FROM VISION TO VALUE: Point B drives innovation forward with integrated platform for startups

Since our inception almost a decade ago, Launch DFW has been committed to the continued growth and success of North Texas startups. Local founders are an integral part of our brand’s ethos. Whenever our team has an opportunity to partner with other organizations that are just as passionate about entrepreneurs, we jump at a chance to collaborate.

On November 15th, we’re excited to co-host a special event with our new partner Point B.

Past The Handshake will offer an inside look at how successful partnerships between startups and industry giants are formed and what they need to be successful. Special guests include:

Toyota’s Beth Comenat, Retail Transformation Manager
TopGolf’s Scott LoveJoy, VP of Technology Innovation
Point B Capital’s Henry Lin, Managing Director
Smart City’s Cassie Brown, CEO/Founder

The event will take place at The Dallas Entrepreneur Center’s West End venue and will serve as both an opportunity for networking and an evening designed to bring corporations and startups together for greater connection and collaboration.

From Vision to Value

It would be easy to describe Point B as a management consulting firm, but that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The Seattle-based firm does in fact offer management consulting services to a myriad of clients nationwide that includes the likes of Microsoft, Cigna and Starbucks. But the firm has also built a solid reputation over the last twenty plus years for the work it does for startups as well. Point B offers one of the best-integrated entrepreneurial platforms in the industry:

  • Venture Capital Arm, Point B Capital
  • Digital Studios
  • Property Development Group
  • Expert Velocity Resource Supply.

These divisions provide Point B with an unique opportunity to transcend the constraints of traditional consulting services in order to truly transform businesses. Their diverse ecosystem of offerings gives the trailblazing firm the ability to go above and beyond for clients.

credit: Point B

For busy startups, the key to success often involves optimizing processes and workflow in order to keep up with ever evolving trends, customer demands and staying ahead of innovation.Trying to run, manage and transform a business at the same time can often feel like an impossible feat for founders. Not only is Point B skilled at handling the complex demands of transformation, but they have mastered the art of working alongside existing teams and workplace cultures. The pace of change in technology, innovation and disruption for Dallas organizations of all sizes has never been faster or more urgent,” said Point B Dallas Practice Director, Jimmy Cordy. “Point B is in a unique position to couple the expertise in leading complex initiatives with an innovative eye towards change that will keep Dallas startups relevant and ahead of the pack.”

Capital That Works

The creation of Point B Capital further confirms Point B’s place as a serious industrywide gamechanger. The evergreen fund invests in early-stage companies, leveraging the expertise and strategic insight of the management consulting practice, thus making it a very unique player among current VCs. Point B Capital’s team of investors represent a diverse blend of investing, entrepreneurial, operating, capital markets, and consulting backgrounds.

While consultative services still remain Point B’s primary area of focus, the expertise, network and due diligence the consulting firm brings to its capital arm ensures that startups not only have a partner that can provide thought leadership and strategic operational support, but can also grow with them too.

Event Details:

Past The Handshake, Presented By Point B and Launch DFW

Thursday, November 15th at The DEC West End
6:00 PM Check-in & Networking
6:30 PM Panel Discussion
7:30 PM Meet & Greet Cocktails

RSVP here.