Every year, REVTECH, an accelerator program based in Dallas that mentors retail tech startups, takes a few top- tier groups under their wing and gives them the tools to become successful businesses. This year’s theme is “AI, Automation, and Analytics –

The Internet of things has not only connected the world, but given an unprecedented level of access to information. Every day, news outlets around the globe are in a race to break stories first. This has led to the rise

Statistically, 1 in 4 Americans play in an adult sports league, but are finding it harder and harder to continue to participate. It can be difficult to not only locate an adult team in an area, but also to afford

  The creators of the successful Robots4Autsim program and Milo, RoboKind, have officially launched Robots4STEM. “We are excited to be able to announce this incredible STEM product to the public,” said Fred Margolin, CEO and Founder of RoboKind, in a recent

At the Dallas New Tech talk, the organizers of Dallas Startup Week came together to provide the audience with an inside look at what to expect this coming April 3 – 7. This will be the third year for the

Jen Voecks opens her stunning Dallas New Tech talk with a story about a bride’s struggle to plan her wedding. She highlights three main problems with wedding planning from cost to vendor reliability and states that wedding planning shouldn’t ruin

With the introduction of Amazon Echo comes new territory for enhanced home living. Fernando Higuera looks to add to the experience with Jack, an artificial intelligence program dedicated to home maintenance. “Jack takes care of everything that you can think of

Raution Jaiswal is the founder of an all-in-one insurance tracking program called InsuredMine. “We have multiple insurances,” Jaiswal said during his talk at Dallas New Tech. He provided a scenario that is all too typical for today’s world, missing bill payments for

Lyft and Uber have carved out a new market in the on-demand space with cost-effective ride share apps. To take advantage of this new space, startup companies look for ways to provide unique services. At Dallas New Tech talk, Craig

Jeremy Gregg delivers a thought-provoking speech about the American prison system at the latest Ignite DFW talks. He calls into question human morals, and how it relates to incarceration. He focused on four reasons the prison system exist: Punishment –

Boddy Thakkar is one of the youngest speakers at the latest Ignite DFW talks. At only 17 years old, Thakkar identifies as an entrepreneur who has worked with many startup companies. He has put on events from Zimbabwe to Korea,

At Ignite DFW, Audra Marie Stanley tells her story about teaching in Uzbekistan, and unintentionally flipping off her students through a mistaken gesture. Her experience teaching English in Uzbekistan ignited her passion for teaching. During her 14 year career she

After graduating college, Caitlin Studley found a job as a claims adjuster. It was a far cry from several of her passions such as language and political science. She said that the job fulfilled one of her interests, which was

Jessica Burnham is a design researcher and part of the Deep Ellum Foundation. Her focus has been to create spaces for physical interactions that promote strong community ties between business and neighborhoods. This goal is what led her to Crowdus

  Scott Kincaid opens his Ignite DFW talk on bad user experience with a story about a Swedish couple’s visit through Texas and the sign on Texas highways that read, Don’t mess with Texas. “Pause for a second," Kincaid asked the room. "How

Gables Residential, the leader in developing and managing multifamily communities, has announced its partnership with Modern Message, an online digital rewards platform that uses gamification to enhance residential living. Using Modern Message, Gables will move away from the traditional rewards

  At Ignite DFW 6, Steve, who is vegan, gave a talk on ethical eating and the effects that meat diets have on the ecosystem.  He argued that a plant-based diet isn’t only sustainable for the human body, but also economical

Over the last few years ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have become more popular and created an entirely new industry for entrepreneurs to break new ground. One such service is an on-demand gas delivery company called Booster Fuels. Founded

At January’s Dallas New Tech pitch, Skip Howard, founder of Spacee, began his talk by stating, “This isn’t going to be your typical pitch deck. All our clients are telling us to work on amazing things and all our really

When a group of friends decides to get lunch together, the inevitable debate of “where to eat,” happens. Everyone has a preference that makes it difficult to agree on a location to eat. BrokenBox, designed by Josh Stramiello, aims to

At the beginning of his pitch for Dallas New Tech, TJ Person tells the story of his family’s 14 hour Christmas trip and the fun they had in Orland. “We stayed at this really cool hotel," said Person, CEO of Openkey. "It

