Capital Factory Spotlight: Roomored

As our community continues to grow, Launch DFW is on an ongoing mission to introduce you to some of the region’s incredible startups. We’ve partnered with Capital Factory, a tech hub and accelerator new to Dallas that also offers coworking, to spotlight a few of the Dallas-based entrepreneurs that call CF home.

Meet Roomored

Founding Year: 2016
FoundersFarrukh Malik

Company Mission:

Roomored creates virtual spaces for home design and e-commerce to empower decision making around the most important place in our lives – our homes. Roomored is disrupting the new construction residential real estate market with its cutting edge photo real Virtual Reality platform. 

What was the inspiration to start Roomored?

Today’s home buying experience is full of ambiguity and lacks the visuals needed to make purchasing decisions. Home buyers expect an amazing buying experience and HGTV-quality visuals, but instead they get lackluster tile samples and long meetings.

What services do you provide?

We work directly with medium and large home builders building “virtual floor plans”. These virtual floor plans are changing how builders and buyers navigate the home building process. The builders are using the virtual plans to replace the excessive model homes which are timely and and costly operating cost for the builders.They also use these plans in a variety of way ranging from early sales tools, marketing assets, and design center sales tools.

For buyers, it provides access to their live floorplans much sooner in the process and it enriches the experience with design and customization features. Roomored is a tool that benefits both the end consumer (home buyers) and our direct customers (home builders).

What makes Roomored innovative? Can you tell us more about the Virtual Reality platform and why that’s an industry game changer?

Roomored brings the latest visual technologies into an industry that has not changed in decades. Many of the visual technologies available today are legacy softwares that have not increased in visual quality and functionality. Roomored is bringing the perfect combination of photorealism and dynamic functionality features that leave older tech in the dust. VR brings visual technologies to the next level. It would seem fitting that largest purchase of your life, your home, would be paired with rich visuals and dynamic functionality to assist with the difficult decision making process of new home design.

Any Interesting partnerships or collaborations?

2018 has been a great year for Roomored as we are working with some of the largest names in the home building industry. Locally, we have a partnership with Hillwood Communities (A Perot Company) that involves eight of the top 30 builders in the country. We also have multiple community deals with Shea Homes (one of the largest builders in California), Mattamy Homes (largest private builder in North America), and a very innovative tech partnership with MileStone Community Builders in Austin.

What can we expect next from Roomored?

New features and a more robust platform, serving as a more complete technology platform for the real estate space. Home builders have been slow to adopt technology and are looking for tech partners to change…Roomored is that partner.

Your thoughts on the local tech/biz ecosystem? What have your experiences been doing business here?

Our experiences in the DFW area have been great. Luckily DFW is one of the top homebuilding metro areas in the US. Many of the largest builders have a footprint here which has allowed us to develop relationships with many of them. These eventually turned into clients. Without many of those top builders being in our backyard, making connections with these companies would have been much more difficult.

Anything else Launch DFW readers should know about Roomored?

We have seen tremendous growth in the last 12 months and are excited about our path forward as we grow our partnerships with home builders and form new ones.