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Startup Profile: Crimeseen

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Paul Conrady founder of Crimeseen® provided an impassioned presentation at One Million Cups Fort Worth last Wednesday about fighting crime—from your couch. Crimeseen® is the crime solving social network. Conrady created the company to facilitate communication within communities to fight crime, support the police, and to create safer neighborhoods. Users receive email notifications of crimes and reply to help solve crimes and keep their communities safe. Through this crowd-sourced crime solving approach,…

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Startup Profile: Revitalize Charging Solutions

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Last Wednesday, One Million Cups Fort Worth got a refill from Edward Morgan with Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS), a Fort Worth-based LLC with the mission of to help to create a greener world by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases disseminated into the air by automobiles in America. While that might seem like a tall order, let’s add that they are going to make money by providing a Level 2…

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Startup Profile: Haggle Textbooks

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Two seniors at Texas Christian University (TCU), Mason Tucker and Daniel Younan cofounded Haggle Textbooks, a marketplace where students can buy and sell their textbooks from semester to semester with other students on their own campus. Tucker and Younan came up with the idea around Christmas last year, right after selling their books back to the bookstore for pennies on the dollar. The spark of an idea for solving a…

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At Carvana you buy a car – not play a game

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“Carvana is a customer service business using technology to buy cars. Everything we are doing has the customer in mind.” —Ryan Keeton, Chief Brand Officer, Carvana.  Used car salesmen typically have a horrible reputation. When many of us decide to buy a used car, we’ll go into a dealership worried about being scammed. To offset that, we’ll prepare for the experience in various ways: Compulsively study Consumer Reports-types of websites…


Startup Profile: Dough Boy Donuts

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Melvin Roberson, owner of Dough Boy Donuts, eloquently presented his business case at One Million Cups without slides, glossy brochures, or other visual aids. He did bring donuts. These morsels of goodness transcends the definition of donut. Roberson has created amazing flavor profiles both sweet and savory with non-traditional ingredients. The pistachio donuts with the lime glaze provide a pallet expanding experience. This cake donut with a refreshingly light citrus…


Simplified Genetics: Giving people the key to their personal path to fitness

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When I went to college, there were all these fit people around me with abs and muscles and lean bodies. It made me start to feel self conscious about myself, so I decided to do something about it. I worked out nearly 6 days a week, ate a really strict diet, and followed everything I saw in the magazines or read on forums. And it nearly killed me. I was…


LASH: A Delivery Service with Spirit

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It’s Friday, you’re finally off of work, and you’re exhausted. Maybe you had invited friends over to snack on some food while watching Game of Thrones and having drinks. Or maybe you’d like to relax and have a nice glass of wine with your significant other. Maybe you don’t have a significant other and need something to drown your sorrows (by the way ladies, I’m single). But it’s Friday, you’re…

Game Cart Golf

Catching Up with Game Cart Golf

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Last year, we profiled Game Cart Golf, a modern golf experience designed for players who embrace technology to improve their game, compete with other golfers, and share the results with friends and family. They recently received their patent approval so we caught up with founder, Peter Bastawros to learn more about that experience and what’s next for the startup. Can you talk a little bit about the technology behind Game Cart?  Players…

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PnP Loyalty: built by a marketer for marketers passionate about customers and data

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Marketers have a passion for data. You can’t do marketing properly without it. Evan Brody is a marketer with that passion for data. He is the founder of PnP Loyalty (which stands for Plug-n-Play Loyalty), a company in the 2015 RevTech accelerator class. I had the pleasure of talking with him last week about his company, marketing, loyalty programs, data, and entrepreneurship. Evan sees loyalty programs as an opportunity for…


DineMob helps you dine like a boss

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Hey, Dallas foodies, let me ask you two questions: do you want to try out every best Big D restaurants with an affordable budget? Do you feel excited to go directly into popular restaurants without staying in line for an hour? If you say yes to either of these, well, you need DineMob! DineMob allows you do “dine like a boss” with their platform connecting great restaurant resources to those who enjoy good food. They…