NoD Coworking debuts nonprofit partnership and new live streaming facility

NoD Coworking has announced a new partnership that combines gaming with raising awareness and funds for cancer patients. 

The North Dallas-based coworking & events venue founded in 2014 by local entrepreneur Chirag Gupta, has partnered with local nonprofit to create a 1,000 square foot live streaming facility for local gamers with large fan bases in the online gaming community. The space, which is slated for a soft launch on October 15th, will feature “charity streams” which offer gamers an opportunity to raise money by live streaming their gameplay using the platform. According to Gupta, there’s a been rise in the number of game developers and gamers who are live streaming using the video platform owned by Amazon subsidiary Twitch Interactive.

On July 11, 2015 Chris and Christina Haslage found themselves distraught after hearing about the passing of the President and CEO of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata. Mr. Iwata was a fixture of the gaming industry long before he was the CEO, making some of the best games on the Nintendo consoles; his work was near and dear to many who were fans of his. They recalled their family members and friends who had lost the battle and were asking each other – when is it enough?  Shortly thereafter, they found out that a very close friend had been diagnosed with brain cancer.They decided right then that they had to do something and, a gaming community-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing direct financial assistance for adults in the United States undergoing cancer treatment, was born.

“I am very happy to announce that 1UpOnCancer is partnering with NoD Coworking for the 4th quarter to help our initiatives through collaboration” says Christina Haslage, CEO and President of 1UpOnCancer. Our organization’s current initiatives include spreading awareness and securing funding for U.S.-based cancer patients over the age of 18 years old who need our support. NoD Coworking will help us tremendously by providing a space that is sorely needed for a growing organization.”

Jasmin Brand

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