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Top 7 Things Startups Need To Know About Digital Marketing In 2016

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Below is a blog post submitted by James Loomstein, Founder & CEO, Digital Space Consulting.  Startup life is always a roller-coaster ride. Even when the planets align, execution is flawless, and customer acquisition is through the roof, you’ll likely feel you’re perched atop an unguided missile, hanging on for the ride. Getting things right from the very beginning is your best chance of keeping that missile on an upward trajectory,…

Global Shapers

Think Globally, Act Locally: The Global Shapers Community

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Think back to when you were 5-years-old: you were cute, mischievous, smart, and full of dreams for your life. Dreams that included what you would be when you grew up. Entrepreneur, public servant, business executive, philanthropist, owner of the Dallas Mavericks—there was no limit. And, regardless of what your future entailed, you knew two things: 1. At some point in your life, you would serve or help others in some…


Welcome to Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015

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Described as “the world’s largest celebration of innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare,” Global Entrepreneurship Week has racked up some very impressive worldwide statistics: 157 Countries participated 11,101 organizing partners 28,363 activities 8,285,533 participants (Data collected from Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014.) Entrepreneurship is no longer a derogatory euphemism for “unemployment.” Today’s entrepreneurs come from all walks of…


The Reality of Youth Entrepreneurship

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One of the themes for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 (GEW) is youth entrepreneurship. Below is a personal essay written by Gautam Bhargava on his experience as a youth entrepreneur.   ——— *Disclosure: I recently put together SATUS, a program oriented towards youth entrepreneurs. The following post is reflective of my personal beliefs, and not those of SATUS. Today’s attitude toward entrepreneurship is terribly out of touch with reality. Bloated press…


Editor’s Note: So what’s the plan?

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During my tenure in the Dallas startup scene, I’ve come across countless startups through working in accelerators, attending (far too many) pitch events, and writing about them for Launch DFW. And over the years I’ve noticed something quite alarming: Most of you don’t know what you’re doing. Now, when I say that, I don’t mean you don’t know how to do your job. Obviously you know how to code and…

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Paula Gean drops some serious startup knowledge

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Current marketing director for Dialexa and former director of the Addison Treehouse, Paula Gean drops some serious Dallas startup knowledge in her recent post for Tech.co: “If you haven’t heard of Dallas’ robust startup community, you’re probably asking “Wait… Dallas has a startup scene? What is it? And, why should I really care?” Ah, so glad you asked. Take a seat, because you’re about to get schooled on what the Dallas startup community is and why…


5 Reasons You and Your Startup Need to Attend Aurora

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For one night every two years, the Dallas Arts District turns into a magical wonderland of contemporary art, light installations, music, and more called Aurora. Aurora is one of those kinds of events that make you proud to live in Dallas. It’s a reminder to step away from the grind, look up from your computer and play in the city. Here are a few reasons why you should go. It…


Out of Eden: How a festival ignited my startup career

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In the summer of 2013, I spent two weeks in Eden, Utah working for an event called Summit Outside. It’s nearly impossible for me to adequately put that experience into words but it was something like TED meets ACL. During those two weeks, I lived, worked, and played with some of the most brilliant, inspiring, and innovative people in the world. I worked on the content team and we were responsible…


Why Successful Area Founders Don’t Reinvest After an Exit

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Today’s startup community is like a freight train rolling through just about every business sector—and many of them, despite our visibility, aren’t prepared for it. Dallas Startup Week 2016 is in planning, and if you’ll recall we had close to 3,000 participants from across the region. I expect that to double for 2016. We have accelerators, incubators, coworking space coverage like few other cities, eight Startup Weekends, our media is…

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Recognizing the Needs of a Strong Startup Community

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I had the pleasure of sitting on a panel to kick off the Oaktopia event in Denton, Texas. The path to the seat on the panel is as crazy as you’d imagine—from the 45 minute drive to get there, to the seven years I spent in the Boulder/Denver startup ecosystem that led to the invitation to the panel in the first place. The topic was the growing tech scene in…