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Jackpot Rising is slowly emerging from years of development, and if things go according to plan (oh, and they are), they’ll be the first to leverage a massive opportunity in the gaming industry. William Webb watched the whirlwind of legal activity

Who is Share Rocket? The company was founded by Chris Kraft in 2013, and was officially launched at NAB (an annual conference for the media industry) in the late spring of 2014. They’ve since been heads down, building the tech

Alyssa Mercer is the co-founder and CPO of Floor Show VR. She recently presented at Dallas New Tech about how Floor Show VR wishes to solve the problem of a lack of mental visualization. "Floor Show VR is a virtual reality based and home

DriveAds is changing the world of outdoor advertising. By turning personal vehicles into mobile billboards, DriveAds ensures those on the road see the ad at every mile, and provide a potential source of extra income for the everyday driver.  This Dallas-based

Shear Share is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind beauty platform that connects barbers and cosmetologists to salons, spas, and barbershops that have open suites and booths.  The McKinney-based service is now available in more than 240 cities, and helps to fill empty

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Nation recently highlighted Social Ice Incorporated, a North Texas company offering wine-infused ice pops.  These adult-friendly ice pops come in four flavors: mimosa orange, strawberry daiquiri, sangria grape, and classic margarita. They are found in

Fort Worth-based Ammo Subscription announced last week that they have reached a huge milestone--securing funding.  This veteran-owned business sources the best available ammunition, and delivers it on a user-defined schedule; either weekly or monthly.  The founders define the cost as inexpensive,

REVETCH is the Dallas-based seed fund and venture accelerator that has just announced their 2016 Cohort. The founders of REVTECH have made it their goal to make Dallas the center of the universe, when it comes to retail technology innovation. Through a

Ben Lamm has launched a new company, Conversable, in Dallas offering an innovative enterprise conversation platform that offers intelligent, on-demand, automated responses through messaging channels.   The use of bots is becoming much more popular and Conversable allows users to engage

PinnStation is a brand new co-working space in Arlington that is meant to help those that typically work from home or from the coffee shop.  While working from home or the local Starbucks may work for some people, others may struggle

Jordan and Ashley Garrett launched The Bar Cartist on April 18th, a Dallas-based e-commerce startup.  The Bar Cartist helps their customers design and style their home bar or bar cart to reflect their personalities and taste and to find everything that they

Austin once was the city that was synonymous with Texas start up, but the city has been chipping away at that designation, creating more opportunity for Dallas to step in as the preeminent Texas city.  This week Uber and Lyft entirely shut down their

How can an app help people cope with a problem as severe as cancer? In the age of data, it's just like the solution to any other problem. It's really all about how people navigate the information. CancerQ, the year-old Dallas-based

Performance wear meets the symphony. This might seem like an unlikely pair, but as Kevin Yu realized, it was a pairing that made formal wear more comfortable. His idea of “performal,” formal meets performance wear, is allowing musicians of the

Word of mouth (WOM) has time and again been the best way to let others know about an event, a new restaurant nearby, or someone’s great service. People pass on a card or a number, hoping to grow their business

Black History Month was created and is observed annually for remembrance and appreciation of notable people and events in the history of descendants of the African diaspora or people of African ancestry. This month gives us a chance to highlight

By Marlene Den Bleyker In 2004, Ade Hazley spent his Christmas selling drugs. Looking around at his situation, it dawned on him that he had a pocket full of money, and two options ahead, die or dream. Hazley, said, “I chose

Chandni Manoharan had a dilemma: when she quit her job to work on a personal project during the summer of 2015, she needed a place to work. She tried working from home, coffee shops and libraries, but none of those

Going off to college should be an exciting although admittedly anxiety-driven time in a young adult’s life. Applications must be filled out, transcripts requested and dorm room decorated to suit your personality. Among the college to-do list should be figuring out

As everyone knows, there are only 24 hours in a day and no one gets more or less based on their status. With so much that goes on in each day, it’s hard to carve out time to do what

Performance wear meets the symphony. This might seem like an unlikely pair, but as Kevin Yu realized, it was a pairing that made formal wear more comfortable. His idea of “performal,” formal meets performance wear, is allowing musicians of the

Paperwork is an integral part of running a business; from invoices, agendas and other forms of important documents, it is hard to keep up with everything, especially when you are away from the office. EZ FORMS, created by Kurt Pimentel and

The digital world is becoming ever more vast and complex. Tons of important personal and professional data can be shared with a friend or coworker in just a few minutes. That information can also be shared—unintentionally, with online hackers and

The development of a child is greatly important to a parent, especially a new parent living in today’s society of mobile technology and apps. Information that was only available at a learning facility or library 20 years ago, is widely

A new year means new events and whether you’re a “Type A” planner who leaves no room for error or you’re more prone to go with the flow, you want to make sure that everything goes well in the end.

