Craig is the Founder & CEO at offering Free payroll to startups and small businesses and he's a mega believer of the DFW Startup Community. Craig is also the author of The Sport of Sales His previous startup experience includes launching a sports media and advertising company and prior to Kairos a facial recognition API provider, he launched a traditional payroll company as a subsidiary of a credit card processor ultimately handling $2 billion in transactions. His motto: Think Bigger. Fail Faster. Get Better.

It’s been a 33 year journey, but I’ll skip the super early stuff. In 2008, I was a top sales producer at ADP, selling software and services to small businesses in Phoenix. I was there for about one year. I left there

Notice I didn’t say two deals every two years. This story takes place  in San Francisco, well-known for how quickly business gets done. But I’m hopeful that the DFW startup and investment community will soon have this type of excitement in

"That which is simple can still be hard." You should only take other people’s money to maximize opportunity. If taking $1M can get you to $1B market, go get it! But if you are hoping to find $50,000 before you quit your

From grade school to college to playing professional basketball in Europe*, my coaches always stressed the importance of being on balance and in position to pivot. Those lessons still hold true in my entrepreneurial endeavors. I recently read a Tech Crunch article

Let’s first start with the mind-set that capital is not scarce, the opportunity for improvement evolves around becoming a better, modern entrepreneur, with a bigger vision and better execution. Say it with me “THERE IS CAPITAL

This is a guest post by Craig Lewis, Chief Strategy Officer at    They say that revenue is king. I would say similarly that the sales pipeline is queen as they both go hand-in-hand. Sales revenue is the lifeline of B2B tech