At Dallas New Tech January, Jerry King pitched his company Bonfire that brands itself as a simple RV reservation management tool. King initially launched a site called RV Spotfinder that was similar to in where avid RVers could search

In October 2016, AsepsisLife announced that their first product, vImmune was one of 15 applications selected to join FbStart. vImmune has been taking significant strides to become a global product that will help track immunization for healthcare professional and families

ReferLocals is attempting to breach the gap between local businesses and their customers. The new Dallas start-up, founded by Mahesh Kashyap, has recently launched their iOS app and website for both the online consumer and business professional. Marketed as an

As online retailers continue to pop-up across the internet, so does competition. Recently launched Threadhabits looks to join the fray by creating an affordable peer-to-peer fashion marketplace where anyone can sell their unused clothes or their designer clothing. Currently, in

SevenTablets is a mobile development and marketing firm that set its sight on making apps for businesses that will help boost revenue and reduce costs. In this global economy, companies often look for the best way to reach the consumer

Melanin Origins, founded by Louie T. McClain The Second, is a new publishing company that seeks to become the largest Afrocentric book provider in the United States. Their mission is to provide educational material that will inspire children to

On November 4 thru the 6, Fort Worth hosted a startup weekend where developers, designers, and entrepreneurs came together to share their fresh ideas. The highlight of the convention was the pitching contest that had startup teams selling their ideas

Earlier this year on June 1, a new food delivery service opened in Addison. Since then, MenuRunners has gone through a tremendous growth spurt. MenuRunners has acquired several companies since their opening, including their latest acquisition, 380 Delivery located in

Tech Fort Worth, a non-profit organization with a goal of helping entrepreneurs and startup companies successfully launch technology-based platforms, has announced that Hayden Blackburn, former owner of IDEA Works FW, will be joining as an Assistant Director on December 1.

This month, a new social app has hit the iMessage app store that will take a picture of a friend’s reaction to weird or funny clips and send it back to the creator. AwSnap! was created by Dallas-locals Ryan

On November 7th the Global World Summit will begin and last until November 10th in Lisbon, Portugal. The summit will see around 50,000 attendees from entrepreneurs, to big businesses that will show off their latest tech, and share business practices.

StackPath might be a young company on the Dallas start-up scene, but it has certainly hit the ground running. With over 30,000 customers, and an estimated $4.3 billion in investments from partners and other investors, CEO Lancy Crosby has set

There was once a time when kids would go around their neighborhoods and offer to mow lawns for a few bucks. In recent years, these opportunities have dwindled, or altogether disappeared. Scott Bennett, founder and CEO of Skratch, saw a

A new innovative first-person shooter has rocked it’s way into the Dallas indie developer scene. Arms of Telos, created by Dallas local Justin Pierce at Overpowered Games, promises a different kind of FPS experience, with gravity and speed as its

With the struggles of finding affordable health solutions, many people have gone without the needed medical coverage. Dallas-based DocSynk has set forth a plan to use mobile applications and artificial technology that will be able to tell if a current

VR technology is on the rise in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and many companies from advertisers to game devs are jumping on the VR train. One company, 900lbs of creative, aims to provide viewers with incredible virtual and augmented reality experiences.

ACME Creation Lab is a non-profit community workshop in Dallas, Texas. It was founded by two guys who were looking for a place to work on their hobbies. After buying a 10,000 sq ft warehouse from Craigslist, the founders discovered

and  For many parents, youth sports is a way of life that encourages their kids to be active and helps develop social connections with other youths. Keeping track of the team schedules, funding team travels, and building a fan community can

The WavCatcher x1 case is a simple solution to the low Wi-Fi or cellular reception issue at convention centers, hotels, and work spaces for iPhone 6 and 6s. It boosts a cellphone signal to allow for better connection, without the

On September 8th Funimation and Crunchyroll, the two biggest anime distributors, have announced an exciting new partnership. This will bring more anime to anime lovers. They’ve agreed to share existing licenses, and split responsibilities for upcoming anime titles. Funimation, known