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6 Things to Know about Selling Your Company

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Lots of exciting activity is taking place on the Dallas startup scene right now. The tech and startup communities are thriving. The job market is booming. And Dallas’s very first Startup Week will be held March 2 through 6. If you’re an entrepreneur, investor or someone who is a working professional and haven’t signed up to attend this free event, then you’re making a huge mistake. This event is a…


How a corporate bankruptcy experience led me to validate multiple markets for my startup

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We were young, care-free, and rolling in cash. We had just purchased a hotel with a combination of family funds, borrowed funds, and an assumed note. Total deal value $1.1 million with only a $100k down payment – yeah for leverage! We had done our homework on how to operate hotels and had several experts (who were also in the hospitality industry) validate our deal. We thought we were on…


Do You Have a Personal Brand, or a House of Cards?

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Starting a company means a beginning. It’s a “Once upon a time…” that you desperately hope will turn into a “…happily ever after.” You go into the story with an idea and whatever money, talents and reputation you personally have. Eventually, you hope to close on some investment money and begin hiring people. You hope to ultimately build something worth building. Yet, in the beginning, your personal resources are all…


Resolutions, Shmesolutions: How LAUNCH DFW can help you in 2015

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If you’re like me, you’ve maybe thought about some resolutions for 2015, but you never really put them down on paper or announce them to the world. In fact, the idea of setting a goal for the year seems ridiculous and overdone, because things change and people change, and isn’t the whole “resolutions” thing just something made up by the weight loss industry, anyway? But if you do want to…

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LAUNCH DFW 2014: A Year in Review

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2014 was a banner year for North Texas startups. If you weren’t able to attend the State of Entrepreneurship event that the DEC hosted earlier this month, there’s a spectacular website with a TON of stats, links, and insights to catch you up on everything that’s being going down here in North Texas this past year. Bottom line: 2014 was a good one for our North Texas startup family. And we’re…


All In, All Out: An Entrepreneur’s Journey

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It’s been a 33 year journey, but I’ll skip the super early stuff. In 2008, I was a top sales producer at ADP, selling software and services to small businesses in Phoenix. I was there for about one year. I left there and went to do the same thing at a “mom & pop” payroll provider in Monroe, LA. That was where the entrepreneurial seed was planted; we only had 10 employees…


An Entrepreneur’s Field Guide To Mentors and Advisors

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This morning I had coffee with a young entrepreneur who is building a really cool business here in Dallas. This entrepreneur and I talked about marketshare, technology, growth plans and he really seems to have a solid plan. The startup is a super lean one person show with some outsourcing, it is getting strong traction in a very big space and the potential acquirers are obvious and slow. In general…


Weighing in on the new equity crowdfunding rule

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In Texas, crowdfunding has been taken to a new level. Recently, the Texas State Securities Board passed a ruling to allow any resident, regardless of net worth, to invest up to $5,000 in companies via equity crowdfunding. Before the ruling, only “accredited” investors with high net worth and income levels could buy equity stakes in companies. Now, anyone with Internet access can be a venture capitalist and invest in startup…

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Why Should Startups Care About Multicultural PR and Marketing?

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When I was 6-years-old, I was in an ESL (English as a Second Language) class. My family had moved to Texas from Colombia, South America three years earlier and my English wasn’t par with my peers. My memories from ESL are sparse, but I do remember feeling that the ESL teacher understood me as a person. Thus, ESL was one of my favorite classes and I invested more into it….


What’s Unique about North Texas’ Startup Community

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What’s unique about North Texas’ startup community? Besides our Southern drawl and warm smiles, North Texas offers a bevy of opportunities for startups to succeed. And not abstract opportunities that may lie in a networking happy hour, but real, concrete opportunities found through local government, private/public companies, and collaborative partnerships. These opportunities have garnered us titles such as: #7 in Forbes’ list of Best Place to Launch a Startup in…