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Game Cart Golf

Catching Up with Game Cart Golf

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Last year, we profiled Game Cart Golf, a modern golf experience designed for players who embrace technology to improve their game, compete with other golfers, and share the results with friends and family. They recently received their patent approval so we caught up with founder, Peter Bastawros to learn more about that experience and what’s next for the startup. Can you talk a little bit about the technology behind Game Cart?  Players…

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PnP Loyalty: built by a marketer for marketers passionate about customers and data

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Marketers have a passion for data. You can’t do marketing properly without it. Evan Brody is a marketer with that passion for data. He is the founder of PnP Loyalty (which stands for Plug-n-Play Loyalty), a company in the 2015 RevTech accelerator class. I had the pleasure of talking with him last week about his company, marketing, loyalty programs, data, and entrepreneurship. Evan sees loyalty programs as an opportunity for…


DineMob helps you dine like a boss

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Hey, Dallas foodies, let me ask you two questions: do you want to try out every best Big D restaurants with an affordable budget? Do you feel excited to go directly into popular restaurants without staying in line for an hour? If you say yes to either of these, well, you need DineMob! DineMob allows you do “dine like a boss” with their platform connecting great restaurant resources to those who enjoy good food. They…

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5miles Brings the Yard Sale to Your Mobile Phone

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We are living in a world where our mobile phone has become our greatest resource. We have the ability to check in on world events, plan our day, and make those last minute changes to our presentation before the big meeting—all before getting out of bed in the morning. We spend a majority of our digital media time on our mobile devices so it’s no surprise that mobile has become more valuable than ever….

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Mend: It’s a modern day house call.

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What do you do when your child falls and gets a really bad gash and needs quick attention? How about when you’re feeling pretty sick and know that you need to see your doctor, but he isn’t available that week? You might try the ER, but you think, “Man, that’s going to be expensive.” This is the kind of emergency care situation that Dr. Jonathan Clarke is trying to solve with his telemedicine…

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Rent it Out with RentBillow

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“When you think about renting, you think about houses, cars, boats…big items. You don’t usually think about renting something in your house. And you should!” That’s how coffee with Anabella Watson, CEO of RentBillow started this past week. She isn’t building just an online peer-to-peer rental business (within 9 months her site has had over 400 signups and she created an iOS app), she is building a community. Let’s start with the peer-to-peer rental story. According to Anabella,…

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Kickstart Monday: Village Initiative Tackles Student Loans Through Crowdfunding

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The Village Initiative is an early-stage startup that will be a community-based crowdfunding platform which allows individuals to become members, tell their stories behind their student loan debt, and allow their own “villages” or network, contribute to their campaign. Co-founders Jason Hilliard and Randon Knighten are alumni of University of North Texas and secured student loans to finance their education so the creation of The Village Initiative is very personal. The goal is…


Memory Science Helps Students Learn and Remember What Matters Most

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It’s that time of year when college students all over the country are preparing (or have already completed) final exams. You know the drill: highlighters, 3×5 flash cards, and pages scribbled with notes—the trifecta of testing time, all so that you can retain just enough information to ace the test. The team behind Dallas-based ed-tech startup, Memory Science, believes there’s a better way. Using cognitive and neuroscience methodologies, Memory Science has…

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Imgr Turns Your Text Messages into Custom Branded Content

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With Facebook limiting the visibility of overly promotional posts, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are having to find new ways of low-cost advertising. Imgr is hoping to make this a little easier by leveraging mobile marketing. “Imgr helps companies and individuals build their brand through personal and social interactions by enhancing instant messaging,” said Blake Lind, Founder & CEO of Imgr. Messages can be customized to include special promotions, new product…


Kickstart Monday: Marma, Natural health products inspired by Grandma’s remedies

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Sore throat? Sunburn? Bad cough? Who remembers all of the childhood memories of your grandmother putting together the weirdest ideas to produce a remedy to cure you? Jump forward years later from the playground and as adults we think only what the doctor says or what the medicine bottle states is true to healing us. New Dallas-based startup Marma is believes otherwise: that traditional remedies can work and can be…