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Depending on the industry or company you work for, getting a MBA  can be extremely helpful. But when you’re launching a company, going back to school is often the last thing on a founder’s “to-do” list because of the lack of time and financial resources. Omar Zenhom, co-founder and CEO of the popular educational platform The $100 MBA, understands this struggle and even built a business based on his experience as an educator [and an MBA student dropout].

Meet The Host – Omar Zenhom

Long before The $100 MBA became what it is today, Zenhom spent the first 10 years of his career as a high school ESL teacher in Dubai. Sounds legit right? It was, but his time there was not without some challenges. Zenhom’s high school students grew up in a culture where driving around a Maserati or Mercedes Benz was the norm. He struggled to convince the students that homework was worthwhile. These kids had all the luxuries they could ever want, so school was not the priority. This forced Zenhom to create unique teaching tactics to engage his students. Unbeknownst to him, this skill would help shape his most successful business venture to date.

Omar Zenhom

After leaving his teaching career in Dubai and spending a few years launching a variety of online businesses, Zenhom went back to get his MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of Business. But he quickly became frustrated with the teaching style he encountered, and he was inspired to create a company that would revolutionize business education altogether. So in 2014, he dropped out of business school and launched Webinar Ninja with co-founder, Nicole Baldinu.

Together Zenhom and Baldinu created The $100 MBA program and podcast to specifically address the needs of entrepreneurs across the world. Nabbing the attention of Forbes, Fast Company, and The Huffington Post, The $100 MBA Show has received numerous awards over the years for its unique approach to the art of starting a company. Try signing up for The $100 MBA program, and you’ll be immediately directed to a waitlist. But don’t worry, The $100 MBA offers free guides and courses you can download today to keep you learning while you wait for a spot.

Featured Episode: Is Your Business Growing Too Slowly?

Are you haunted by this question just before you fall asleep or the second you get up in the morning? If you are in the early stages of starting a business, I’d say that’s a hard “yes”. But truthfully, how do you know if your company is successful and that your efforts are making a difference? In this episode of The $100 MBA Show, Zenhom forces you to assess how you measure success. You’ll start thinking about what drives you to keep pushing the business forward, and even why you may not be working as hard as you need to. Once Zenhom prompts you to think about the “if” and the “why” your business is growing too slowly, he offers actionable next steps to adjust your strategy to reach your goals.

Why You Should Listen 

The $100 MBA Show is a rare find. Where else will you find hyper-specific and actionable advice from an expert without needing to network your way into the conversation? Zenhom knows how to teach listeners in a quick and digestible way. So, in under 20 minutes, you’ll receive the advice you actually need. I’d recommend taking some notes while you listen to these episodes, 20 minutes covers a lot of ground.

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