*Disclaimer: Rapid 121 is part of the Collide Village Accelerator. This profile originally appeared on the Collide Village blog. We live in the age of “Data.” We are able to count, quantify, and track nearly everything. The flip side of this is that

Many nights when I’m at home and unwinding after work, I’ll sit out on my balcony, pull out my phone, and watch some of my favorite gaming YouTubers (usually a guy named after an ocean-bound banana and another sharing David

*Disclaimer: BareLabor is part of the Collide Village Accelerator. This profile originally appeared on the Collide Village blog. Nearly everyone owns a car. Very few know anything about repairing it. Going to the auto mechanic when something is wrong with one’s car can be

*Disclaimer: JobNow is part of the Collide Village Accelerator. This profile originally appeared on the Collide Village blog. Turnover is a common problem for all companies, but the revolving door of restaurant employees is a challenge of magnitude. With some restaurant chains

*Disclaimer: HomeBlis is part of the Collide Village Accelerator. This profile originally appeared on the Collide Village blog. Maintaining a home in the 21st century often requires some help. Whether it be landscape, or home cleaning, home-owers just can’t do it

*Disclaimer: MassVenture is part of the Collide Village Accelerator. This profile originally appeared on the Collide Village blog.  MassVenture is changing the way crowdfunding works, by letting the crowd have access to equity investments via their new online platform. No longer is

Founded by three high-growth technology executives, Buzzlogix is offering marketers and app developers a new toolkit with which to build their brand. Their full software suite, dubbed a "Smart Social Media Management platform for the social media specialist," offers numerous

Paul Conrady founder of Crimeseen® provided an impassioned presentation at One Million Cups Fort Worth last Wednesday about fighting crime—from your couch. Crimeseen® is the crime solving social network. Conrady created the company to facilitate communication within communities to fight crime, support the

Last Wednesday, One Million Cups Fort Worth got a refill from Edward Morgan with Revitalize Charging Solutions (RCS), a Fort Worth-based LLC with the mission of to help to create a greener world by reducing the amount of greenhouse gases

Two seniors at Texas Christian University (TCU), Mason Tucker and Daniel Younan cofounded Haggle Textbooks, a marketplace where students can buy and sell their textbooks from semester to semester with other students on their own campus. Tucker and Younan came

“Carvana is a customer service business using technology to buy cars. Everything we are doing has the customer in mind." —Ryan Keeton, Chief Brand Officer, Carvana.  Used car salesmen typically have a horrible reputation. When many of us decide to buy

Melvin Roberson, owner of Dough Boy Donuts, eloquently presented his business case at One Million Cups without slides, glossy brochures, or other visual aids. He did bring donuts. These morsels of goodness transcends the definition of donut. Roberson has created

When I went to college, there were all these fit people around me with abs and muscles and lean bodies. It made me start to feel self conscious about myself, so I decided to do something about it. I worked

It’s Friday, you’re finally off of work, and you’re exhausted. Maybe you had invited friends over to snack on some food while watching Game of Thrones and having drinks. Or maybe you’d like to relax and have a nice glass

Last year, we profiled Game Cart Golf, a modern golf experience designed for players who embrace technology to improve their game, compete with other golfers, and share the results with friends and family. They recently received their patent approval so we caught

Marketers have a passion for data. You can’t do marketing properly without it. Evan Brody is a marketer with that passion for data. He is the founder of PnP Loyalty (which stands for Plug-n-Play Loyalty), a company in the 2015

Hey, Dallas foodies, let me ask you two questions: do you want to try out every best Big D restaurants with an affordable budget? Do you feel excited to go directly into popular restaurants without staying in line for an hour? If

We are living in a world where our mobile phone has become our greatest resource. We have the ability to check in on world events, plan our day, and make those last minute changes to our presentation before the big meeting—all before

What do you do when your child falls and gets a really bad gash and needs quick attention? How about when you're feeling pretty sick and know that you need to see your doctor, but he isn't available that week? You might

“When you think about renting, you think about houses, cars, boats…big items. You don’t usually think about renting something in your house. And you should!” That’s how coffee with Anabella Watson, CEO of RentBillow started this past week. She isn't building just an online peer-to-peer rental

The Village Initiative is an early-stage startup that will be a community-based crowdfunding platform which allows individuals to become members, tell their stories behind their student loan debt, and allow their own “villages” or network, contribute to their campaign. Co-founders Jason Hilliard

It’s that time of year when college students all over the country are preparing (or have already completed) final exams. You know the drill: highlighters, 3x5 flash cards, and pages scribbled with notes—the trifecta of testing time, all so that

