal of the panel was to demystify the credit process and enable entrepreneurs to use credit During Dallas Startup Week 2016, Kevin Kirkpatrick led a panel that discussed marketing through games and games for marketing. Essentially, the gamification of marketing. The panel consisted of four entrepreneurs of Dallas startups, who spoke about using a game platform to Dallas Startup Week 2016 kicked off with a panel of guests who were there to welcome and motivate attendees. The key message was to navigate the event and learn all you can about being an entrepreneur and tapping into the

Once in a blue moon, a conference or festival will have a unifying phenomenon emerge from the event where practitioner and executive alike can, without any introduction, can strike up an instant conversation about a topic. Throughout all of the hectic

With so many events taking place across the metroplex, it can be tough to determine what events are right or most convenient for you. We’ve pulled out some of the major startup events taking place across the North Texas region

Dallas is getting ready for its second annual startup week, with this year’s event expected to draw some 6,000 attendees, almost twice as many as last year’s edition. Taking place from April 12-16 in downtown Dallas, we’re looking forward to

Dallas' startup scene is getting bigger by the day, and there are few better measures of success than the number of get-together's taking place in the city, which are increasing with every year. This week, for example, there's an exciting developer

Please join us April 12 at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library in wonderful Downtown Dallas for Dallas New Tech! Also known as #BigDNT, this is our opportunity to share some of the greatest tech in the Dallas/Fort Work area

Dallas Startup Week has been the first ever five day celebration dedicated to our startup community. Tech companies, corporations, hackers, marketers, and entrepreneurs have been downtown these past few days, learning about and connecting over the can-do spirit that makes Dallas

Dallas Startup Week has managed to draw large crowds despite the stubborn weather. With more than 100 events taking place in over a dozen industry tracks, startup veterans and newbies alike filled downtown offices and coworking spaces to take part

Our startup community is absolutely thriving, and I don't know about YOU GUYS, but with Dallas Startup Week just days away, we're going to see even more energy and momentum -- just hang on for the ride. We're super thrilled to

Celebrate International Women's Day and Women's History Month at the Grove, starting in March. The Grove will be "leading local efforts this year to highlight social change driven women entrepreneurs within the North Texas region," according to a recent release. The West

Next week is Dallas Startup Week, and the schedule is just FULL of awesome events. Including City Fair, which will be a 4 hour event on Thursday, March 5 of Dallas Startup Week. What is City Fair? "It's your chance to tell everyone

In just a couple of weeks, RealTech and Dallas Startup Week are joining forces. We're sure you've seen the banners downtown and tweets online -- March 2-6 is Dallas Startup Week. RealTech will be at Common Desk that Monday to kick off the real