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A Better Way to Play Fantasy Football: Dumpster Fire

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If you haven’t already started a fantasy football league, there’s still a little bit of time left before the draft. And you might consider supporting a local startup by signing up with Dumpster Fire. “We aim to make the fantasy football experience an enjoyable one, and our platform reflects that,” states cofounder and president, Chris Rodriguez. “Having played on multiple fantasy football platforms myself, we’re trying to make Dumpster Fire…


Navvie: The Future of EdTech

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There are a number of new technologies that have emerged in education in the last few years — from sharing artwork with classmates to Google’s new Google Classroom, which helps teachers “create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with their classes,” using Google Drive. Jena Draper is a recent graduate, and had experienced frustration with learning in the academic environment she was in. “Many of our textbooks were…


Mavizon: Driving Dallas Ahead in the Internet of Things

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Recently, Dallas-based company, Mavizon, was recognized by Silicon Valley Bank for their innovations in car technology. Mavizon is selected to attend SVB’s Automotive Innovation – “The Future of the Car” event on July 30. “It’s still kind of the wild west out there, when it comes to car connectivity,” says Joe Tegerdine, Vice President at Mavizon. “There’s not one company that has it all figured out.” Of course, being named one of…


Beauty and Tech: The Blownaway App Launches in Dallas

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The tech scene has a momentum behind it here in the North Texas area, and we’re excited to see the variety of services and products that are out there. New to the scene is Blownaway – a mobile app that acts as your very own “on-demand beauty service.” Blownaway specializes in the blowout. For those not familiar with salon terminology, a “blowout” is a styling service offered, where the client’s…


Risk and Student Entrepreneurship in Dallas

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If there’s one sentiment that’s most commonly associated with entrepreneurship, it’s that we’re more prone to taking risks. And not just the financial kind. But if you ask Southern Methodist University student and DEC member, Luciano Vizza, that risk is really just a perception. “I’ve had many friends ask how I could do something like this. How could I give up my summer,working for no money, starting a business that could…


Recharge at the Bar, with Your Beer and a Ubidock

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How many times have you been at the bar or an event, only to realize that your phone’s battery is about to die? That can certainly put a damper on any plans that you might’ve had. Well, now you won’t need to change your plans – and you can finish that beer (or two) and the game, without worrying about your phone dying. Meet Ubidock, a wire-free phone charging solution…


Grouplet: Student Entrepreneurs Make Group Messaging More Useful

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Alex Fulton and Alec Siems are both seniors at SMU. They recently finished up the “Accelerate Your Startup” course with Trey Bowles this past semester, and are currently working at the Dallas Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) this summer. Both students found the class to be incredibly valuable and challenging. As a computer science major, Siems was able to use what he learned in several classes and apply that directly to building a messaging…


SMU Students Tap into the Dallas Entrepreneur Scene

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Eduardo Leon,  Trent Mervine, and John Echols met at SMU, and the three of them enrolled in the first ever “Accelerate Your Startup” class with Trey Bowles, CEO and co-founder of the DEC, this last semester. Their startup idea was born from their passion for Texas craft beer. They realized the need for a craft beer distributor in the Dallas area, and from there, came up with the idea for Iron Triangle…


Xpire: The App Developed by a College Student, Funded by Mark Cuban

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Now that ALL OF US are online now, it’s becoming crucial to maintain your online presence — to know what information you’re putting out there and just how private that information is. First impressions – especially online impressions – can speak volumes.  Mark Cuban (Dallas entrepreneur and Shark Tank celebrity) is especially passionate about the idea of controlling your digital footprint. When UNT computer science student, Jesse Stauffer, reached out…


Upswing Takes Online Learning to the Next Level

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The need for academic support, especially in the realm of online learning is a prevalent one. Upswing uses innovative technology to not only meet that need, but to adapt to the changing requirements in the realm of academia. Upswing is an “online knowledge-sharing marketplace,” and we’re excited to share their story here! What’s your one sentence elevator pitch?  Upswing is a software company that partners with colleges and universities to improve student retention…