CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE: Upventur continues expansion with the acquisition of Yonder

In a time when our lives appear to be consumed by all things digital and social media, Denton startup Upventur is on track to shift the status quo with a pretty cool announcement today –  the completion of its acquisition and integration strategy of Yonder, an outdoor adventure social media mobile app and company.

Founded in 2016, Upventur provides a personalized, online platform for outdoor enthusiasts, of all skill levels, to find their next adventure, connect with each other, locate guides, and share their experiences. By combining Yonder with Upventur’s custom-built web platform, Upventur further cements itself as the ultimate go-to resource for anyone looking to inject a much needed dose of adventure and discovery into their daily lives. 

The mission? To ultimately create a digital ecosystem aimed at inspiring outdoor adventure and removing friction for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Business of Adventure

As a young startup, how do they plan to achieve such a lofty goal you might be wondering.

The company and its investors believe a comprehensive experiential platform that provides a single space for adventurers and travel enthusiasts to connect with guides and other adventurers, share experiences, and find new ones, has a unique chance to capture a significant portion of an already booming market. 

In the US alone, $887 billion is spent on the outdoor industry annually. Additionally, outdoor industry growth is rapidly outpacing overall economic growth and other recreational activities in the US. Millennials and Gen-Z play a big role in that says Mark Cieri, Upventur’s CMO/COO. “People are thirsting for experiences” he states. ” And millennials get the importance of health, disconnecting, getting out and enjoying life. Upventur wants to inspire you to discover, whether its through others or others’ stories, those personal experiences that resonate with you.”

upventur Facebook

Climbing enthusiast Selena Pang credit: Upventur Facebook


Upventur will invest in high quality, engaging content as well as look for opportunities to expand its user-generated content as well. The development team has been working diligently to enrich both the web and mobile app, with new releases launching next week. Longer term,  CEO and Founder Craig Pettigrew will continue to build the organization in order to accelerate a roadmap he claims is “packed with valuable adventure- enabling features.”

Pettigrew shared, “We’ve heard so many meaningful stories about how outdoor adventure has been a part of our customer’s personal achievement journey, how it has helped them to overcome, to conquer, to become part of a community, to grow. Our goal at Upventur is to  simply to help our community just do exactly as our tagline says. We want you to, ‘Find adventure — Find yourself.’ ”

Bradley Joyce

Bradley is the founder of LAUNCH DFW and an avid proponent/supporter of the DFW Startup Community. Bradley is also the founder of Skyrise, a community, communications and concierge platform for commercial office buildings.