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No more ramen noodles: FiveOH! finds food for $5 or less

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Many of us still walk through the grocery store and smile with nostalgia when we come across that giant box of ramen instant noodles. How could we not? It was always available, easily prepared, and cost next to nothing. But doesn’t today’s college student deserve better? Shail Bhatt and Ali Mirza, co-founders of FiveOH! certainly think so. FiveOH! is a free mobile app that helps college students find an alternative to ramen…


Points on Paper: Transform Jumbled Thoughts Into Concise Points

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For anyone who has fumbled their way through an awkward pitch (and for those of us who have been subject to such train wrecks), Points on Paper is a lifesaver. Points on Paper is a Dallas startup designed to help people find their purpose in what they communicate. The Points on Paper method focuses on the fundamentals of effective communication and begins by asking three targeted questions: Who is your audience? What do you do? What…

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Kickstart Monday: Oduga, Toys That Grow With Baby

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Ask any parent and they’ll tell you, “kids grow up so fast.” Even looking at my niece, it’s hard for me to believe she’ll be three this summer. I could have sworn it was last year that she was this tiny baby instead of the curious (and highly opinionated) toddler she is today. Because children learn and grow at such tremendous speed during the early years of life, parents spend hundreds, if…


The New Social Network for Realtors: HipPocket

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Realtors pay attention to this one! HipPocket, the private social network for licensed realtors launches next month. That’s right, no more scouting the web, calling and texting everyone you know, standing in Starbucks just hoping someone wants to buy a house. With HipPocket, realtors have the ability to view all pocket listings, list theirs, and orchestrate deals all within the app. HipPocket’s inventors, James Bohan-Pitt and Clay Stapp, crafted the idea based…


HedgeChatter announces its next web platform for finding stock opportunities

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HedgeChatter, Tech Wildcatters alum and local fintech startup, announced yesterday the launch of their next web platform, allowing users access to real-time sentiment analysis of the stock market. “Eight years ago no one believed Twitter would become the driving force of information,” said James Ross, CEO and cofounder of HedgeChatter. “Big Data has taken front and center stage, as reflected with the recent partnership between IBM and Twitter.” “HedgeChatter’s partnership with IBM-Softlayer…


San Diego-based app 2pointb selects Dallas for launch

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San Diego-based startup 2pointb has chosen Dallas as the first launch city for its transportation app. “We’re thrilled to launch in Dallas and show our customers how great app-based transportation can be when done right,” states Josh Komenda, principal and CEO of 2pointb, in a recent public release. “We have fantastic, eager partners in Dallas that support us and our vision.” By partnering with local companies, 2pointb connects app users to their pool of drivers….


Local Startup Tixsee Partners with Dallas Mavericks for a Virtual Shopping Experience

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It’s always exciting to hear when local companies are working together, especially when it comes to our beloved sports teams. The Dallas Mavericks announced recently that they’ll be partnering with Tixsee, a tech company here in Dallas that specializes in development of screen-based products and “immersive virtual environment technologies.” “The initial idea for our application wasn’t necessarily pointed at sports or ticket sales,” says Brett Dowling, Tixsee’s founder and president. “Our…


Startup Profile: Crudefunders

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“Your last name no longer has to be Hunt or Perot to invest in oil,” says Crudefunders CEO David Taylor. “Now, anyone with $1,000 to invest can buy equity in oil and gas.” Crudefunders is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows direct investment in oil well drilling projects. Small, unaccredited investors can invest up to $5,000 into multiple Crudefunders’ projects listed on the general site to gain equity in those…

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Build Better Apps with UI Magnets

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The app design process is now a hell of a lot easier, thanks to the latest product from Velocis. UI Magnets are a brilliant and simple way of “capturing your app design ideas and working through the early ideation process,” and are now available for purchase! Creative Director Ray Hernandez has worked for years with clients on design development, and ran into the same frustration frequently during that process. “We’re…


Snappit: Capturing the events and moments that matter

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If you’ve ever hosted an event, you know how difficult it can be to collect photos from your special occasions. Or if you’re attending an event, discovering that you’re required to use a hashtag customized for the occasion, and finding ways to share those memories and images privately can be a massive headache. Tinh Nguyen was especially aware of this frustration — he saw the issue arise at weddings, specifically, when attendees…