WeWork Clearfork Spotlight: Chappell Capital

As our community continues to grow, Launch DFW is on an ongoing mission to introduce you to some of the region’s incredible startups and business innovators. We’ve partnered with Fort Worth-based WeWork ClearFork to spotlight a few of the DFW-based entrepreneurs that call this modern coworking space home.


Founding year:

Officially 2018, but we really started in 2017.


Chase Chappell

Company mission:

Provide as much value to every client that we do business with. We’re a digital marketing agency, offering services such as social media marketing and management. That’s mainly our specialty. We primarily focus on social media because that’s where we’re really getting a return on investment for clients. They get huge results from the work that we do. Every single time we bring on a client it’s almost always 100% chance of them getting a return on their investment via our social media marketing services.

What was the inspiration to start Chappell Capital?

Around three years ago, I was with another agency and there was a lot of disagreements with the vision that I and my partner had. I was a partner with another company and they weren’t looking at it the same way. It was really just greed filled, money driven. It wasn’t super focused on the client. I ended up leaving that agency late in 2017 and started Chappell Capital, which the focus would be solely on clients and only driving revenue for them and results for them. That’s how we end up getting our clients, is by showcasing exactly what we do best for them.

When I left my last agency, I was scrambling to get something started quickly. A few of my clients from the last agency started contacting me, saying that they knew I was managing a lot of the social media marketing for them and they wanted me to continue. So when I left that agency, I had to have an LLC to basically transfer them over so that we could legalize everything. I already had an LLC, which was Chappell Capital, and it was a high school project that I had for a venture capitalist firm.  I always told myself that I would end up using that name in the future. It just so happened to be that I had that as an active LLC and I had to immediately go into it before I could really do anything else. I transferred them over and next thing you know, we were growing so fast that I never got around to changing it. That is despite some of the people on my team bugging me about it because it’s a question that a lot of people end up asking.

What services do you provide?

Social media our specialty. That’s what we’re really known for. Other services include running Google Search, developing websites, and developing landing pages. If we’re going to be managing social media ads, it’s really important that when they see the ad on social media or they see the ad on Google and they visit the actual page from the ad, it needs to be super consistent. The branding has to be right. Everything has to be flushed together so that way it can actually work and get somebody to convert.

We offer another service, which is conversion rate optimization. We make sure everything’s optimized on the site and landing pages and on the social media ads. That way it is super fine-tuned. We found that once we actually find the correct audience that brings in the most amount of return on investment for clients, it ends up becoming significantly cheaper. That is because we get so precise with what we do that nobody’s actually hitting our audiences. It’s really effective.

We ended up offering website design because a lot of people were telling us that they really liked some of the pages on our site and that they liked everything we’re doing there. That was the initial service we offered. We started to find out that a lot of our team comes from strategic communications and design backgrounds, so it really just made sense to offer that service for clients as well.

What innovation does Chappell Capital offer businesses?

We have unmatched results. We have access to resources that other agencies don’t have access to. We actually manage the social media marketing ads and Facebook Business Manager. We’ve spent so much money on ads and used all of the tools available that we get access to things other agencies don’t. It’s really allowed us to become appealing to other companies, as well as to other agencies who want to work with us because they just can’t offer those services. We are able to offer them because of the number of capabilities we do have.

Any interesting partnerships or collaborations?

We’re currently partnered with two agencies right now. We end up managing a lot of their client social media marketing for them. That has allowed us to bring on Fortune 100 clients in such an early stage in our business. We went from working with just a few clients three months ago to quadrupling our size. Then being able to work with Fortune 100 clients that we would have never been able to work with so early on if we hadn’t made those partnerships with agencies and them actually trusting us and handing over although their client work to us which has allowed us to really grow.

What can we expect from Chappell Capital?

Our six-year goal is to be at 800 team members, to be an absolutely massive agency. Next year we’re expecting to have 20 team members and have a ton of clients. There are so many clients are going to be coming on in 2019 that we just can’t bring on right now because we have a hiring issue. We don’t have enough people to support all of these large companies who are wanting to start working with us because of the results we’re providing. It’s unbelievable.

It’s forcing us to have to push times out and wait on things. Next year is going to be really big for us. We are expecting to triple in size next year.

Your thoughts on the DFW business community?

There’s a lot of entrepreneurs in DFW, especially since there are so many colleges that are bringing so many people here. I used to live in Dallas. I moved over to Fort Worth primarily because of talent. There were so many people. I had a connection with a professor at TCU. When I moved over here our talents stream came here. Instead of everybody driving to Dallas, it made more sense for us to get an office in Fort Worth rather than everybody coming to us in Dallas and really in DFW.

I’ve started to notice that after graduation, a lot of students end up staying here rather than going back to where they’re from, whether they’re out of state or from another location. It’s almost like a gift. DFW has this major pool where it just ends up keeping people here because they meet a lot of cool people here, there’s a lot of business influence here. I’ve known a lot of people in the area for a long time. It’s really easy to connect with people and I constantly hear from other people how this is the friendliest area compared to all the other states. It makes for a lot of good conversation and connections to be made here. That has been a big factor in everything, especially since there are so many startups in this area too. It’s unbelievable.

Anything else LaunchDFW readers should know about Chappell Capital?

Everything we do is 100% data-driven. It’s all factual. We completely take out the guesswork of everything. It’s really not opinionated at all. It’s almost all based off of facts and data. We analyze absolutely everything in people’s businesses and only do things that actually make sense.

We start looking at all the facts and data. We see a position that we think we can actually scale up and make them a lot of money. Then we only focus on that. That’s allowed us to have a 100% success rate and getting a return on investment for clients. Because that’s all we focus on. Rather than saying “we think that should here” or “we think we should run this campaign because of this reason”, or “somebody had an experience with something a specific way”. It doesn’t always work like that. It’s almost always because of facts and data, which allows for the best decision decisions to be made and allows for a lot of systems to be put in place. That way there’s just not a lot of confusion. There’s no way for anybody to argue with anything because it’s fully transparent. It shows real numbers and it’s all measurable and trackable.


Brianna Taeuber