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Yoxxie: The Next Generation of Event Planning

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If you’ve ever planned or volunteered for an event, you have an idea of just how much goes into pulling that kind of thing off. Whether attendance is in the dozens or thousands, a good amount of energy goes into the logistics behind programming the event, keeping things interesting, and, most importantly, engaging your crowd. And now, more than ever, people are paying attention to the data that comes from…


Rise: Launching Better Travel in Dallas

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Think back to the last time that you flew on commercial airlines. It’s not usually something that people, especially those who travel frequently, look back on with fondness. Earlier this year, airline passengers were surveyed about their experience with airline travel and the concerns that they had around flying. When asked about the situations that worried them the most before their flight, the most reported anxieties were around on-time departure, getting…


Online marketplace, Quantifye, is changing how businesses hire consultants

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When you think of management consulting, you probably think of an expensive way to have someone tell you that you’re running your business into the ground. For large corporations with deep pockets, this may not be an issue. For small businesses, the idea of management consulting might be too costly to ever prove valuable. Texas native Shams Juma wants to challenge the traditional consulting model. Juma is the founder and…


SafeNight: Providing Shelter to Victims in Need

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Domestic violence is pervasive in communities across America, affecting hundreds of thousands of women, children, and men each year. Over 1,000 cases are reported from households in Dallas alone each day. Many of the afflicted are given sanctuary through the constant efforts of family violence agencies and similar organizations; however, all too frequently the number of victims exceeds the number of beds available. This is where the team behind SafeNight…


Empowered Messaging with the Amby App

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A little over a year ago, James Fontana’s sister lost her dog. It was a stressful situation, obviously, and she posted on Facebook to try getting the word out. “My sister lives in far north Dallas and no one could help her. Her voice may as well have been silent,” says James. It was that incident that helped to inspire the development of AMBY, an app that James Fontana, Bob…

world class creations

Game Cart: Ushering in the Next Generation of Golf

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The team behind Dallas tech startup, World Class Creations, has been at it for over three years now. This Tuesday, they’ll have the opportunity to show off the impressive technology that they’ve been developing, at the Nancy Lieberman Foundation Celebrity Classic at The Clubs of Prestonwood. That’s right, it’s tech…for golf. “Golf is a traditional sport,” explains Peter Bastawros, founder and CEO of World Class Creations. “The need for modernizing…


Grabbitt: Putting Merch and Information in Your Pocket

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Remember the last time you went to a seriously kickass concert, and you just HAD to get the promotional poster or tshirt, because you wanted some way of holding on to the experience? Remember how long the line was? Or maybe you didn’t have cash. Or you had to take your drunk friend home early. Well, Grabbitt has a solution for that. “Our goal is to strengthen the process for…


Dallas New Tech Success Story: Blownaway

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Talk about a happy ending! Blownaway, Dallas’s premier on-demand beauty app, secured a six-figure investment from the Angels of Texas after presenting at September’s Dallas New Tech event at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC). Since conception, Blownaway’s been downloaded over 1600 times and funneled over 250 orders, the most common being blowouts. The company recently launched spray tans, which are in high demand as the winter months approach. Currently only operating…


Parenteen: Ensuring Safe Teen Drivers Through Tech

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When it comes to teen driving, the statistics can be daunting. Just during the first year of receiving their license, teen drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. In the United States, 1 in 4 crash fatalities involve someone 16 to 24 years old (that’s nearly twice as high as other age groups). Local startup, Mavizon, has created an app to address the increasing…


A Better Way to Play Fantasy Football: Dumpster Fire

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If you haven’t already started a fantasy football league, there’s still a little bit of time left before the draft. And you might consider supporting a local startup by signing up with Dumpster Fire. “We aim to make the fantasy football experience an enjoyable one, and our platform reflects that,” states cofounder and president, Chris Rodriguez. “Having played on multiple fantasy football platforms myself, we’re trying to make Dumpster Fire…