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The Most Startup Friendly Landlords in Dallas

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So your company’s success is skyrocketing and your staff just grew from 2 to 10. That home office, local coffee shop or coworking space is no longer large enough to maximize your productivity and fit your growth plan. While you’ve admitted it’s time to find a “big-boy office”, there is no need to sacrifice the collaborative environment to which you’ve grown accustomed. Whether it’s your lack of financials, fear of…


Making Moments Applies Lean-Startup Mentality to Filmmaking

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Last Friday I was invited to attend an event surrounding the collective editing of a script for a short film called Making Moments written by Jeff Vogt. As I consider myself a highly collaborative person I was extremely intrigued by this concept. Making Moments is a film about maximizing the opportunities for special moments in one’s life. Although I was happy to attend, I had some reservations about providing feedback. I’m all for…


Startup Career Advice

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It’s that time of year when college students everywhere are looking for summer internships and career opportunities after graduation. More and more young people are lured by the appeal of working in a startup: flexible schedules and offices with ping-pong tables, kegerators, and lack of formal dress codes are common. But beyond the cool exterior, working in a startup is hard work. But don’t worry kids, I reached out to a few friends…


We Need to Talk: how to have effective conversations with creatives

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I’ve spent a good part of my career acting as a sort of translator for clients working with creatives. Whether it’s a website redesign, a logo and brand identity creation, or any other creative marketing and branding effort, effectively communicating with the team of creative professionals can be the difference between a beautiful collaboration and you being a client from hell. Here are some tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years…


Editor’s Note: Hiring for Culture

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Each year there are topics that dominate the panels at SXSWi. In 2014 it seemed like everyone was talking about millennials or diversity (specifically gender diversity) in technology. While those are areas that still warrant conversation, this year’s panel discussions and presentations seemed to focus heavily on culture in the workplace. I had the pleasure of attending a session called “Yes We Code: from the Hood to Silicon Valley”. Besides loving the well-crafted title, I…


F#ck it. Send!

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The other night, Chris (my friend and business partner) and I were catching up. He told me a story about how he agonized over sending an email to a prospective client. Instead of getting a reply out in a timely manner, he kept thinking and overthinking this reply. It lingered on his mind all day. He finally got so frustrated, he just said, “F#ck it. Send!” as he smashed the…


Editor’s Note: Big Fish

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One of the things that sets Launch DFW apart from traditional media outlets is its sense of community and collaboration. I met Bradley Joyce and Rachel Gilliam long before joining Launch DFW as editor and it seemed that whenever there was a conversation happening in the land of startups, Launch DFW wasn’t simply writing about them, they were actively participating in those conversations. When I decided I wanted to return to writing as a…


Everything I know about Startups, I learned from Mad Men

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I know that referencing a show that highlights the advertising industry in the 1960s seems like a stretch for this media outlet, but when you look past the smoke, misogyny, and general tomfoolery, Mad Men can teach us a lot about startups and entrepreneurship. In honor of last night’s Final Season premiere, here are some startup lessons from the team at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. *No spoilers from last night…

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Office With a View: The Best Places to Work Outside in DFW

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We try not to say the “S” word around here. If you’ve lived in Texas long enough, you know that we have two seasons: winter and summer which is why that short promise of spring is all the more reason to spend time outdoors. If you’re like me and want to take advantage of this glorious weather, check out some of my favorite places to work outside from Dallas to…


Make Your CFO Your BFF

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Your CFO should be your BFF. You’ve charged this person with managing the financial health of your empire and just like being someone’s best friend forever, this too is a huge undertaking. Chances are the person you’ve hired seen his or her fair share of financial success and crisis. No matter how crafty, witty, and of course intelligent your CFO might be, their job didn’t come with a crystal ball….