The war between startups and Microsoft

If you’re an avid business podcast listener, you’ve probably noticed they’re all structured similarly. The interviewer asks a question about how the interviewee became a huge success, the person answers, you’re left in awe…

But this week’s featured podcast is a little different. Instead of the standard conversation between two people, the show captivates its audience  with an eloquently told war story between two industry competitors fighting to change the world. Business Wars, produced by Wondery, is an artfully crafted storytelling podcast that releases seasons of 3-5 episodes highlighting the tales of some of the most intriguing business battles in history.

Featured Episode: Browser Wars – Kickstarting a Revolution

A first iteration of the Mosaic browser

It’s hard to believe that people ever operated without the internet. It’s even harder to believe that it wasn’t all that long ago that the internet came into existence. Business Wars take us back to the early ’90s to tell the story of Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina, two computer science students who are responsible for accelerating the adoption of the internet. The story is compelling. Cue Bill Gates and the whole Microsoft crew prepping to take on a small but mighty software company. But before Business Wars gets to that part, you’ll be guided through the intricacies behind the buildup of events. Just like a true storyteller should! This being the first episode of the latest Business Wars season, you’ll have to tune in every few days to hear the next chapter.

Why You Should Listen 

It’s not very often that you find a business podcast that has the storytelling element. Wondery produced Dr. Death and Dirty John, so you should know you’re in for a treat. For those that haven’t tuned into Wondery’s shows yet, the network is known for carefully curated storytelling that makes you feel as though you are in the story yourself. Listening to Business Wars, you’ll learn more about the events leading up to the major face-off between two companies that bring to light some business lessons you wouldn’t otherwise get from listening to an interview. 

How To Find It

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