#ListenLocalDFW: UX is all about telling a story

Of all product development aspects, what is most crucial to achieving success? The answer to this question probably varies, but to many in the tech industry – the user experience should never be ignored. This mantra is the basis for local UX and creative agency, ProjectUXwhose goal is to “weave good UX into the fabric of every startup” they work with. ProjectUX develops online video content as well as a weekly podcast designed to help startups hone in on their own unique UX in order to stand out in the market. With a small team of highly devoted and experienced UX professionals, ProjectUX is on a mission to reach startups across the country and provide the needed support to achieve their business goals.

No matter what industry you play in, the ProjectUX podcast offers relevant content that addresses UX related issues. New episodes debut weekly.

Meet The Hosts – Jeff WhitfieldRob Andrews

The dynamic duo behind the ProjectUX series, Jeff Whitfield and Rob Andrews uncover the why and the how of a variety of topics. Rob is the Executive Producer and Director of not only the podcast but the company. ProjectUX started out as a Shark Tank-style web series but in the past few years, Rob has transformed it into a full-blown UX and creative agency. He is an experience-driven entrepreneur who has worked in film production, UX design, business development, and finance. Jeff is a web designer and developer with 18 years of experience, who also works as a consultant for various clients. He also has experience in the world of audio/visual production. They are both entrepreneurs through and through, each with a couple of extra businesses on the side. If you need help with UX, these are the two to go to.

Featured Episode: Storytelling in UX

Renowned author and lecturer, Robert McKee is famous for saying, “Stories are how we remember, we tend to forget bullet points.” Would you agree? In this episode of ProjectUX, Whitfield, Andrews, and Launch DFW’s very own Brianna Taeuber go into a discussion about the concept that breeds this quote and how storytelling applies to product development. But really…how does product development affect the story? What can developers do to engage users in a personal and impactful way? These are not the simplest questions to answer and in this episode, you’ll get some opinions about how a developer can improve their storytelling. Some companies have made solid decisions when it comes to UX, and it’s heavily impacted the “story” they’ve told users. Take an opportunity to learn from the best storytellers in the business, so you get inspired to write a story worth telling your users.

Why You Should Listen 

As much as developers get caught up in the excitement of functionality and capabilities, those attributes only go so far. I know, not what you want to hear, but you can’t deny it. Functionality gets people to use a product once or twice. But connect with a user on a personal level, and you’ve got them hooked for the long haul. For those of you who aren’t quite sold on this concept, this episode of the ProjectUX podcast series offers the needed basis behind the storytelling mantra. Telling a story with tech is no easy feat. But Whitfield, Andrews, and Taeuber dive straight in and prove, through stories of their own, that tech developers have all the ability to snag lifetime users by harnessing the concept of storytelling.

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