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Living in the Mobile Era: 3 Ways to Retain Your Customers as a Startup in 2014

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As of March 2014, smartphone mobile market penetration was sitting at 68.8%, with an astounding 166 million people in the U.S using smartphones with 80% of utilization time being spent on apps. Along with this huge user base of smartphone-ready consumers comes the expectation that companies be mobile-optimized in order to provide a convenient and intuitive experience for a potential customer. So why is mobile optimization important? Businesses today will…


The ABCs of VCs

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“That which is simple can still be hard.” You should only take other people’s money to maximize opportunity. If taking $1M can get you to $1B market, go get it! But if you are hoping to find $50,000 before you quit your day job, “IDK”. Know the difference between VCs and “Angels” VCs are professional investors with very specific criteria and a fiduciary duty to their limited partners. VC = Institutional…


New City, Same Community?

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We build a community, a network, and a village voice where we live and work. When you leave that comfort zone, you are automatically forced to find a new triple threat. In the startup world that can entail not just climbing a mountain, but scaling something more like Mt. Everest. Think about it — the 9-5er’s world has a built in posse that they’re socializing with on a daily basis. The…


The Solution to H1B Shortage and How You Can Help

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Over the last week, we have explained the critical need for H1B visas and the amazing shortage we currently face for skilled workers. We’ve also heard stories about H1B visas and the lives affected by the lottery system. We have identified the problem with numbers and facts. We have put a human face on the problem. Now we must solve the problem. We believe the simplest next step is to encourage the House…


Pivot from Product to Platform

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From grade school to college to playing professional basketball in Europe*, my coaches always stressed the importance of being on balance and in position to pivot. Those lessons still hold true in my entrepreneurial endeavors. I recently read a Tech Crunch article about the fast growing app Yo. The article discussed the “lack of real value” in just the app, but the potential to transition into a notification platform and…


Apple Jacks Up the Competition

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Recently at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), CEO Tim Cook presented where the company is headed and announced two new apps – the HealthKit and HomeKit. (The entire video is on YouTube, in case you missed it.) Most tech entrepreneurs, journalists and developers were a little underwhelmed. These two areas – personal fitness/health wearables and connected living spaces – have been ripe with innovation for some time. While Apple’s technology…


Building the DFW Teen Startup Community

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The DFW Startup community has grown considerably since 2008 when there were only a handful of groups, organizations and office-sharing locations. Today, the area is buzzing with activity from Downtown Dallas to McKinney. Just like their parents, children and teens are developing new product ideas and launching businesses. The Internet has broken down barriers of entry that once prevented most students from becoming business owners. Today, teens can obtain funding from Kickstarter,…


From Google to Girl Scouts: Orgs Are Bridging the Growing Gender Gap in Coding

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Companies like Google are stepping up to address a growing, national dilemma: The lack of girls who are pursuing coding. This week, the technology giant announced a lofty initiative called Made With Code that will provide up to $50 million for organizations who help encourage girls to pursue computer science at an early age. The Made With Code website offers online projects for girls, such as designing a 2D avatar…


Big Vision Big Valuation

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Pre-revenue… so what. Under staffed… welcome to startups. Only a few customers… that sounds about right. Minimal Viable Product… very agile of you (insert sarcasm symbol here). Just a little seed money if any at all.. perfect. “When all is small, who can you call?” Big Vision. As an early stage startup everything is minimal and can seem insignificant and little. That’s ok… as it only gives you more room…


How to raise $1 Million+ outside of Silicon Valley

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Let’s first start with the mind-set that capital is not scarce, the opportunity for improvement evolves around becoming a better, modern entrepreneur, with a bigger vision and better execution. Say it with me “THERE IS CAPITAL… MONEY IS AVAILABLE!” Now that we have that covered let’s get to it. The first thing you must know is it’s not about money, it’s about people. Money follows people. Starting with your team….