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Black History Month Startup Profile: Maxie Taylor and Goodieboxx

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Black History Month was created and is observed annually for remembrance and appreciation of notable people and events in the history of descendants of the African diaspora or people of African ancestry. This month gives us a chance to highlight what these notable people and events not only mean to Black history but to general history at large. Within the startup and entrepreneurial community, black men and women are increasing…


Top Tips for Entrepreneurs: Mindsets and Skills for Growth

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Businesses can take various paths to grow but the life of an entrepreneur, no matter stage or age, can benefit from some key tips for laying the foundation for a growth mindset and for maintaining momentum once the ball starts rolling. Wondering where it will lead you if you put all of these into practice? There is no limit for an inspiring entrepreneur with an innovative mind for growth. #1…


Editor’s Note: Reflections and the Road Ahead

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In the spirit of year end reflections, I thought it would be appropriate to look back on the remarkable year the DFW startup community has had—and I mean remarkable in its truest form: worthy of notice or attention. Each year our ecosystem grows exponentially and at this year’s State of Entrepreneurship Address, The DEC helped us visualize just how strong our ecosystem is and now it seems others are finally taking notice. From Forbes and CNBC, to…

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2016: Expanding online communities that embrace the best of both worlds

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Transaction-based experiences have been leading the way to blur the lines between virtual and real life experiences. For example, a customer doesn’t really see the difference between a physical or online store – to them, it’s just a store. 36% of us purchase online and pickup in- store 62% want to buy online and make returns in-store Beyond shopping, we use apps for other transactions, too: to book a car,…


How Austin Killed Ridesharing. Or, Why Dallas?

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Every week, I meet with future community members relocating to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They’re coming from all over, including the State Capital. A common thread is the opportunity here versus others, and of course the cost of living. These are easy wins for the region. Another thread is the involvement of the municipalities in the startup culture. We’re fortunate in this area—the City of Dallas, Dallas Regional Chamber, Downtown…


The Valley Is Way Bigger Than DFW; Or is it?

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There are many ways to compare one thing with another. When it comes to Silicon Valley, one common unit of measure might be the number of times the sound of a startup’s pitch bounces from one border to the other, like, say, an echo chamber. Another might be the number of unicorns one encounters in Mission District, or how efficient a founder is at conserving space vs. the efficiency of…


Why There’s A Lack Of Talent In DFW: Sources Of Silicon Valley’s Talent

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There are several things we hear regularly about the Dallas-Fort Worth startup community. The two most popular among founders are: “We need more investors willing to take risks,” and “it’s hard to find talent.” Skipping right over the fact that there are about 20 billionaires in the area and they’re slowly getting used to having a community, let’s leave the investor discussion for another time. Let’s talk about talent. What…


Our Community’s Major Strides

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I’d like to thank The Dallas Morning News for the writeup on the Dallas-Fort Worth Startup Community. It’s important to recognize what is arguably the fastest growing industry in the region. That it’s the Sunday before the regions largest celebration of entrepreneurship, is very helpful too. There is one thing I’d like to add to the story, though, and that’s the age of our community. The speed of growth in…


Top 7 Things Startups Need To Know About Digital Marketing In 2016

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Below is a blog post submitted by James Loomstein, Managing Partner, Rogue Marketing Startup life is always a roller-coaster ride. Even when the planets align, execution is flawless, and customer acquisition is through the roof, you’ll likely feel you’re perched atop an unguided missile, hanging on for the ride. Getting things right from the very beginning is your best chance of keeping that missile on an upward trajectory, and how you…

Global Shapers

Think Globally, Act Locally: The Global Shapers Community

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Think back to when you were 5-years-old: you were cute, mischievous, smart, and full of dreams for your life. Dreams that included what you would be when you grew up. Entrepreneur, public servant, business executive, philanthropist, owner of the Dallas Mavericks—there was no limit. And, regardless of what your future entailed, you knew two things: 1. At some point in your life, you would serve or help others in some…