Michael is the Co-Founder and CEO of Cariloop, a platform that connects geriatric healthcare providers with patients and families needing assistance. As Founder of HealthSparx and Health 2.0 Dallas, Michael is also a huge supporter of health and technology entrepreneurship here in Dallas and around the world.

I had a great call this morning with a first-time entrepreneur looking to build a team around his recently launched product.  Several times over the course of the conversation, I flashed back to taking my first steps in the startup

Yet again a huge slam dunk for the LaunchDFW and Senico crew as another incredible happy hour event was thrown last night in Deep Elum.  You just know it's going to be a solid outing when the meetup group was

Back in high school and college, I spent my summers working for my dad and the family landscape supply business. While most of my friends sat around all summer, I was working outside stacking brick, bagging mulch, or condensing pallets

Ever watch people and wonder just how the hell they keep up with it all? I usually feel that way when chatting with my friends that have kids.  Seriously, how do you people manage to have these awesome careers and somehow make time to be the kickass parents that you all are? Unreal.  Anyway, most of these folks would probably tell you that they just do the best they can, try to spend quality time when it’s available, yada yada.  Doesn’t really answer my question though – how do they do it?