With Facebook limiting the visibility of overly promotional posts, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are having to find new ways of low-cost advertising. Imgr is hoping to make this a little easier by leveraging mobile marketing. “Imgr helps companies and individuals build

Sore throat? Sunburn? Bad cough? Who remembers all of the childhood memories of your grandmother putting together the weirdest ideas to produce a remedy to cure you? Jump forward years later from the playground and as adults we think only

I am not a morning person but the one thing that has made mornings a bit more manageable, is the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. Whether you prefer a slow, ritualistic pour, a French press, or rely on your

From the Dalai Lama, to Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, an overstressed world is actively seeking happiness. And now, happiness has come to South Dallas thanks to Candice Quarles and Amrit Kirpalani, co-founders of 9 Happy People. Founded

Any parent of a young child will tell you that kids get sick all of the time and that going to an urgent care clinic is pretty much the worst: waiting forever in a germ-infested waiting room, surrounded by more

Many of us still walk through the grocery store and smile with nostalgia when we come across that giant box of ramen instant noodles. How could we not? It was always available, easily prepared, and cost next to nothing. But doesn’t today’s

For anyone who has fumbled their way through an awkward pitch (and for those of us who have been subject to such train wrecks), Points on Paper is a lifesaver. Points on Paper is a Dallas startup designed to help people find

Ask any parent and they'll tell you, "kids grow up so fast." Even looking at my niece, it's hard for me to believe she'll be three this summer. I could have sworn it was last year that she was this

Realtors pay attention to this one! HipPocket, the private social network for licensed realtors launches next month. That's right, no more scouting the web, calling and texting everyone you know, standing in Starbucks just hoping someone wants to buy a house. With

HedgeChatter, Tech Wildcatters alum and local fintech startup, announced yesterday the launch of their next web platform, allowing users access to real-time sentiment analysis of the stock market. "Eight years ago no one believed Twitter would become the driving force of

San Diego-based startup 2pointb has chosen Dallas as the first launch city for its transportation app. “We’re thrilled to launch in Dallas and show our customers how great app-based transportation can be when done right," states Josh Komenda, principal and CEO of 2pointb,

It's always exciting to hear when local companies are working together, especially when it comes to our beloved sports teams. The Dallas Mavericks announced recently that they'll be partnering with Tixsee, a tech company here in Dallas that specializes in development

“Your last name no longer has to be Hunt or Perot to invest in oil,” says Crudefunders CEO David Taylor. “Now, anyone with $1,000 to invest can buy equity in oil and gas.” Crudefunders is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows

The app design process is now a hell of a lot easier, thanks to the latest product from Velocis. UI Magnets are a brilliant and simple way of "capturing your app design ideas and working through the early ideation process," and

If you've ever hosted an event, you know how difficult it can be to collect photos from your special occasions. Or if you're attending an event, discovering that you're required to use a hashtag customized for the occasion, and finding ways to

In 1960, only 20% of American children grew up with a mother who worked. Today 70% of children have both parents employed. Globalization has also taken a lot of these work hours to different cities, states and even countries. So what

Kids in Touch, a "training wheels for texting" app, announced their launch in the app store today. Kids in Touch allows children to connect with their friends and family through the app, "while giving their parents the tools necessary to protect and teach

There are no two ways about it. Online video is huge. Netflix and Youtube alone are responsible for half of all internet traffic. These sites, plus a list of other video streaming services--like UStream, Vimeo and Hulu--have replaced TV altogether, for

Just yesterday, we published our interview with Matt Alexander, founder and CEO of Need, and his recent accomplishments here in Dallas. We're excited to hear about the newest project from the Need team: Foremost. Foremost is a small-batch, Dallas-made clothing brand and interview series, and

If you missed Glass Media at our Holiday Dallas New Tech, not to worry -- you're going to see them around town. This month their technology will launch in over 30 locations around Dallas. Glass Media is an on-demand, dynamic projection and

In August of last year, I had the opportunity to talk with Jena Draper, founder of Navvie, a local EdTech startup. Navvie is an educational content platform, "bringing schools and consumers an on-demand learning solution." Today, Navvie announced the official launch of their

Earlier this year, Flurry Analytics released a report on mobile app usage since 2013, noting that, of the time spent on a mobile device, 86% of the average US mobile consumer’s time was spent on apps. "The data tells a clear story that apps,

There are a good number of dating apps out there, and if you're single and looking it can be quite overwhelming. College roommates, Andrew Weatherby and Sean Caldwell, knew they'd always wanted to work together on some kind of business, and

It's been quite the ride, following the progress of Startup Weekend Health winner, Virtual Visit. The team competed at the Startup Weekend Health event back in September, and won first place that weekend. Virtual Visit is a platform that allows family

