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What’s Next? Startup Next – that’s what!

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Companies all over the world are formed every day. From that fleeting moment of the idea, through the culmination of toil to bring it to life, entrepreneurs are often on a path with no edge, no direction and no sense of progress. Startup Weekends were developed over seven years ago in Boulder with the intent to teach people how to start a company from scratch, leveraging disparate groups with diverse…


Why Startups are Responsible for DFW

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Recently Sam Altman posted a great article on his blog about Silicon Valley: Why Silicon Valley Works. This isn’t an argument against the article – Silicon Valley DOES work. As he points out, Silicon Valley makes it possible for startups — whose natural inclination is to die — to, in fact, “cheat death.” “Silicon Valley works because there is such a high density of people working on startups and they are…


Could Dallas Shape the Future of Fashion Technology?

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Unbeknownst to many, the fashion technology industry has been around for a long time. The use of technology to acquire fashion items (i.e. via the internet) has been around since the 1990s. In the past, funding and press have centered around fashion technology companies in the e-commerce space: Gilt Groupe, who received $236 million in 6 rounds of funding between 2007-2011, and will have an initial public offering before the end…


4 Lessons I Learned From Selling My Company: The Importance of Teamwork

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Earlier this year, I was kept up countless sweat-drenching nights facing one of the most important decisions of my life – the type of decision that would impact my future, as well as the future of those who depended on me, my family. Blue Track Media was MY baby, my first company. I took all the risk of starting it from nothing and gave up a significant part of my…


LAUNCH DFW’s Favorite Songs About Tech

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Whether you’re into 80’s punk or EDM, there’s a lot of great music out there. I consider myself to have a pretty broad range of musical interests, and it occurred to me the other day that there are a good number of songs (across all genres) that mention technology. It makes sense — we are all tech users, in some capacity. So singing about it is only natural. Let’s get on…


Some Guidelines for Your Online Presence

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I get to talk to some really great startups, y’all. We have so many generous, creative and seriously intelligent entrepreneurs in our community, and you work hard. Entrepreneurs also work a lot. And when you’re trying to accomplish everything under the sun, it’s a little hard to focus. Especially when it comes to marketing what you’re actually doing. Here are a few guidelines that I’d like to throw out there, and I look…


How Can We Help You?

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“How can we help you?” That was the phrase I heard after my experience as an attendee at 1 Million Cups at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center. I thought that it was nice gesture, but in today’s world of back to back meetings and busy schedules, how much help are they willing to provide? Well, I’ve found out first hand the answer to my own question. As a founder of a new startup…


Why We Need to Stop Using the Term “Disrupt”

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We hear it frequently, we bandy about the term casually, and it’s been used so much more often now that there’s a pretty significant event named after it. “Disrupt.” “Disruptive Innovation.” “Disruptive Tech.” I understand it — there’s a need to shake up the way we’re doing things, and we’re trying to find language that’s powerful enough to articulate that kind of movement. Right? WRONG. This is so, so wrong. Perhaps…


Let’s Talk About Diversity in Startups

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To the people who read LAUNCH DFW (yeah, you!): Diversity in startups is a topic often whispered about but never really talked about. So I decided it was time to SCREAM about it. We’re starting a new series. On the last Friday of every month two questions will be posted for you to answer. The following month I will address them and pitch two more questions. The goal is to generate…

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Why Game Changers Are So Important

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What is a game changer? I think most people would define a game changer as a disruptive innovation that changes the status quo. Game changers come in many varieties, from the very simple, to the very complex. If executed properly the end result is the same: a bar is raised, and a new standard is established. But why are game changers coveted so much more than just incremental innovation? Because…