A visionary leader and foresight strategist, Gretchen helps leaders consciously manage complexity as they transform their organizations and communities. Her approach is consistently transdisciplinary and systemic with a focus on emerging opportunities, national/global trends, and risk mitigation. As a trained anthropologist and educator, Gretchen brings a unique skillset to creating, managing, and aligning socio-cultural impact. A professional coach and challenge course facilitator, she has significant experience working with CEOs and executive teams. Her Ph.D. advisor described her as “one of the most intellectually gifted students" she ever taught. Since 2009, Gretchen, affectionately known as “the Veteran Lady,” has worked on future focused issues using America's resolve not to recreate the long-term outcomes of Vietnam as a catalyst to frame a new social contract that bridges the military-civilian divide, strengthens community, and enhances homeland security. She is a passionate advocate for the importance of community mobilization as the most reliable safety net to prevent America from losing another generation of young veterans and their families. She speaks and consults nationally with a focus on improving community systems to support post-9/11 military/veterans in transition in a way that strengthens community, saves money in local government, and creates economic growth on Main Street. MG James Kelley, U.S. Army (retired), once said, “Gretchen knows more about what it’s like to return home from combat than anyone I know who has never been in combat.” As a committed futurist, Gretchen is always open to new opportunities to nurture future global leaders and engaged citizens who recreate our grandchildren’s future through compassionate leadership, effective communication, relationships of trust, and interdependent teamwork.

From the Dalai Lama, to Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project, to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, an overstressed world is actively seeking happiness. And now, happiness has come to South Dallas thanks to Candice Quarles and Amrit Kirpalani, co-founders of 9 Happy People. Founded

Who’s your ideal startup partner? Do you want a confident leader with integrity who is competitive, passionate, hard-working, and self-motivated? Do you want a flexible team player who will take risks, cope with ambiguity, and rise above failure? Where do you find

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