Tinder, Zoosk, Match, OkCupid. We all know about the elusive world that is mobile/online dating. It can be a painful, embarrassing and time-wasting experience. But in these mobile friendly, very busy times it’s hard to date otherwise. Enter Courtem. They're "bringing

Austin-based delivery app startup, Favor, announced their launch in Dallas earlier this week. "We launched last summer in Austin, and things have been moving super fast -- we have over 400 runners now that serve the Austin area, and are so

Everyone recognizes the problems and headaches that come with health insurance. Jack Hooper and his wife experienced this first hand not long ago, when they found out she was pregnant with twins. "No one could help us figure out what having

Perhaps you'll remember Sprinkl from the September Dallas New Tech event, when local tech entrepreneur Noel Geren presented the smart automation sprinkler technology. Well, we're so thrilled to hear that Sprinkl is transitioning the product for a full-market launch, and their Kickstarter campaign

When you board a flight from San Diego to Palm Beach, generally you think of white sandy beaches and umbrella drinks – not inventing a company. Unless you’re Daniel Black, who did just that. The night before this particular cross-country flight, Black

Carrollton-based company, YourCause, announced the closing of $4 million in Series A funding led by Vocap Investment Partners earlier this week. “I’ve always known that the opportunity to grow to this point was right there and ours for the taking. Getting there

If you’ve ever planned or volunteered for an event, you have an idea of just how much goes into pulling that kind of thing off. Whether attendance is in the dozens or thousands, a good amount of energy goes into

Think back to the last time that you flew on commercial airlines. It's not usually something that people, especially those who travel frequently, look back on with fondness. Earlier this year, airline passengers were surveyed about their experience with airline

When you think of management consulting, you probably think of an expensive way to have someone tell you that you’re running your business into the ground. For large corporations with deep pockets, this may not be an issue. For small

Domestic violence is pervasive in communities across America, affecting hundreds of thousands of women, children, and men each year. Over 1,000 cases are reported from households in Dallas alone each day. Many of the afflicted are given sanctuary through the constant

A little over a year ago, James Fontana's sister lost her dog. It was a stressful situation, obviously, and she posted on Facebook to try getting the word out. "My sister lives in far north Dallas and no one could help

The team behind Dallas tech startup, World Class Creations, has been at it for over three years now. This Tuesday, they'll have the opportunity to show off the impressive technology that they've been developing, at the Nancy Lieberman Foundation Celebrity

Remember the last time you went to a seriously kickass concert, and you just HAD to get the promotional poster or tshirt, because you wanted some way of holding on to the experience? Remember how long the line was? Or maybe

Talk about a happy ending! Blownaway, Dallas’s premier on-demand beauty app, secured a six-figure investment from the Angels of Texas after presenting at September’s Dallas New Tech event at the Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC). Since conception, Blownaway’s been downloaded over 1600 times

When it comes to teen driving, the statistics can be daunting. Just during the first year of receiving their license, teen drivers are 10 times more likely to be involved in a car accident. In the United States, 1 in 4

If you haven't already started a fantasy football league, there's still a little bit of time left before the draft. And you might consider supporting a local startup by signing up with Dumpster Fire. "We aim to make the fantasy football experience

There are a number of new technologies that have emerged in education in the last few years -- from sharing artwork with classmates to Google's new Google Classroom, which helps teachers "create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and

Recently, Dallas-based company, Mavizon, was recognized by Silicon Valley Bank for their innovations in car technology. Mavizon is selected to attend SVB's Automotive Innovation - "The Future of the Car" event on July 30. "It's still kind of the wild west out there,

The tech scene has a momentum behind it here in the North Texas area, and we're excited to see the variety of services and products that are out there. New to the scene is Blownaway -- a mobile app that acts

If there's one sentiment that's most commonly associated with entrepreneurship, it's that we're more prone to taking risks. And not just the financial kind. But if you ask Southern Methodist University student and DEC member, Luciano Vizza, that risk is really just

How many times have you been at the bar or an event, only to realize that your phone's battery is about to die? That can certainly put a damper on any plans that you might've had. Well, now you won't need

Alex Fulton and Alec Siems are both seniors at SMU. They recently finished up the "Accelerate Your Startup" course with Trey Bowles this past semester, and are currently working at the Dallas Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) this summer. Both students found the class

Eduardo Leon,  Trent Mervine, and John Echols met at SMU, and the three of them enrolled in the first ever "Accelerate Your Startup" class with Trey Bowles, CEO and co-founder of the DEC, this last semester. Their startup idea was born from their

Now that ALL OF US are online now, it's becoming crucial to maintain your online presence -- to know what information you're putting out there and just how private that information is. First impressions - especially online impressions - can