WeWork Spotlight: Ello Events

As our community continues to grow, Launch DFW is on an ongoing mission to introduce you to some of the region’s incredible startups and business innovators. We’ve partnered with Fort Worth-based WeWork ClearFork to spotlight a few of the DFW-based entrepreneurs that call this modern coworking space home.

Meet Ello Events

Founding year:



Haylee Bowden & Brooke Ingram

Company Mission:

To increase local nonprofits’ influence for good by meeting their event-based needs. 

The main heartbeat of Ello Events is to help nonprofits. When we started researching this market in the spring, we realized that nonprofits are typically too busy to plan their own events really well. They have a million things going on, and the last thing they want to do is call 15 vendors and pick napkin colors! Events are important to nonprofits because they are opportunities to present their mission to the community, increase financial support from their community, and build those relationships with their community that they’ve been wanting to have. It’s a time and space for them to actually shake the hands of their donors, put a face to a name, and invite more people into their mission. We want to take care of the planning process and execution of events so that the nonprofit Directors and staff can focus on fundraising and building relationships with the people they are inviting to the event. Our hope is that we can further the nonprofit’s impact for good by taking care of their event-based needs!

What was the inspiration to start Ello Events? 

Haylee Bowden and I both graduated from TCU in May of this year (2018), and we lived together our last two years of college. I got my degree in Communication Studies, and she got a double degree in Social Work and Child Development. We simultaneously were searching for jobs during the Fall of our senior year, and simultaneously weren’t feeling impressed or drawn to any career path we saw.

I interned at an event planning agency in Austin during the summer of 2017 and have had a desire for that industry for a few years. Haylee has experience with nonprofits through volunteer work, an internship, and her Social Work major at TCU, as well as family and close friends who work for nonprofits.

Over Christmas break of our senior year, we connected the dots that we both love event planning and we both love work with a clear, distinct purpose. We wanted to do something meaningful that would have an effect on our community. So we combined our passions and began pursuing what it would look like to start an event planning business specifically focusing on nonprofit organizations in Fort Worth, and thus Ello Events was born!

In March we bought our LLC and made our website, and by August we laid all of the groundwork for a business. We hit the ground running in July, and by the end of the year, we will have planned 8 events! We have been so encouraged by the community’s response to our business, and we are amazed by the generosity of Fort Worth business owners who want to partner with us in making this a reality.

Inspired by a love for both hospitality and the non-profit sector, Ello Events began after experiencing a felt need for small non-profits to have the ability to outsource all of their event-based needs. We have backgrounds in event planning and non-profit work, which allowed us to witness the burden that events can place on staff members of nonprofit organizations as they try to juggle many other responsibilities. Our hope from the beginning has been to provide these staff members a way to focus on their primary job of serving others instead of focusing energy on executing necessary events.

What services do you provide? 

Ranging from idea generation to event execution, Ello Events offers a variety of services relevant to every aspect of an event. We take care of decor, floor plans, vendor coordination, set up and tear down, invites and RSVPs, and more.  

What innovation does Ello Events offer businesses? 

Ello Events is one of the only DFW event planning companies solely dedicated to non-profits. In focusing on this niche, we have set ourselves up to become experts in the non-profit sector in order to execute extremely successful events for our clients. We have become learners of how to effectively engage with donor bases, maximize fundraising efforts, and operate on a tight budget, making our services trustworthy and valuable to non-profit organizations. 

Any interesting partnerships or collaborations? 

Yes! We recently collaborated with local, national, and international fair trade and ethical fashion brands to host a market for the Fort Worth community. It took place on November 29th from 6-9 pm at WeWork Clearfork. We were excited to partner with these amazing brands and empower the community to use their purchasing power for good. 

Your thoughts on the DFW business community? 

The DFW business community is dynamic and inspiring. We have been exposed to a variety of different businesses from officing out of WeWork Clearfork, and we have been encouraged by many like-minded, driven individuals. Something we admire about the DFW business community is the overwhelming generosity individual businesses have shown to us as a new start-up on the scene!