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Build Better Apps with UI Magnets

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The app design process is now a hell of a lot easier, thanks to the latest product from Velocis. UI Magnets are a brilliant and simple way of “capturing your app design ideas and working through the early ideation process,” and are now available for purchase! Creative Director Ray Hernandez has worked for years with clients on design development, and ran into the same frustration frequently during that process. “We’re…


Snappit: Capturing the events and moments that matter

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If you’ve ever hosted an event, you know how difficult it can be to collect photos from your special occasions. Or if you’re attending an event, discovering that you’re required to use a hashtag customized for the occasion, and finding ways to share those memories and images privately can be a massive headache. Tinh Nguyen was especially aware of this frustration — he saw the issue arise at weddings, specifically, when attendees…


Kickstart Monday: Family playtime, no matter where you are, with Kinskii

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In 1960, only 20% of American children grew up with a mother who worked. Today 70% of children have both parents employed. Globalization has also taken a lot of these work hours to different cities, states and even countries. So what does that mean if you’re a traveling parent with a young child? More and more parents today are missing out on the play connection with their kiddo. Currently, parents…

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Kids in Touch — Training Wheels for Texting

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Kids in Touch, a “training wheels for texting” app, announced their launch in the app store today. Kids in Touch allows children to connect with their friends and family through the app, “while giving their parents the tools necessary to protect and teach them appropriate online behavior.” Justin Noel, CEO for Kids in Touch, created the app out of a need that he encountered in his own family. “We saw our kids having…

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Meet Vidpow, a thriving Dallas startup that focuses on web video

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There are no two ways about it. Online video is huge. Netflix and Youtube alone are responsible for half of all internet traffic. These sites, plus a list of other video streaming services–like UStream, Vimeo and Hulu–have replaced TV altogether, for many people. It’s also hard not to notice social sites like Facebook and Instagram becoming increasingly full of those moving pictures. (The number of cat videos alone is staggering.)…

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Foremost: an Interview Series and New Clothing Line, from the Creators of Need

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Just yesterday, we published our interview with Matt Alexander, founder and CEO of Need, and his recent accomplishments here in Dallas. We’re excited to hear about the newest project from the Need team: Foremost. Foremost is a small-batch, Dallas-made clothing brand and interview series, and will release its first collection on February 11. “Combining high-quality clothing with top notch story-telling, Foremost will deliver an air of dignity, exclusivity, and character to an industry increasingly…


Dallas startup Glass Media launches in over 30 locations across the metroplex

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If you missed Glass Media at our Holiday Dallas New Tech, not to worry — you’re going to see them around town. This month their technology will launch in over 30 locations around Dallas. Glass Media is an on-demand, dynamic projection and display technology, using an “SaaS platform that transforms storefront glass into an advertising/marketing medium empowering businesses to advertise WHAT, WHEN and WHERE they want.” Their new pilot program was…


Navvie: “Closing gaps in the new curriculum standards” in Texas

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In August of last year, I had the opportunity to talk with Jena Draper, founder of Navvie, a local EdTech startup. Navvie is an educational content platform, “bringing schools and consumers an on-demand learning solution.” Today, Navvie announced the official launch of their platform, along with an agreement with content provider Words & Numbers Inc., “to bring high-quality education to schools and learners through a premium content marketplace.” If you’re not familiar with curriculum…

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Kickstart Monday: Custom Apps Made Easy with Appr

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Earlier this year, Flurry Analytics released a report on mobile app usage since 2013, noting that, of the time spent on a mobile device, 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time was spent on apps. “The data tells a clear story that apps, which were considered a mere fad a few years ago, are completely dominating mobile, and the browser has become a single application swimming in a sea of apps,” states…


Startup Profile: Javadrop, Connecting Singles through Coffee

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There are a good number of dating apps out there, and if you’re single and looking it can be quite overwhelming. College roommates, Andrew Weatherby and Sean Caldwell, knew they’d always wanted to work together on some kind of business, and saw the need for a dating app that encouraged users to actually meet in person. “There’s too much of a game behind Tinder, and with platforms like Match, you’re…