#ListenLocalDFW: The power of sleep when it comes to scaling your startup

Go to any startup event and you are sure to overhear talk about “scaling”. How do companies build a scalable business model, workforce, or idea? Many entrepreneurs often avoid such heavy topics until it becomes impossible to ignore the inevitable. The pressure of actually scaling is precisely the reason why Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur, Reid Hoffman, has experienced incredible success with his podcast series, Masters of ScaleCleverly written and hugely insightful, Masters of Scale, uncovers the secrets behind the most successful businesses and the people who scaled them.

Meet The Host – Reid Hoffman

Reid Hoffman 

Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn co-founder, board member of over 15 companies including Microsoft, and best-selling author,  truly has a passion for entrepreneurship. Unlike many of the moguls surrounding him, Hoffman chose a rather unconventional path and did not pursue an MBA or a law degree to get ahead in his career. Instead, he chose to study philosophy, which he says honed his high-level critical thinking abilities and his understanding of human nature.

You might be wondering how understanding human nature translates to startups and scaling companies. But take a page from this Silicon Valley philosopher‘s playbook, because these skills have served him well as an investor and entrepreneur. Just take a look at Hoffman’s very own LinkedIn resume, and you’ll see a track record that more than proves his success.

Featured Episode: Arianna Huffington – What Great Founders Do At Night

Arianna Huffington 

In the startup world, the word “sleep” is often scoffed at. Who has time for a full eight hours of sleep when you’re trying to launch a company? Preparing for investor meetings, practicing pitches, making sure things don’t burn to the ground overnight – all of these responsibilities often take precedence over sleep. Many founders make the choice to forgo a full night’s rest to get it sh*t done and it works, right? What if I told you this strategy is actually hurting you more than helping you?

Maybe it seems that sleep is worth pushing aside right now, but Arianna Huffington (founder of the Huffington Post) preaches that sleep, and sleep alone is the key to the highest productivity. Huffington believes that without enough sleep, even the smartest and most talented entrepreneurs will not be able to prevent important things from falling through the cracks. You can’t risk that when starting a business. This episode will walk you through Huffington’s journey to become a “sleep advocate” and why she even founded a company based on this passion for sleep.

Why You Should Listen 

There is a reason why I’d recommend the Masters of Scale series twice. Not only do I think this podcast series is extremely well produced, but this particular episode is one that anyone can relate to. It’s easy to get caught up in the grind of starting a successful company and keeping it thriving, but we can often forget that as human beings we need a few basic things to survive. Sleep is not only a survival need but also a productivity need.

Want to succeed? Make sleep a priority and not just an added bonus to your day. This episode will enlighten you on all the reasons why sleep is crucial to the success of any company. It’s the root of many problems companies face. So it would be beneficial to buy into the notion that sleep is non-negotiable. Not sold on the idea? Then all the more reason to listen to this episode now, and see how it changes your view on the importance of a little R&R.

How To Find It

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