Top Blogging is about content, but the new trend is video. At Dallas Startup Week, a panel of YouTube/Vloggers in the fashion and entertainment industries came together to discuss the trend for fashion video and getting their brand message out. The panel During Dallas Startup Week 2016, panel moderator Laura Miller, head of small business of Chase Commerce Solutions at JPMorgan Chase, began by saying that the goal of the panel was to demystify the credit process and enable entrepreneurs to use credit During Dallas Startup Week 2016, Kevin Kirkpatrick led a panel that discussed marketing through games and games for marketing. Essentially, the gamification of marketing. The panel consisted of four entrepreneurs of Dallas startups, who spoke about using a game platform to Inspirational speaker Nikki Duong Koenig was right at home on stage at Ignite DFW 4 when she spoke about vegan fashion. For those of you who don’t know what vegan means, it excludes all animal products and byproducts, in all aspects Krista Nightengale, managing director of the Better Block Foundation, took to the stage at Ignite DFW 4 to inform us about the future of Dallas. “We are on the cusp of greatness, but we can’t screw it up," she said. She Michael Pratt, founder of Panamplify, stepped up to the Ignite DFW challenge to inspire the audience with his talk about the "Star in Our Faults." According to Pratt, the reference to "star" means our strengths and the "faults" are our vulnerabilities. Dallas Startup Week 2016 kicked off with a panel of guests who were there to welcome and motivate attendees. The key message was to navigate the event and learn all you can about being an entrepreneur and tapping into the

Jeff Hroncheck, founder of BlueCar, introduced his service as a dispatcher application for your smartphone during the Dallas New Tech event on April 12. Not to be confused with a central dispatcher like Uber, BlueCar uses a User Directed Dispatch

During the Dallas New Tech event on April 12, Brody Holohan, cofounder of Verifomics, explained how the company analyzes your DNA and offers personalized methods, centered on your specific background, to improve your health. “The central motivating idea is based

During the Dallas New Tech event on April 12, Todd McGee, CEO of Cataboom, introduced a behavioral marketing engagement platform that uses Pavlov’s behavioral conditioning theory to instantly and consistently reward a good behavior and change behavior over time through gamification. McGee

When BEVscore founder Joshua Stramiello was in law school, he experienced the loss of a family friend -- a realtor who went to meet a client and never returned. This was the motivation behind his new product BEVscore, an app

Russ Russell, founder and CEO of NotebookU, Inc., joined the Dallas New Tech presenters on March 1 to showcase his company’s solution for college students. He began his presentation by saying, “As college students ourselves, we recognize the need for

Andrew Zusman, VP of product for Skyrise, Inc., featured his product at Dallas New Tech on March 1 as an engagement tool for the occupants of commercial buildings. Appealing to property managers, Skyrise is a communication and concierge platform for commercial

Jay Ali, founder of Smerts, told the audience at Dallas New Tech on March 1 that his company’s mission is to empower people with timely and relevant information. The company calls itself “The Kayak of Alerts,” one and done. Users have

Matthew S. Lewis, founder and CEO of CommonEdits, Inc., joined Dallas New Tech on March 1 to highlight his open-source platform for 30,000 aspiring singers and bands. “It’s a shame that the music we are getting today is too processed,” he said.

Raj Daniels, founder and CEO of OpenTime, LLC, began his presentation at Dallas New Tech on March 1 with some dancing and audience participation. Daniels, who operates a time management system, didn’t waste any time. “The only reason we are

NoiseAware Cofounder David Krauss hit the stage at Dallas New Tech on March 1 to offer a solution to rental property owners who lose money due to noisy renters. He began his journey on this project when, as an Airbnb, Inc.