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Kickstart Monday: Sharitabl, a social network for good

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With the amount of time that we spend on social networks, wouldn’t it be refreshing to know that some of that time could spent towards giving to others? This is the mission behind Sharitabl, a social network that passes ad revenue on to charities and global causes selected by users. Sharitabl explains their model on the website — they share revenues that come from third party ads, sponsorships and partnerships….


Three out of 10 fastest-growing U.S. Cities are in North Texas

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Well, we do it big here in Texas, as always. The U.S. Census Bureau issued its population trends report this month, and the state of Texas has seen a ton of growth. Three of the 10 fastest-growing cities of 100,000 or more population in the nation are right here in our backyard. Three North Texas cities ranked in the top 10: Frisco, McKinney, and Denton. “Despite a common impression that people are flocking…


SMU: a hub for social innovation in Dallas

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On Tuesday, April 7, SMU will host the 4th annual Social Innovation Forum. The forum aims to inspire discussion around social innovation and enterprise with SMU students, faculty and staff, but is also an opportunity for Dallas startups to connect SMU students with the work that socially-conscious businesses are doing here locally. “We want our students to have access to people in the community that are tackling pressing issues that affect…


The stats are in: Teams with more women are just smarter, y’all.

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One of the most trying — yet important — parts of growing a company is forming your team. Contributing writer Alison Battiste walked us through some of the logistics behind establishing your company and who you might partner with in her article earlier this week. And there are tons of resources out there, when it comes to determining just HOW to grow and scale things, but I’d like to look at some actual data on…


Tech + architecture in one fun hackathon, this coming May

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The AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) Hackathon is coming to Dallas this May! Originating in Silicon Valley, the hackathon aims to bring together “professionals from all parts of the built environment with technology developers and designers to create applications that affect how our real world is designed, built, and managed.” And from May 1-3, AEC Hackathon will aim to bring together our tech community at the Addison Treehouse. The event is…


DART unveils super slick streetcars for downtown service

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Apologies in advance for the alliteration in the title of this article, but I must say — the new DART streetcars are that inspiring. DART and the City of Dallas unveiled their new version of the streetcar on Monday, three weeks before downtown-Oak Cliff service begins on April 13. “This is a great, great day for DART and the city of Dallas,” Gary Thomas, the transit agency’s chief executive, told…


Dallas remains highest-performing metro area in small business jobs

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The Paychex|IHS Small Business Jobs Index grew 0.19 percent last month to 100.84. “Advancing for the second consecutive month, small business employment regained the steam lost during the fall and early winter and is again growing near the same pace recorded at the end of summer 2014,” states the public release. Most notable are the rankings in our own metroplex, with Dallas ranking in the top spot for the fifth month…

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More tech jobs here in Dallas, thanks to Genesis10

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Genesis10, a national IT services firm with dozens of offices across North America, is establishing its newest delivery center on Mockingbird here in Dallas. The Dallas delivery center is the sixth to be added as the company expands across the U.S. The Dallas center plans to hire 100 consultants this year, and will be holding a job fair March 24-25 from 2-7 p.m. each day. These positions cover several professional disciplines including development, testing, infrastructure,…

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‘Til failure do us part

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Nothing beats the high of having a great new idea along with the means and vision to implement it. “What could possibly go wrong?” you might ask your business partner. “It’s perfect!” Indeed, it very well could be perfect. But, just like with a marriage, your partnership can still end badly, no matter how great it started. In time, financial issues, market stressors, personality clashes and outside forces often take…

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Code for the Kingdom hackathon – stirring up debate in the Dallas startup community

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The Code for the Kingdom hackathon is underway this weekend at the Addison Treehouse, and while a local hackathon isn’t usually a source of controversy, this particular event has been a topic of debate in our community. The event kicked off Friday, with a mission of bringing together coders and developers “who are applying their skills and experiences to advance common good and serve God’s Kingdom.” Hanah Cho with the Dallas Morning…