Hello! I'm currently a PhD candidate in cancer biology at UTSW. My interest for the Dallas scene first came about from volunteering with Health Wildcatters and their breakfast series. It also helps that I had a chance to spend some time in D.C. for an internship. The lessons I learned from there, networking and the importance of policy, are crucial for an entrepreneur to master in order to be successful.

When I went to college, there were all these fit people around me with abs and muscles and lean bodies. It made me start to feel self conscious about myself, so I decided to do something about it. I worked

It’s Friday, you’re finally off of work, and you’re exhausted. Maybe you had invited friends over to snack on some food while watching Game of Thrones and having drinks. Or maybe you’d like to relax and have a nice glass

What do you do when your child falls and gets a really bad gash and needs quick attention? How about when you're feeling pretty sick and know that you need to see your doctor, but he isn't available that week? You might