How fashion tech innovation Is changing the game for luxury marketers

The holidays are upon us. It’s that time of the year when we whip out our wallets as we accept the fact that we’re going to have to spend some money. So we thought the time was fitting to highlight a podcast that is all about an industry that is centered around just that.

Fashion Is Your Business, a weekly podcast produced by MouthMedia Network, discusses the “intersection between fashion and tech”, highlighting those in the industry who place technology at the center of their business strategy. Each episode is hosted either in New York or around the country at a notable fashion event or conference. Some of the episodes are recorded right in the center of the action, so you’ll likely hear the bustle of a crowd in the background as the hosts nab the time of some of the fashion industry’s most formidable innovators and leaders. What you’ll hear is all across the board, but will without a doubt be incredibly valuable regardless of the industry you play in.

Meet The Hosts

In order: Bahl, Raco, & Sanchez

The Fashion Is Your Business podcast has a slew of hosts: Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco, as well as guest hosts who periodically make appearances. Each of these hosts travels around the country to get intel from the heavy-hitters in the fashion industry. But what makes this crew of hosts unique is their various backgrounds and expertise. They are all heavy hitters.

Pavan Bahl co-founded MouthMedia and calls himself “a connector in global technology eco-systems”. He’s also the founder and CEO of Open Source Fashion, the parent brand of Fashion Is Your Business. Open Source Fashion prides itself on being the first company whose mission is to support the fashion tech industry, which is Bahl’s true passion.

Rob Sanchez is CEO of MouthMedia Network and former COO of Open Source Fashion. In addition to his work in the tech fashion industry, Sanchez is also an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham Law School where he also serves on the Entrepreneurial Law Alumni Council.

Marc Raco is the entertainment pro on the Fashion Is Your Business team. He also co-founded MouthMedia Network and currently stands as Head of Content and Programming. Raco has a proven track record in the entertainment field, and a long list of podcasts he’s hosted in his career. He would likely be considered an expert in the podcasting and production field.

Featured Episode: Michael Crooks – Selling Luxury with Psychology

Michael Crooks Credit: Albert Cheung Photography

What makes shoppers want shoes that are well over a thousand dollars? Why do people aspire to own a Louis Vuitton bag or sport some Dior sunglasses? Is it the quality that drives people to purchase these items? Or is it something else? Dare I say…marketing? But what exactly goes into the strategy behind marketing luxury brands? On this archived episode of Fashion Is Your Business, Bahl, Sanchez, and Raco record live at the Sennheiser pop up shop in NYC to talk about luxury marketing and how technology plays a role.

Michael Crooks, *at the time this podcast was recorded* Head of Customer Insights at Gucci, provides his take on how Gucci uses tech to reach their specific target audiences. What makes Crooks a luxury brand marketing guru? He has some compelling ideas about the topic all stemming from his impressive background in psychology. Crooks believes that once he understands a person’s cognitive triad (one’s perception of the self, environment, and future) he can build a bulletproof marketing strategy to appeals to any given set of people. Don’t believe him? Listen for yourself to find out how scarily predictable people tend to be, and how companies are pairing those insights with the data they receive through their technology systems.

Why You Should Listen 

This is an older Fashion Is Your Business episode, but it’s too good not to share. Regardless of the industry, if you are selling something, you have got to know your clients. You can’t simply stop your analysis at purchase behavior. As an entrepreneur, it’s in your best interest to delve deep into the minds of the customers you want most. Once you understand the minds of the target audience, you have a chance at pinpointing the unique personal attributes. Those unique attributes are a guide for how best to market to that audience. We live in an age where everything must be personal. Companies should know their customers better than those customers know themselves! So if marketing strategies have a good mix of data and psychoanalysis, according to Crooks, you have yourself a recipe for success.

How To Find It

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