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#ListenLocalDFW: Compete Every Day And Win At Life

The hustle. The grind. Whatever you call it, it is a lot of work to win at life. And we all want to win, don’t we? Maybe you want to start a business, to climb the ladder, or to do something new with your life. Whatever it is, it is going to take a lot of work each and every day. It is like a competition, except instead of me-versus-you it is a constant challenge to become better.

“Harness the power of competition to be better than yesterday.”

That is the motto of Compete Every Day, a lifestyle brand and podcast created by Jake Thompson, keynote speaker and Founder + Chief Encouragement Officer. He interviews athletes, leaders, and coaches from sports, fitness, psychology, and business about what it takes to be a “Championship performer”. He explores what drives them, how they act and think, and how they win in all areas of life.

Do you want to be better than you were yesterday? Do you want to make a positive impact on the world around you? Do you want to be a Champion in your own life? Then we recommend this podcast.

Jake Thompson

Meet The Host: Jake Thompson

Jake is what most would call a born entrepreneur. He started working in his family’s convenience store at 8 years old, going on to sell Christmas cookies in April (a feat he considers to be his first entrepreneurial success. Years later he started his company selling t-shirts out of the back of his car. He now has sold over $3.1 million in t-shirts in over 48 countries around the world.

All of his successes as an entrepreneur, business owner, athlete, speaker and coach he attributes to the competitive mindset he learned growing up in East Texas. He believes that it takes courage, championship, and drive to unlock the gift inside all of us to its greatest potential.

He started this podcast to instill the same competitive mindset that drives him into people around the world.

Why Did You Create This Podcast?

I launched the Compete Every Day Podcast in December of 2016. Initially, it was called Better Than Yesterday, which was a piece of our motto. What we try to do at Compete Every Day, whether through apparel through my keynote speaking, workshops and training, is to help people harness the mindset habits of successful competitors in sports to be successful in life. The season conversations were a mix of me interviewing people from a variety of backgrounds that I felt, the way they approached business, relationships and life aligned with the way to introduce listeners within the Compete community or outside of it, to that way of thinking. I wanted to give them examples of what it looks like in life outside of sports.

The majority of people hear ‘competition’ and they immediately think that has to do with a) sports or b) its a me-versus-you setup. Our brand pushes heavily being better than yesterday. With season one it was a mix of the interviews and conversations with people such as Baylor Barbee. I would do monologue episodes as well, sharing my thoughts on topics or subjects based on conversations I would have with people, either clients from speaking events, audience members or just conversations and dialogue we’d see online in our community group.

We kicked off season two in May of this year around more of a focus on really harnessing the power of competition. What it looks like from a sports and sports science background, from a competition and developing athletes and sports people, and then draw those ties to what it looks like in life. How do those same things that a football coach, at a high school or pro level, teaching his players…what lessons are they teaching them? How do they correlate to the rest of their life? Why is it important that someone learn it in youth? As adults, how can we learn it or apply some of those same characteristics such as focus, setting goals, having a clear vision on those goals, creating paths for them, this of that nature?

We’ve mixed in short, speedwork sessions as I like to say. They are anywhere from four to seven minutes and release on Fridays. They are more of the monologue episodes because as we’ve just seen with our statistics just me without a guest are some of our highest rated shows.

We’ll bring in guests, those episodes release on Tuesday, for an outside perspective, to help those individuals hear those stories from someone else’s mouth. Its like when you’ve got a parent, your parent can tell you something 20 times but until someone else’s parent or a friend tells you that, it doesn’t click or it doesn’t sink in. So we continue to bring in those voices.

We have high school coaches. We have college coaches. We have pro athletes. We have a varied mix this year. Every Friday [the topic] changes based on my hot take of the week in terms of what it looks like when a competitor or someone successful. What is their mindset? How do [competitors/successful people] have a championship mindset in life and how does that apply directly to [you and me] on a day to day basis?

Jake Thompson and Daren Martin

Why Does This Podcast Matter To You?

At the core, I believe that competitors make better people who make bigger positive impacts. That is 100% my mission, so my goal in life is to make more competitors. I feel that people that are driven, that have grit and tenacity, passion, they tend to do more things in life that impact people in a great way. I feel like a lot of society has either bought into this fake belief from social media that success is given instead of earned, as well as this idea that it’s instantaneous. For some reason, you must be doing it wrong if you start a business if you start a venture if you pursue a goal and it gets difficult or it takes time to achieve. In all reality, that is normal. It’s not normal to be an overnight success. Its normal to be gritty and work through it and push it.

My goal is to help people understand that and provide them with information, resources and a little bit of motivation to keep pursuing that. The more positive impacts we can make on our businesses, on our relationships, and in our communities, the better our society will be.

“A lot of people don’t realize how much work goes into becoming an overnight success”

It’s the iceberg imagery that is so popular in entrepreneurship. It’s the ten years below the surface so that when the waterline opportunity arrives they are able to seize it.

I talk about that in one of my keynotes, because honestly most people’s question in “how do I develop the grit or have the perseverance to endure days, weeks, months, years below that waterline, building that 85% of the iceberg for that shot?” That is something we dive into. Developing the daily process and the choices, because ultimately everything we do comes down to the choices we make every day and how we respond. That is really the basis of what we do.

What Should People Feel Walking Away From Your Podcast?

My goal every episode is a little bit different but at the core of it, it comes down to sharing what it takes to be a championship performer at life. I want a listener to be able to walk away understanding one thing, one takeaway that they can apply to their life to be better in some area. Whether that is their work and how they approach their work, how they produce or their output, their relationships. Maybe their mindset with how they deal with adversity. Ultimately their life.

So my goal every episode, regardless of whether is a four-minute monologue or usually a 20-30 minute interview, is to walk away with one key takeaway. If you’re walking away with five or six, it’s a little overwhelming and you may not act on any of them. One small tweak, one small change to the choices you make every day can have a profound, massive impact when compounded over the course of time.

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