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If you are personally inspired by women killing it at their hustle, then Girlboss Radio with Sophia Amoruso might be your next podcast to binge. This podcast series is constantly releasing content covering a variety of topics. Just recently, Girlboss Radio wrapped up a mini-series called “In Progress” which highlights the journeys of women founders across all industries. It’s TBD on what the next mini-series will be, but in the meantime check out the “In Progress” mini-series, as well as the original Girlboss Radio episodes. You’ll be exposed to the advice from women leading early-stage startups as well as those who have scaled and made it “big”.

Meet The Host – Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso

If you ever watched the Netflix original Girlboss you probably know a thing or two about Sophia Amoruso and the story of Nasty Gal. But for those of you who don’t know Amoruso, I’ll give you a quick overview. At the ripe age of 22, Amoruso began selling vintage clothing on eBay as a full-time job. Mind you, the entrepreneur dropped out of college and was scraping by living in San Francisco. But before long, her eBay business boomed, and she transitioned to her own online retail platform, Nasty Gal. In no time at all, the Nasty Gal brand exploded, Amoruso was raking in the dough, and investors were coming out of the woodwork. After signing on with a venture capital firm, Amoruso was expected to quadruple sales. This expectation drove her to make some quick, and as she admits, not-so-smart business decisions. Eventually, Nasty Gal went bankrupt and sold for $20 million [not bad for being bankrupt right?] to But this isn’t the end of Amoruso’s story, which makes her a compelling founder to study.

Instead of letting failure define her, Amoruso wrote New York Times bestseller, #Girlboss, which tells the Nasty Gal story from the eyes of its unconventional founder. Being so young and naive during Nasty Gal’s rise and fall, Amoruso explains what she learned from the experience and how she is using what she learned to grow the Girlboss brand. Now, Amoruso is viewed as a pinnacle for women in business, and a role model for those who dare to go against the grain.

Featured Episode: Anu Duggal – Founding Partner of Female Founders Fund

Anu Duggal

On this episode of Girlboss Radio, Amoruso interviews Anu Duggal, creator of Female Founders Fund, to discuss her career path and advice for founders seeking VC funding. Before starting the fund that has backed heavy hitter companies such as Eloquii, Zola, and Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Duggal co-founded her own tech company. Exclusively. In, Duggal’s first company is essentially the Indian version of GILT and brings luxury styles to the Indian marketplace. Later, Duggal became the CEO of Bollywood-inspired dance-fitness brand, Doonya. While in that role, Duggal had some less than positive experiences with male investors who didn’t seem to understand her ideas. This inspired her to move back to New York and become an angel investor for companies founded exclusively by women. By 2014, Duggal had built the Female Founders Fund and continues to invest in scalable early-stage startups built by women.

But what does Duggal look for in a new venture? Frankly, what does any VC at that level look for? Amoruso asks Duggal to discuss the most important factors in her decision to invest in a company. Key takeaways: Returns are crucial. Know your numbers. Understand your competitive landscape. Prove you know how to work with little resources. Oh and if you really want to get into the mind of VCs, peruse their Twitter [yep it’s ok to stalk them].

Why You Should Listen 

Some of the best advice you can get is from the “horse’s mouth”, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from this episode. Money is an uncomfortable topic, especially when you’re needing to ask for it. Your idea could be the next big thing, but we all know that isn’t the ticket to ride. Unless you can truly sell your idea to the folks with the cash to fund it, you’ll struggle to scale. Listen to this Girlboss episode to sidestep the potential awkward money chat and learn exactly what investors are looking for in a new venture.

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