NewCraft on a mission to get 10,000 Texans hired with new funding and business model

It’s always thrilling to hear North Texas-based startups, not only thriving and surviving, but also taking their visions to even greater heights…locally.

NewCraft is one of the startups that we have followed for quite some time. From pitching at Dallas New Tech, to celebrating their acceptance as the first startup from Fort Worth into YC, we have followed their inspiring journey over the last couple of years and sensed they were on the road to something great.

So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when I got the word from the company’s CEO Cam Sadler that they were indeed cooking up something big…ok huge.

Cam Sadler

Effective today, NewCraft has announced their biggest news in company history; a monumental mission to revolutionize the way companies hire talent and the way great talent finds work, builds a network and gets paid. It feels like it’s a new announcement, but in all actuality, it’s been Sadler’s vision from the very beginning – build a robust, online platform for employers and jobseekers and radically change the way they connect.

Cam and his team are looking to make 10,000 job referrals… And they’ve raised funds by way of a North Texas family office (more details to come later) to ensure that their model is successful and that each apprentice is paid $20/hour too. Why?

Well, according to Sadler, talent is evenly distributed but opportunities are not. The internet has improved opportunity distribution drastically but the most impactful opportunities still live in private networks. “Accessing these networks requires participation in cultural tournaments built on with relationships and trust building,” he states. “The tournament isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it’s not very meritocratic because it’s primary home is offline. With NewCraft, we’re moving this process online.

Here’s the process:

courtesy of NewCraft

Sadler also believes that expertise and networks are significantly harder to build while hungry. So, it was a no brainer for the NewCraft team to pay their students at least $20/hr while they are building both.

Here are more cool facts to marinate on:

  • 10,000 successful job referrals translates to NewCraft paying out close to $24 million to students in transition to new jobs; these referrals-turned-placements have the ability to generate $100 million in revenue.
  • 140 applications have already been received, including both companies and prospective apprentices.
  • They’re looking to partner with high-growth companies with at least 50 employees and growing. As for students, the NewCraft platform is going to be a good fit for individuals who’ve completed at least 75% of an online class, college course or bootcamp. NewCraft helps them close the 25% gap which is mainly about network, practical expertise and job offers.

NewCraft + LAUNCH.

The Launch team cares about a good news story. But we also want to get people working; we want to see our ecosystem grow stronger. So we jumped at the chance to partner with the NewCraft team and this game-changing business model. We’ll not only serve as a media partner and share the stories of the apprentices and companies that participate, but we’re also excited to serve as a community collaborator as well; specifically as NewCraft expands across the Lone Star State. Stay tuned for more details this spring.

For now, here’s how you can help:

  • Tell people who are transitioning to new careers about NewCraft
  • Bring NewCraft’s risk-free hiring process to your company by filling out this form:
  • Contact Launch if you’d like to help our team and NewCraft move the Texas workforce forward in a meaningful way this year




Bradley Joyce

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.