The SMU School of Engineering is already known for its many triumphs.  Now it’s adding to its reputation for leadership. There Marc Christensen, dean of the Bobby B. Lyle School of Engineering, leads a multi-institutional team working under the complicated acronym “REVEAL”

What do you think of when you hear about Dallas? Triple-digit summer heat? Petroleum? A (currently lackluster) football team? What if I told you that the Dallas mobile development scene has produced world-class games and applications? Larger companies like Game

California-based retail analytics startup Dor has joined XClaim Mobile as part of an early selection for their summer accelerator program. The company will be in Dallas for an extended period after a March visit proved itself fruitful. That’s because there's

Developing a new identity midstream isn't always an easy choice. But in the case of the Dallas-based company Imprint, the decision turned out to be a genuine need. It wasn’t performing quite as well as the other concepts falling under the sustainable,

Sometimes, paperless isn’t just a pipe dream. Implementing electronic processes can be an honest relief for entire industries that have not yet transitioned to being fully digital. An innovative idea for handling clinical software for this purpose has taken Plano, Texas-based VaultMR, a

Staying ahead of the game in an ever-changing technological landscape takes concerted effort and intentional collaboration. Dallas’ business community, though it is unique, is no different than any other in recognizing this need. The method in which the business community is

How can an app help people cope with a problem as severe as cancer? In the age of data, it's just like the solution to any other problem. It's really all about how people navigate the information. CancerQ, the year-old Dallas-based

Creating In Cahoots -- a purposefully designed part coworking studio, part photography studio that is wholly devoted to the production of media -- will be opening its doors to the public in McKinney on or about May 1, in order to

Sometimes, when it comes to business, and the proliferation of an idea, it's more important to think about the concept than the raw product. When people think of the vehicle of the future, they are usually conditioned to think of

A recent article in The Seattle Times covering teen entrepreneur Max Lock, and his Portland-based logistics startup Fleet, announced that Hunt Technology Ventures LP, a Dallas-area venture capital firm, headed funding for the new venture to the tune of $4

Mark Hopkins, CEO of Dallas instantaneous digital video production and content marketing firm Roger Wilco, recently announced intent to join forces in creating a collaborative space that aims to provide incubation capital and other support to Dallas startups organized by several