Mavs Gaming Pavilion is Gamer’s Heaven

You’ve heard the phrase, “I’ve died and gone to heaven:. Well, if you’re a gamer, the Dallas Mavericks Gaming Pavilion is the epitome of paradise.

I attended the grand opening of the gaming pavilion tonight and boy oh boy, walking into this new facility gives gamers the same feeling as a kid walking into in a candy store; a shopaholic with a black card in Neiman Marcus, or a lion in a zebra exhibit at the zoo. You get my point.

The 20,000 sq. ft. Mavs Gaming Pavilion (MGP) is located in the heart of Deep Ellum at 2909 Taylor Street and features everything a gamer could want. Rows of gaming stations including PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are all equipped with gamer chairs, high definition screens and noise canceling headphones. The VIP esque area, an elevated platform with ten gaming stations, sits alone with three large screens broadcasting the live gameplay of players in the game and famous players streaming live around the world.

There are lounge areas, conference rooms, old school arcades, basketball hoops, and a bar right in the middle of the facility (with drinks such as the Gamer-Rita, Gin & Games, and the 2k Mule). I tried them all, you know, for the sole purpose of journalistic reporting of course. A truly innovative facility, the MGP hosts the Mavs Gaming team and will be open to the general public as well. The green room is multimedia equipped for interviews, and there are individual “offices” set up with professionally lit gaming stations for live streaming of both games and the gamers who stream them.

The event center will host live tournaments, private parties and more.

The event featured members of the Mavs Gaming team and gaming superstar, Dimez.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Mavs and an innovator in the eSports world, continues to set the eSports pace with this gaming heaven.

We’ll have more later, but now, back to Gamer-Ritas and Fortnite.

Check out the gallery below for more pictures of the Mavs Gaming Pavilion.

Baylor Barbee

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