RoboKind is one of those companies that flies relatively low on the radar of the DFW startup community, but since 2011 they’ve gone from 5 to 22 full-time employees, raised $17 million dollars locally, and reached students in 35 states,

Local Arlington couple Luke and Lauren Brewer have officially opened the doors to their new coworking space, Union Worx Coworking.  Located at 500 East Front Street, the space is Arlington’s newest spot for coworking, shared workspace, private offices, meetings and

Although his background includes designing for some of the biggest brands in the world, Jarrod Ausborne feels right at home now as Chief Design Officer at Gig Wage, a  venture-backed payments platform specializing in independent contractors. Headquartered in downtown Dallas,

We’ve all been there. You’re dedicated to your career, so much so that you end up neglecting your health despite all the warning signs. This was Patrick Smith’s story, the founder of a new and rapidly growing startup that’s been

A self-described “average guy” from Fort Worth, Cam Sadler’s love of technology and teaching has led him down his own unique path of entrepreneurship. He was in high school when he launched his first business, a blog where he reported

Serial entrepreneurs Brandon Warman and Daniel Vitiello have known each other since high school, and they’ve come a long way since then. As is the case with many entrepreneurs we chat with, their entrepreneurial journeys began early on with their

Three years ago, Ruben Izmailyan was in a very different place in life. He had just moved to Dallas with his wife for her job, and the day after they landed in town he began class at a local coding

If you're not familiar with #BigDOCC, you should start by telling yourself to ignore all of the "I'm not a morning person" messages your brain is sending you right now, and set your alarm to be on time for 8:00am

Nathan Butorac has been an entrepreneur since he was 11 years old. Like many kids trying to make a quick buck, he began by mowing lawns in his neighborhood. As he grew older, his ideas became more ambitious, although not

If you've read Launch DFW's feature on them back in February, you'll know that Stoke Denton is doing big things both in and for the entrepreneurial community in Denton. With many of their recent events, they're aiming to draw in

When it comes to taking action in the wake of recent school shootings across the country, UT Dallas student and Founder/President Ashlesha Nesarikar is putting her money where her mouth is. One of two recent winners of Richardson’s recent U.S.

Coming from a background in small business solutions, Biztrack CEO Kevin Carrillo’s career so far has led him to where he is today: launching his own business. In his time working with smaller businesses, he began to realize that they

Most startups know that sometimes the great idea you start out with in the beginning of building a business isn’t quite the same one that you end with. Iteration is the name of the game, which often times results in

Few cities in the metroplex have the reputation and pride that Denton does when it comes to community. From music and arts, to food and education, this often forgotten corner of the metroplex has also been making quite a name

If you’re an avid Launch DFW reader, you know that we’re passionate about creating and supporting our local community. So in keeping with the holiday spirit, we’re bringing back a special annual tradition